Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16800 comments

I just have a feeling this is mine! :-)

omg omg omg omg omg omg s eye v! me me me me me

8u5t3r says:

Good luck guys~~~!!!

dainteg says:

Hell ya

kwright817 says:

I'm in.

yo_styl says:


kevkavalier says:

It was a pain in the ass to find this comments area!! LOL!

MunMaRu says:

It's the time to retire my Padfone :)

Jerry Kim says:

The king will be back soon!

estxxas says:

I'll be your best friend, Samsung.

Cody Pensyl says:

I'm in!!

I would love to win a GS4!

fsd717 says:

Forget you all....This baby is MINE!

owells94 says:

Hello Galaxy S IV

hwitaekim says:

yeah! !! Hope I win

blandness says:


pick me please!

Jay Soto says:


brettm2277 says:

I'm really feelin' it this time.

delldude405 says:

Android central, you know how to play with my emotions! Please sign me up! ;)

dc5_k20z1 says:

I would LOVE winning a Samsung Galaxy S4.... this would be a Incredible upgrade for me. I'm still stuck on the red headed step child of Verizon.... the Droid Charge. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the phone of the year! Thanks AC for this free for this free give away!


phanos21 says:

Pick me I would love a S4!

tashdial says:

Never wont a single thing in my life, maybe the S4 will be my 1st....Good luck everybody

SedahDrol says:

Oh pick me, yeah me over here, no not him, me.

Ibelooney says:

OMG so want THIS

i have never won a single prizze in my life. i hope to be my first time, i've been waiting for that phone since s3 release. Finally is comming :):):):)

theDL says:


Master-Spud says:

Be crazy not to

bnpoteet94 says:


Xenx says:

Well, one can hope!

opd302 says:


Ooooh... This is exciting!

darkoms says:

"Insert funny and smart comment here" :)

m4rk4 says:

I'll take it!

notorious99 says:

I would also like an S4!

GalaxyDog420 says:

yeah i'll take one of these

F123D says:

Please and Thank you!

Sorry guys, that one it's mine... :-)

slums2008#AC says:

This phone will be awesome!

iamshiplu says:

wow can I try my luck here?

markusf21 says:

Ooo Ooo pick me pick me

johndd34 says:

Oh pick me, pick me, oh you gotta pick me!!

alexmck1989 says:

Can't get much better than the Samsung Galaxy S3

Workodactyl says:

This outa help me switch to Samsung

FusioNFro says:

Galaxy s4 for me plz!

toddharr says:

Me, Me, make me a trend-setter!

luis06fer says:

it would be mine. thanks AndroidCentral

JuniorWWT says:

Please let me have it!! Pleeease!!

jooboi says:

Pick me and there's a dollar in it for you.

I would like to win.

Kinghat says:

All can stop entering the winner is here

UnfocusedHTC says:

Would be aswome if I won.

JuniorWWT says:

I ain't to proud to beg.

elik1001 says:

Just pick me :)

bogdaryl says:

Please please please please pick me!!!!

jherzberg says:

I'm ready to leave VZ. I need a new phone to move to t-mobile.

Crow1336 says:


Yes please, just ordered a Nexus 4, but this might be a lot better.(:

ipefix says:

Soooo... I saw the light and decided to enter and see if I could win a Samsung Galaxy S4. Thanks in advance anyway :D

buckiii2 says:

Thanks in advance.

rarake says:

Good, time to upgrade from my GS2.

akira751 says:

What a great idea!!!!

I want to win this s4 for my friends birthday!

iCurtisG says:

*(Original)Harlem shakes... diddy bops* Take That Take That

guizmo23 says:

Awww Yeah! I want the goodie!

BBJoe2011 says:

I'm the IV th Joe in my family, it's only natural that I rock it with a galaxy S IV! Can't wait to lay eyes on the next world leading phone.

HTownRunner says:

I would like to thank you in advance for picking me, so... Thank you! You Guys rock... out loud! I'll be looking for my GSIV in the mail.

RodLS says:

Cool beans

ftb says:

This would be awesome.

whyes says:

I'm from China. If I win the GS4, can you ship it to China???

mELIANTE says:

Mine!! :D

asianguy80 says:


Would love to win a Galaxy S IV ^o^

nicocolton says:

Well that took a while to scroll down to...

zlos7ar says:

The best contest ever ! Good luck guys :)

Schan93 says:


junzenology says:

I am too poor to afford a phone. Please give me one!

Jack1604 says:

Free smartphone? That sounds good any day. :)

NAMISH says:

Looking forward to seeing the S4 launch... Samsung has been really working with Android and it shows with each major release that they do.

P.s. hope I win somehow!!! ;)

bp3dots says:

One can dream, I suppose.

dfdesign says:

I'd love an S4, then I could donate my current phone. Good luck to all!

zoetrope says:

Oh please oh please oh please let it be me. Purdy please?

lbros360 says:

I would love to have an s4.... Thank you!!!

Fifow says:

The S4 is my favorite phone that hasnt been released yet!

Generic comment

mb02 says:

I'll get in on this. I'll take a spot in the first S IV commercial as well. Thank you.

M.T.K. says:

I'm in

Wareye120 says:

Can't wait for the S4!

Diablos3k says:

Me want.. Me want... Me want... Me want!!!..... That is all -_-

K0NRT15 says:

ship to my home address please, thanks

kofighterx says:

Okay. I'll take one.

ChaSiuBao says:

i would love to win a new galaxy s4 from android central!

techfunk1 says:

I really would love an Android Central Edition Samsung S4!

I'm feeling lucky!!

freshjms says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a MUST have!

jimmyswimm says:

Here's hoping, since a new phone is high up on the b-day list. Thanks for the sweet, sweet contest

earldom says:

Always love the newest, best Apple slayer!

d_smoove says:

Choose me, please? :-)

VVhaaaaattt!? I hope I vvin! :)

TheIowaKid says:

I'd actually give this to my father. He is in need of a smartphone and why not give him the best as he has always tried to do for me?

maree007 says:

Hollo... I want to see an S Four at my door

mikeb6109 says:

Galaxy S4........ Send it my way, would love to have it for myself.

adamhach says:

Why not me?

Green_Laser says:

Do I want to win a SGS4?
Of course I do!
That's why I left this comment in this blog as instructed!
Thanks again for the opportunity AC!

docbeatle says:

I'd love to win a Galaxy S4 to replace my EVO 3D shooter.

jayblog says:

Sounds good to me. Thanks!

boochrisboo says:


Joemangi says:

OOOOOO Pick me! This would be an awesome first smartphone! :)

g_what says:

I can win the phone of the future now :-)

Marc Gallant says:

I have the ancient HTC Legend -.- I need a new phone please! :)

chestont says:

Thanks guys!

Jack33 says:

I would love to win a SG4; simple as that.

YahyaRivero says:

Can you pick me? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mcadambc says:

Fingers crossed

wes6440 says:

1 Galaxy S4 please!

ktown081 says:

sign me up please!

NoMeows says:

^----Pick this guy, he accepts you!

Yes please I'll take it off your hands.

hullface says:

Jennifer Lawrence is hot.

Alex Cruz1 says:

Maybe if I pray hard enough they'll pick me :P

mchapman007 says:

Me + SGS4 = Total Awesomeness...

Can I please get 1, please.

fremenesque says:

OK let's give this a try. Good luck all.

MrSmith87 says:

Win 4 me!

gregmcph says:

Well, yes. Obviously.

rickkosick says:

Samsung+AndroidCentral= awesome

trjlangdon says:

In for one :)

fryfry81 says:

I couldn't think of anything that would make me happier!!! Haha, pretty lame!! Please Please! lol

DeLeonR says:

Hey, Thanks!

royroy says:

Count me in!

Black_1 says:

4,920 post so far... don't know why... buried at the end of the list

freeborock says:

Galaxy S4 I need one.

Sounds like a great phone, especially if it's free

bkwright87 says:

An upgrade from my S3 to and S4 would be great!

Tim Hudson says:

Perfect replacement for my S3!!

HR19 says:

I, too, could go for a free Galaxy S IV.

XDCX says:

Great contest - should be interesting to see what the S4 looks like.

jsulay says:

i want to win!!!

jorb1328 says:

Would be great to win and give it to my wife and convert her from the dark side

littleemp says:

Don't think that I'm lucky enough to win it... but what the hell, it's worth a shot.

oshrestha says:

S4 for me!!!

rayman21186 says:

I'll take one for Verizon!

epeevic says:

I'm in. Samy S4 from Verizon please.

jflintie says:

Thanks for the chance to win!

AJ Schmidt says:

i'll take it!

MOTH477 says:

Is this offer contingent on the final name being Samsung Galaxy S4 or would S IV suffice too? I did not see any small print so I trust that it's a mute point. Having said that, I'd love to be the new proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4 or S IV :)cheers!

I think you guys just broke the Internet with this giveaway! Look at all these comments! But I would love for androidcentral to treat me to my first Galaxy. :-)

Tony 38 says:

I'd like to win one

genao06 says:

Feeling lucky to win the Galaxy S4!

Ryan Law1 says:

It's always frustrating to get the new phone. In our country, it's always out of stock and with all kinds of strings attached. It is nice to see once in a while a chance to win a phone that might ship out of US.

So it would be great.. Real great to have this phone!

hypnero says:

Sure would be nice to win one of these. A lot better then buying one.

LightningGA says:

SGS4.....pick me, pick me!!!!

arghsims says:

This is the hardest AC contest yet! ;-)

bb_bubby says:

Would sure be neat!

Cbalber82 says:

I never win things, but can't fault myself for trying! Love my GS3, would love a GS4

I'm up for a Galaxy s4. Pick MMEEEEEEE

Jos P1 says:

4900+ comment ahead of me, that makes me a sad panda :(

Ryan Rumpf says:

I'd like one pwease? :)

scpmp803 says:

Over here!!! *breaks out into song and dance*

Tdc02 says:

It would be nice to win a S4!!! Love Samsung n they rock!!!!

mikedez says:


Please God do something! I need it!

setitoff215 says:

Pick Me I been a loyal Fan of Samsung Galaxy's Since the First One Came Out I am Current Using Galaxy S3 I buy Every Galaxy Phone That Comes Out it Would Be Nice for me to Actually Win The Galaxy S4...Please Pick Me...Thnx

Nickyfingers says:

Hi I know if the Galaxy SIII is an awesome phone, I know that the SIV will be an even better than awesome addition to the Galaxy family.

grumpy104 says:

Here's my try, Thanks AC.

imonandroid says:

I wouldn't mine winning that! XD

wow awesome, the phone is not even out yet, what about a contest for htc one too, wouldn't say no that either

nav525 says:

Really hoping I win!

Interested would love the s4

jeffries.55 says:

Best of luck you all!

zviera says:

I am ready for change.

ballstjer says:

My wife needs a new phone, she's still rocking the OG Evo! Please let us win!!

monizzle says:

Oh man, I could reaaaallllly use a new phone. My G2 is on the fritz. Pick me! Pick me!

NovusPX3 says:

Good luck Everyone!

Majkl says:

a single comment :-D :-D

ajm135 says:

Wow thats awesome you guys beat android authority to the punch. This is awesome though Love you guys

Da225Obama says:

Can't wait to see what samsung has in-store team galaxy

psvor says:

I'm in. I hear the Galaxy S4 can make the Kessel Run in less than eleven parsecs.

extremenet says:

I need to buy a new phone for my dad, so I'll take a free S4 instead.

Ender310 says:

<3 Android Central!

o2bnclemson says:

I'm in!

cindylike24 says:

Pick me! I'm close to renewal time on my contract and using the Motorola Droid Bionic right now. If I can win this phone, then I can just activate it on my Verizon account and still keep my unlimited data plan. This is a win-win situation for me. I've also seen the Galaxy S3 in action and they are nice phones. I figure these phone will be even better. (At least that's my hope!:-))

brickwahl says:

Would love to win a galaxy S4!

I feel lucky on this one!

grunt0300 says:

The SGSIV looks like the only device that could beat the SGSIII. SweeeeeT!!!

Sean Yem says:

I love all my Samsung Galaxy's! S4 FTW :-)

I hope with all my heart I have a chance in winning one!

Tigger76 says:

Count me in.

Cdub100 says:

+1 for the S4

baysurfer says:

Would love to win an S4!

blazarus says:


Ender310 says:

<3 Android Central!


lovin2act says:


KidCuda says:


shultsy75 says:


Best way to boom on comments, giving away unreleased tech

Pauley says:

Sure would love to win a GS4!

dtizzle79 says:

Please and thanks!

Thorg23 says:

Galaxy S4 gogogogo!

Jason Nguyen says:

Whoa win a free phone? In!

You all must have lost ya'll minds. The winner is right here. AC please pick me.

djtxxx says:

Yes please! :)

My turn to win!?

phydeaux47 says:

You guys are great! Always way ahead of the curve.............

Tb311 says:

pick me!'s my comment. I need a new phone, anyway. Mine's beginning to crap out on me.

mmmmmbeef says:


Mrshades says:

Oooh, wifey needs a new phone!

droidman0922 says:

Drooling. Thank you.

Kaiser King says:


chrismey says:

I want one

See this is why I love Android Central.

I hope I can get a Verizon Version, no matter how much later it ships after the rest! Can't give up my unlimited data yet.

Ammar Z says:

I want to be the first to own the S4

This would be like winning the lottery for me, I'm obsessed with technology especially if its made by Samsung :)

xtremedyme says:

Please pick me I would love to finally win something.

Mykole03 says:

The SIV is going to outshine the HTC one like the S3 did to the EVO 4G LTE. =] Sorry HTC.

Nickyfingers says:

Hi I know if the Galaxy SIII is an awesome phone, I know that the SIV will be an even better than awesome addition to the Galaxy family.

kohn says:

I've been waiting for this phone and can't wait for it to come out. Would LOVE to win one (for Sprint, if I get a choice).

I'd love a new S4

يا رب

Did you say S4:O

PhoenixApple says:

I'm going to try to win this cause I couldn't get the S3 hope for the s4 now.

Bryan Rivera says:

I want a free SGS4!!!

lyun17 says:

I want to give the Galaxy S4 to my younger brother as a present.

pandapoopy says:

Please pick me!!!!!

ih8legal says:

i'd like to win this so bad. s4 with cyanogenmod would be the sickest thing ever

lmnt3043 says:

Post new comment here. Done.

snavevans says:

Count me in.

This would be like winning the lottery for me, I'm obsessed with technology especially if its made by Samsung :)

Random odds favor me.

martian_11 says:

I would be the happiest man in the whole world if I win the Samsung Galaxy S4. Thanks.

ASV620 says:

I'll take 2

Chris2183 says:

In there like swimwear

Dunno2326 says:

I got a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, figure only way I'd be updated on software is to get this, thanks

andy7777100 says:

This is exciting!

naruses says:

I would love to gift this to my dad

erpa says:

I'm in :-)

stomsf says:

Me me me me me me! Oh Please.......

Slayers says:

Bring me back from apple land

hpetersen says:

Sure, thanks!

jvnat says:

Would be fantastic to get an S4!

Ray Anselmi says:

Win me one

Kadin says:

This would be sweet! SII has been dropped one TOO many times... :(

balemonjr says:

So many comments and only 1 S4. Who will win? Stay tuned!

Leaving a comment as told to do :-)

bselman says:

So easy, a caveman can do it...

Hello0187 says:

My luck sucks... but WTH....


well hello hello...S4 here i come :)

ASUDave says:

Wow! Thanks AndroidCentral!

rawkusrex says:

And yet another reason as to why I come here... The latest info on all things Android and the opportunity for cool loot.

jimbo11883 says:

I would love to win an s4! Count me in.

mediocre inc says:

i will win

calumnium says:

i can haz galaxy s4 plox?

sully5059 says:

Will you still give it away if Samsung decides to give it a different name? :)

badsushi says:

In the course of human events, we find these truths to be self evident: That not all comments are created equal. Not all comments should win an S4. And it is found, in these truths, that mine should totally win.

Scott Abbey says:

Want it!

StealthTH says:

Better odds then the lottery I guess

Tuckerdog348 says:

Let me give android phone a try!!

nexus15 says:

Love this site!

leews24 says:

Oh come on theres like 5000 ppl already and its taking forever to load
lets just make it longer why not

enzie5454 says:

It would be great to win one! Thanks again for the contest AC!

swan2 says:

Hope I win. Need a new phone. Galaxy Nexus getting pretty old.

jrmarinojr says:


Delawareduff says:

My upgrade is up soon , S4 me !!!

gwb4xf says:

Heck yeah I want an S4! Bring it!

DroidXcon says:

Don't know if im eligible but its worth a shot. I could def put it to good use in the Forums

ditosoft says:

Hoooo!! God of Luck, give me your touch to win this spectacular Galaxy!!!

jalberto says:

I want it too :)

soca718 says:

if i won a S4 i would totally make Android Central one of my top 25 sites ever

Chumidisco says:

I would love to win this SIV, my second hand Galaxy S is starting to be a bit "slow"!

tylan says:


Behzad Bayat says:

I'd love to win this phone. It's gonna be the greatest phone off the year.

Behzad Bayat says:

I'd love to win this phone. It's gonna be the greatest phone off the year.

fantom305 says:

Awesome phone. Worth winning or paying for ...I want one!!!

jworkcoo says:

Please let me win!!!!!! I need some good news!!!

Floss82 says:

Pick me guys thanks

i hope it will be called Samsung SIV not S4

tedd_jr says:

Hey, random computer picking machine, please pick me.

TheFletch says:

Who couldn't use the lasted and greatest Samsung on this earth? Sign me up.

I definitely want to win an S4!!!

fabo33 says:

I'll take one!!

Skyrim8 says:

Galaxy S4 Please!

Please let me win

JeanAustinR says:

I'm going to win this! Galaxy S4 c'mon!

jarturoar says:

Me want!

Pick me! I need to ditch my Verizon GNex!!!!

prediscover says:

me! me!

vwclass11 says:

I like how everyone comes out of the wood works....

Nabster I says:

I would very much appreciate winning.

Duhawesome says:

Winning this S4 would be the best thing ever!

bigdeezer20 says:

New. Phone. Hooray!

cpxnathan says:

I am now entered. :D

acculver says:

i would love to win please

xvolk418 says:

Galaxy S IV? Yes please. is the best!

This would be like winning the lottery for me, I'm obsessed with technology especially if its made by Samsung!!!
I've been waiting for this phone for so long please!
I am the rightful owner of the New Galaxy S4 :)

luizborro says:

My precious!

Yes please!

cowboys2000 says:

You can always count on AC, to get the good stuff and give it away FIRST!