Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

stuigi#AC says:

Please free me from my thunderbolt and its many batteries and chargers

Brian Rowe says:

I'll take it!

marcuss76 says:

Holy fucking shit! I want a goddamn S4 so fucking bad. Samsung rules!

n8cs says:

I can't wait to see this beast!

rapsilbr says:

I want!

robertvito says:

I am looking forward to this phone.

irbane says:

why not?

Jin_BR says:

I really want one!

Who knows, maybe the gazillion time's the charm! ;)

iTomHD says:

Here's my comment: help me switch from my iPhone..

someguy01234 says:


Orion78 says:

Yeah no chance I'm winning this. The day that happens is the day I buy an iphone.

Mikest says:

Who wouldnt want a GS4? In on this!

tommyk42 says:

I'll take it.

JGraz15 says:

Android me.

jec11718 says:

I need one badly! I'm game, CHECK

buckifvr says:

I want to win a new s4

legion125 says:

I've been skipped in the other contests. Here's your chance AC to make amends.

huneyu says:

Oh... Here i am

Xintros says:

I hope I vin!

S_C_B says:

I would like a Galaxy S4. Please and thank you.

altd says:

S4 you say? Win one for free you say?

cmslota says:

Yes please! I've been waiting for this phone announcement to decide on my upgrade so you could help make that decision much much easier!!!

91_z28_4me says:

a comment …

brotherjoe says:

To own the SIV would be fantastic. Way to go Android Central. Your always on the cutting edge.

TokyoMachine says:

Wooooo hooooo! Bama'lama !!

Lilnate99 says:

Whoo hoo, S4, can not wait!!!

rutkind says:

Will be perfect timing for replacing my Razr Maxx

Damiete Jack says:

im soooo in ... that would be the best gift ever

techie1961 says:

Definitely love an S4 thanks

jazman_777 says:

I love TouchWiz!

droidweasel says:

gimme some s4 love yall.....

Woah woah woah.. pretty straight up.. no more bul#$(&#. Nice.

pppilot says:

Mark me down for one, ok?

tuanskie says:

Android Central you're the best! An awesome GS4 please!

DaveyBoy says:

I don't even know what a Galaxy S4 is. I just came here from webOS Nation. I'm depressed about the likely final, final end of webOS as a mobile platform and winning something would cheer me up.

Who knows? I may even like the thing. Stranger things have happened - but probably only around seven.

Although, knowing my luck, I'll win, but then find out the competition is open only to US residents.

Damn you Apotheker...

stormy777 says:

Game on! Count me in!

dsilva1217 says:


jonas269 says:

I would love to win this phone - haven't seen it yet and I know it will be awesome!

jimbo says:

"So what your saying is there's still a chance."

btsai815 says:

Whoever wins is going to be one lucky person. Best of luck to everyone!

garyf33 says:

I'm in!

dragonkid463 says:

I could use a new phone. :)

Ne0715 says:

Please and Thank You!

Yes please! I would love to have a top of the line android for the first time.

UGator says:

I'll take one to go, with a side of whoop @$$!

mikeettm says:

Love my S3 but an S4 would be sweet!

JGK123 says:

a single comment to this blog post.

hichris123 says:

Un S4 for me?

I hope I win!

kingjaffejo says:

in there

CEaton says:

Guess I will have an S4 now too, Had SI II and III.

cuammo says:

my fiancee has been mad ever since i gave her my titanium s3 so i could get the note 2... (because it wasn't white). A white s4 would make up for it.

My wife's Galaxy S2 just crashed and the screen shattered. I want to give him a new, to make her happy.

Cole Watson1 says:

I used all my bad luck on the lottery so I'm sure I have nothing but good luck left haha.

abie6972 says:

Feel free to pick me as the GS4 winner.

Jilly_Mc says:

Yowsza! Pick me!

Clyde Jones says:

Yup I'd love one! My S2 is falling apart and I'm too poor to buy a new phone

deltatux says:

Samsung's definitely been generating quite the hype. Count me in the contest!


AleX999 says:

Would be great to win it.

Forget it, guys! This Samsung Galaxy S4 is mine ;D Thanks, Android Central, love you guys haha

xZeDgEx says:


Jcstx says:

Pick me!

ReggieTee says:

Android Central picking me to win this would make my year.

iode says:

Here's to upgrading from a Nexus 4!

zhantshen says:

yep,galaxy s4

bmg1001 says:

Me Please! Why not go as far to start the first Galaxy V contest.

kirkenpat says:

My Droid Charge is trying to KILL me.

nermis says:

Heres hoping

ThinkinBig says:

Come on Galaxy, don't fail me now!

nermis says:

Heres hoping

p3anut says:

Let me win please.

fesouza says:

Hey, why not...Me!

djdosage says:

ah i want it!

Would love to win one to see if it could make me put down my Nexus 4. My guess is no.

cowboy77328 says:

sign me up !!!!!!!

abolds4397 says:

I'm ready to blow out the doors with a NEW Samsung Galaxy S4!

Junr says:

I need one, I want one

crispycreme says:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

adambublitz says:


ryunglee says:

Does anybody actually win these things?

HotInEER says:

I will love to have one. Thank you!

HotInEER says:

I will love to have one. Thank you!

gsuhoppy says:

Time to replace my Galaxy Nexus!!

ibrianli says:

good luck!

alecpierre says:

I want to win.

marsdta says:


Enter me for the new GS4 please.

TheGRJ says:


Cahhh Thom says:

You gotta be a pretty lucky guy to get chosen from all these comments

diam0nd says:


Ti Dunbar says:


candrade81 says:

Does it come in white?

Soon2B says:

Mobile Nations to the front of the line. Nice contest.

i would love a new phone :)

CoolBeit says:

Sure, sounds pretty great to me. Send me that S4! Thanks for another great contest!

High End says:

Me me me!

pug_ster says:

gimme a galaxy s4.

blackbyrd says:

Wow!The hardest part of this contest was scrolling to the bottom of the page to enter my comment.

Sounak says:


jbrothman88 says:

Could it be me?!

pharmkid771 says:

Wow! I cannot believe I won! #WowICantBelieveIJustWon

dewoin33 says:

Man this phone is going to be epic. My fingers are crossed. Good luck all!!!

veevans01 says:

Pick me. I need another phone. I need a new Galaxy s4.

GaryBKK says:

i could crush a grape !!!

tjk says:

AHH this would be amazing to win!

kyt says:

Upgrade my SII!!

John Thomas4 says:

a comment


johnkhor124 says:

I'm from Malaysia and I would like to win a S IV :)
But is it possible? =\

woah. this is the winner.

jvernwald says:

Yes please!!

woodie5 says:

I want one.......hurry

Go Samsung!!!

ventzi says:

I hope that luck will be on my site.

bgstorm says:

Had an S1(fascinate), have an S3 now. Wow S(1+3) must be a sign to win an S4...



mikestuff says:

Is it March 14 yet? Is it? IS IT?!!
How about now?
And now...?
Surely NOW?!!!

Bears says:

In for S4 even though I won't win anything. YAY

cnn888 says:

i've been a samsung fan since the galaxy s came out. had the original s, sii and note ii. s4 would be nice.

count me in!

HLts says:

S4 will be great upgrade

free willie says:

I would love to be the winner

Gents says:

I could use some S4 goodness

Kunzie says:

Pick me, pick me! :)

s0lucian says:

Comment left! :)

ckstou says:

If I win this phone then I won't have to give up my unlimited data on Verizon :)

zhawk777 says:

I want to travel to a Galaxy "S"oo 4r away! Please take me with U! P.S.--My current daily driver is a LG Envy 2--I am ashamed to admit. Android Rules!

I think that this article is actually an attempt to see how many comments this framework can handle!

iurnait says:

I would love to get an s4

mlndshh says:


sease15#AC says:

I'd like to win please!

Xopher says:

Hopefully you'll get my name spelled correctly this time. It's really heard to get the winning prize when you spell it differently. ;)

str8havoc1 says:

I've been thinking about leaving Verizon to save money. Wining this would seal the deal.

I'm in! If I win, I get to keep my unlimited plan. :)

rmiles7721 says:

Holy crud! I want.

Maskit says:

I want it all, I want it all... n' I want it noooww!!! xD

prEvo says:

Thanks! It is my time to shine!!!!!!

I'll use it for the greater good of mankind.

30014 says:

I'm looking for a reason to retire my galaxy nexus. I'm hoping this is it.

pbsst7 says:

I am trying to win a new GS4!

30014 says:

I'm looking for a reason to retire my galaxy nexus. I'm hoping this is it.

30014 says:

I'm looking for a reason to retire my galaxy nexus. I'm hoping this is it.

30014 says:

I'm ready for a new phone.

fraz82 says:

I would like one fictional unreleased handset please. And curly fries made of gold.

TC Edwards says:

Pick me pretty please

kev3797 says:

pretty please?

elias0441 says:

I want it !! Please :)
I've been the biggest Android Central Fan for the last two years :|

Michael Park says:

Walter Sobchak: You want an S4? I can get you an S4, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don't wanna know about it, believe me.
The Dude: Yeah, but Walter...
Walter Sobchak: Hell, I can get you an S4 by 3 o'clock this afternoon... with nail polish. These f**king amateurs...

kktong says:

Pick me!

Dav567 says:

Oh yes! Wait a minute.. Yay yeaa!

Reui says:

Gotta have that monstrous phone

kendalking says:

Send it to someone like me, who have never experience the Samsung Goodness!!!

kmanvan says:

I could use a win after losing every other contest that I've ever signed up for.

s4, will beat the iphone 5 for sure.

I really need a new phone!

m4onda says:

We go waaayy back since CES! With the S4, I can take better pictures of us on our next meet in 2014! =)

I could really use this phone since my jealous ex broke my nexus..... I was in love with that phone :'(

funsyze says:

I would love to have an S4 for work to go along with my Note2 for play!!! ...... please please please please please please please please please please please please

Julian35961 says:

I want this device badly!!!


This is my comment!! Please choose me!!

deadman350z says:

I need this!

AKA_mezo says:

Me me me
Let it be

cirrob says:

Again hoping to win something for the wife.

Calot says:

Pick me and I will love you forever.


venemus says:

I never win anything. So why not try and see what Samsung has in store for us!

G Rice says:

real 4g on sprint's network. i need this device.

I guess I'd take a free phone

kramerica says:

I don't need it. I just want it. So, can I have it?

Godfolabi says:

Come on son I need that Samsung Galaxy SIV! Angels will cry tears of celestial vodka and there will be cute kittens for everyone! :-)

Nelangelo says:

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

jokerls240 says:

I'm in! Even if it may not be supported by Verizon (haven't read the specs yet).

Sturm Rider says:

I'm in with a prayer. I could use a new phone.

Ajgnd55 says:

I would love to win the awesome amazing phone!

i0sandman0i says:

considering i just bought an S3 about 3 weeks ago, I would def be happy to win an S4 so i dont kick myself for the next 2 years....

rookie5656 says:

so we can win a gs4,wow would be awesome to win. must say that android central gives a great oportunity for some special samsung fan to win a galaxy s4,im hoping this could be my year, android central rules, its my daily news to everything i love about android. thanks for the oportunity to win:}

Samsung Rules

Blennidae says:

Throwing my hat in the ring.

mazzmoney95 says:

I'd like to win a Samsung Galaxy S4

Kruby says:

This would be my first Samsung Android device. Hope I win. Thanks AC!!

Me! Me!

I would love to win the gs4. My galaxy nexus is starting to show its age.

cakoisee says:

i just sold my Skyrocket just to win this contest!!!

guyseltzer says:

I would love an Audi S4. Galaxy S4 would work nicely too.

I love me some Samsung!

Jeff146 says:

I would like to win one please and thanks!

javi9600 says:

Time to replace my Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. The phone with the longest name ever.

Hope you'll ship it to Brazil...

mcross72 says:

I'd like to win, good luck to all.

jonikins says:


garyngkt says:

Wow I want the S IV, finally the queue for me to let go my boring iPhone =)

TheChefSLC says:

I like pie!

Turn this long-time Motorola supporter into a Samsung follower :)

this phone will be awesome ^^

prankemperor says:

Cant wait for S4! Hope I win it! :D

fuddster says:

Thanks for picking me!

benjdm says:

I hope I win!

ozzyoztech says:

This would be so sweet to win...

afranci703 says:

Ummmm...Here's my single comment. Thanks.

thanawa says:

Posting a comment!

miller3078 says:

Been waiting patiently for the right device to replace my Bionic. Could be this!!!

mqguitar says:

hey-o !!!!

da3lynx says:

Hmm... It will be tough choosing between the HTC one and the s4, but it I got a free s4 the choice would be a lot easier!

Gene12 says:

Yes Please!

S4 or bust...

Waynerd8 says:

I really need it.

LipGloss712 says:

Yes, please! <3

Derek sirois says:

I would sop up the S4 goodness with a biscuit if I won.

Sulfix says:

Oh please please, really need to replace an old HTC Incredible

Luke Melito says:

bring it on!

insane1220 says:

Hmmm ... been helping my dad with his S3 ... very slick ... can only imagine the s4 would blow my razr maxx out of the water.

SeaMonster says:

Since I can't get a Galaxy S5 (yet), I'd love to have an S4.
Pick me please!

jays99 says:

Me! Just got the Galaxy S3 and it's already about to be old. Galaxy S4, please?!?

bomblim says:

Not sure what the phone is gonna be like yet, but I'm sure getting the phone will make me really happy!

johnk9000 says:

Who's your daddy?

I can't wait for this phone to come out. I have a note 2 on Verizon but I am really looking to see some new stuff from Samsung.

Scott500 says:

Count me in !!!!!!!!!!!!! woooo hoo

jgroeschen says:

Odds: Low
Coolness: High

long time reader here, you guys finally got me to sign up. you cheeky bastards

All eager to see how Galaxy S continues to rock.


eureb says:

Cool contest

Knepster says:


jtroupe281 says:

I would love to win a Samsung Galaxy S4!

bamakid366 says:


renesdone says:

me me me me me me me :)

Bojan Gutic says:

I certainly wouldn't mind one!

mrvoid says:

Can it really be this easy?

You gotta be kidding!!!

I want to continue using AMOLED


I could definitely use a new gs4! MOM THE MEATLOAF!!!

bmandrews7 says:

Gimme gimme. I am due for an upgrade this year so an early S4 would be quite the treat.

Ryan_Boyer says:

Sure, I'll take it... Thanks!

Channan says:

Always hoping I'll win something.

chubb says:

Ship it right here, Thanks!

music_man185 says:

"single comment" :D

SteveL says:

Would be a great replacement for a work provided BlackBerry Curve.

canadianjeff says:

How about an early Birthday present? I'm down with that, just pick this post right here

sdmark says:

I would like to be the winner of this s4

junx6969 says:

I'm with bologna t!ts, hit me up with an S4!

Titanius says:

Would love to win a Galaxy S IV!!!

Beacio_mo says:

Wow! Congrats on being first with this S4 giveaway. Fingers crossed that I win

driver5614 says:

I could really use one plz

MadPatcher says:

Pick me! Pick me!

carlito.p says:

Great contest! Crossing my fingers!!

T-Squared says:

I suppose if your just going to give one away, I'll take it.

FNPonderous says:


antares1207 says:

Even without knowing if it would work on my network, it would be great to have one of the first in the world.

Fedway says:

Lloyd, I could really use a new S4. It would be an honor to win the world's first S4 contest! Thanks.

badsign769 says:

I can't wait for the Galaxy S IV!

sejar says:

Samsung Galaxy S(exy) 4(ever)


I like my chances.

Pick me

i really really want it
because i already have S III mini, so i want to tasted S IV

tyelrx says:

Trade up anyone? It would make my week. thank you

Flawsey says:

Yes, it is I says me
And although me
Their are three
I,Myself,and Me
Deserve a Samsung Galaxy IV not a S3 .

I have crawled with my S2 ,but will skip a S3 to win the S4.
Like a smart kids skip grades walking around proud with a free gadget in a daze.

JorgeA_23 says:

I want one lol itd be awesome to use this phone.

Oh man. I want one.

GiantJay says:

Yes Please!!!

Swardo says:


itsmijo says:

Gimme Gimme Gimme!

Creek says:

Time for me to win something.

Claghorn says:

So if I win, how much do I have to pay to which carrier to actually use it?

RaiderWill says:

My current phone is in shambles. I am looking for work and need a phone for job interviews. Winning this phone would mean everything to me.

Deepu_nxt says:

Great contest. Lets see who's lucky here:-)

gpmartinson says:

I wouldlove it. My g2x can finally die.

dakhath says:

I'm still rocking the S2. I would love to upgrade to the S4.

tricarps says:


trusigma says:

I'll take it happily

Jeff Solheim says:

Android Central FTW!

SniperFery says:

Looking for a replacement for my BlackBerry Onyx 9780 and a best partner to accompany my note2 and tab2 is absolutely the marvelous s4. Pick Me!! ;)

redrebel80 says:

I can't wait to see how great the Galaxy 4 will be...

I have been rocking the Galaxy S3 since its release date and its a beast so the Galaxy S4 is going to be a straight monster that I would really like to win it :) #androidallday

Alright hand that Samsung galaxy s4 to me!

dcheungyt says:

Pick me please! Still using a Sony Ericsson Walkman w850i...

amos720 says:

Me like oNe :)

lloydoz says:

I'm in... :)

Matt351 says:

Do I want? YeSSSS! Now, if only I could win an Audi S4 as well. ;)

brianm76 says:

I would love a new Galaxy SIV :)

Vatin114 says:

It would be amazing to win the S4!

sluchini says:

Can't wait to rock my new Galaxy....

man_daaa says:

I would like to win this Legen..............wait for it...............dary phone!!!

shadow16usa says:

Just in time for my 2 year upgrade cycle. Bye bye Big Red...

gutt3 says:

am i late?

original00 says:

This would be awesome if I won

AnAn8676 says:

Will just try my luck ~_~

gimmeaipod says:

worth a shot!

Lildun101 says:

Galaxy S4 Contest = Sweet

sarout113 says:

The Winner Could be me, Why Not :)

RainMan_JH says:

Awesome I want an S4

Thanks Android Central!

prcntg says:

S4 for me, please.

kappy79 says:

Wow, it took sooo long to reach the comment box! Don't mess with me cause I am I it to win it! Haha great job AC, pretty sweet contest. Good luck to all!

taran says:

Post a single comment? Single!

DomRepLV says:

PLEASE pick ME... Samsung For Life.....

I would love to take the Samsung Galaxy S4 off your hands please :)

buff6676 says:

I'm excited to see what Samsung has up its sleeve. Thanks for bringing us all things android!

Visual360 says:

S4 it is! Send it to me please.

aplw says:

S4 the new smartphone king

ramonm2 says:

Aww heck yeah! I want this phone that I have never seen and know nothing about except that it's made by Samsung!!! :D

BlueAce127 says:

Excited to see what Samsung will bring us this time!