Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

Is this contest for International audience as well?

jon_ks says:

^ Winner!

aph1985 says:

Its a good time for me to upgrade my S-II to S-IV.

Qoheleth says:

17 pages of comments and counting.
Statistically speaking, I've got no chance of winning.
So, here's my entry nonetheless :)

Forget March Madness, can i get some S4 madness!!!!

nachop34 says:

That's it.

axiom749 says:

add me

ebrady says:

Would love to have a Galaxy S IV keep my Note 2 company

daniel9522 says:

i want the galaxy s4 even though i have no idea of its specs or design i want it!!!

dh14evr says:

Im in.!!! Pick Me !!!!!

spidey9006 says:


JosiahCM says:

Original comment inserted here... I wanna win

Kiamat says:

Me, please! :D

KORYD says:

This is mine, you all need to fall back.

SSJChar says:

Is this contest open to canadians? i hope its open to canadians.

XzavierL says:

I would die! If I won a GSIV!

zooman580 says:

Love the Samsung Galaxy phones!! Want to upgrade from S1 to new S3/4 so bad!!

rickray1978 says:

An S4 would be fantastic!

fsshariq says:

in in in!

radame7 says:

hope i win so i can give the phone to my little bro cause he is still rocking the HTC MY touch 4G with a cracked screen. no money to get him a new phone

dmart81 says:

Pppplease pick me

mcaspe1 says:

I would love one..Thank you!

clintw22 says:

I want one!

gotta try

kjbuente says:

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

xFig says:

Pick me!!
I'll give you butth013 pleasure!!


blckz28 says:

Single Comment

Animus_3.0 says:

Would love the big, bad S4 on Sprint. Good luck everyone.

fla82685 says:

Not gonna win but what they hey

ohadios says:

Seriously give me it!

Flamenova says:

Don't leave me out either!

1rigocjr says:

Samsung is the Greatest in Technology Period!!!

jaysil80 says:

I would be happy to take a Galaxy S4 of your hands. This S2 just can't compete anymore.

azn_boi says:

i like ONE TOO!!! PLZ!!! :(

stanlyric says:

I would be extremely grateful to win a Galaxy S4. I never win anything so to win something like this would be amazing! Thank you for the opportunity!

Shatterpane says:

Galaxy S4? Yippee!

Daniel Rocha says:

It's gonna be mine!

Gator352 says:

My S3 is outdated already!!!! I need the S4 before I go into a coma!!!!!

Daniel Rocha says:

It's gonna be mine!

trees247 says:

Nexus 4 and a S4 nice lineup for me!

xxGBHxx says:

oh Wow, a 1 in 4209 chance so far.. Not looking good for this guy :(

Thunder350 says:

Thanks for this! Someone's going to be a lucky man/woman!

gjrscribe says:

BEST. CONTEST. EVER. Thanks, Android Central! Save me from my Rezound.

nakunz says:

I will finally drop my i9000 when the SGS4 comes out

lackoftalent says:

I am totally down with Samasung as I have a S2 and would love to make the jump t S4 with help from Android Central

stkit says:

I'm looking forward to the S4 - thanks for the contest!

rock199 says:


dandroid4g says:

I need a new phone!

vinnymac1 says:

Wow look at the comments flying in! I so want an s4

JerryF says:


Yacer Mirza says:

i would very much like to win this.

Steven S says:

galaxy-class hope to win a brand new samsung galaxy S4 :)

taino971 says:

I can't wait to see the galaxy s4.

mviglesias57 says:

Thank you!

jtmoney86 says:

I've been a hardcore Apple iphone owner since the beginning but it's starting to feel limited and redundant. Android here I come!!!

let`s see..

zxcvb2 says:

did i do this right?

elbaso says:

I would like to go to there and win that!

LAstang says:

Yes Please! I would love a new S4!

Nick Blak says:

Galaxy S4 - Yes please

chad783 says:

Shot in the dark. Here goes nothing. Thank you AndroidCentral for running this contest. Fingers crossed...

mohnja says:

Where am I? Oh yes, S4 would be very nice.

osubass1 says:

all i do is win

kctony says:

Yes please, thanks in advance.

purplekiss23 says:

Team Android!!! Pick Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee To Infinity And Beyond!!!!!

I hope I win, I need a new phone asap!

pgroup says:

Judging by the number of comments, the odds are getting up there like a Power Ball drawing. But like they say, can't win if you don't try. So I'm tryin!

Alan Chu says:

Rolling the dice.

snowmancomic says:

Pick me!!!!! Thanks:-)

sic4672 says:


tazdev says:

single post :)

Dr0me says:

i need some octa core in my life!

stylin1739 says:

If I win I am going to Disney Land!! Well not really but I will Google it!

rwt4jc says:

Woot woot! :o)

Lasikiewicz says:

Like I have a chance.

A l i says:

I"m in!

hanwanhan says:

On to S4......

don.o says:

My Stone Age EVO is out in the snow, the S4 would be a great upgrade.

Here's hoping...

Statusnone says:

Huge Samsung fan here, would love to win an S4 so I can have one and then give one to my girlfriend so she can drop her crappy iPhone. :)

bsbllfn38 says:

Yes Please

one for Argentina would not be bad :P

tbonepat11 says:

I am excited!

jslman says:

I want the NEXT Next best thing!

Galaxy S4 will be greater than the Nexus 4!!

goelz83 says:

Pick me, please!

MarkMcCoskey says:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 would be a wonderful upgrade to my Evo V. Thanks AC for choosing me as your winner! :-)

The_Engine says:

Just cracked the screen on my galaxy nexus so this would be awesome!

Pliss the S4 for me! hahaha!!

JahmeZZ says:

Please pick me guys! I visit your site everyday and I would love a Galaxy SIV!

Mr.Miagi says:

Only 4,257 contestants, got a good shot to win my next phone....

pejhod says:

#TheNextBestThing #yolo

Senechaux06 says:

I'm gonna win that S4

Senechaux06 says:

I'm gonna win that S4

nessda says:

I'm in. I will update my address so you know where to ship it.

Hope I win the S4!

mithmal says:

I hope this phone will be on Verizon.

bar1203 says:

I never win, but thought I'd give it another try. Please pick me.

BranBrow says:

Can we say upgrade!

David Hubner says:

choose me! :D

redball says:

I want it please!!

R_Leslie says:

Would love to have this phone!

fokita says:

Thanks for the contest.

Lemmy666 says:


vansmack says:

I'm generally a pretty lucky guy.

Javier Coto says:


sharo97 says:

me want.

klokateer123 says:

i can haz s4? please.

That would be pretty awesome to win that.

JustBerard says:

my Gnex is getting kinda old... pretty pumped to get the S4 regardless if i win this contest or not :)

scraptacular says:

I love my SIII, so just think how great the SIV will be!

chiweed says:

Oh oh, over here!
Would love a SG4.

Pick me!

deltatko says:

Sign me up.

fastnasty says:

Count me in. I always love a new device

Jose Gomez4 says:


Owen O says:

I really want to win this.... Then I can donate my s2 to my girlfriend!

Athenalod says:

wish i get it

shanesuan says:

I win

Yes please!

Krishno Rana says:

I want one!!!

Chris says:

4,300 comments? I'm sure you'll pick mine.

Jodeit says:

Yes, please! OG Evo has been good to me, but time for an upgrade!

jnannuri says:

Hi, please count me in.. :)

give me one :)

divadnodrog says:

Galaxy IV > HTC One PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to have the S4. Let's try the luck. If I get one, I will give my S3 to my wife. She badly requires a new phone ;)

misterjoji says:

It's mine. Thanks

mr9times says:

Yes, please!

Nene Willow says:

Send the Samsung Galaxy S4 down to me in Jamaica will you. One Love! :)

gerri1454 says:

I need this. Pick me!!!!!!

There are so many phones that wishes to have their own fair fight to be the top smartphone.. Let's see if the GS4 will be take the crown again just like it's predecessors..

scoobdude says:

single comment....

ThorsWrath says:

Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope I win :)

card0124 says:

Love a Galaxy S4!

Sign me up for a Galaxy S IV

kdkinc says:

A single comment.

newarkgirl says:

me likey

You're right, this is easy.


a62335 says:

HTC One for the win, but I'd rock a S4 for a while :)

doctrbob says:

Me,Me,Me,Me....pick Me! jk...Would be sweet, though. Thanks for the opportunity.

SlyTy says:

This is a great contest idea. I want to be the first winner of the Samsung Galaxy S4!

mammo3 says:

Pretty please, I want one...

redsnake80 says:

Pick me guys! I want to win an S4 :D

Richie Ray1 says:

Can I has phone?

Show me some s4 goodness!!!!!

dewey32399 says:

Oh this would be awesome!

dewey32399 says:

Oh this would be awesome!

msr197 says:

I would love one. Thanks. Crossing my fingers!!!!

Spike53 says:

It'd be a welcomed upgrade.

norton says:

pick me! this verizon galaxy nexus has to be the worst android ever and my upgrade is no where near!!

Joe Ferdin says:

Pick me... Pick me...

Yes please!

happymfeet says:

I would like to win this! It would be a great prize.

JCease says:

I'm a galaxy addict! Pick me for the S4!

06cbrf4i says:

In to win.

Rickroller says:

What has 2 thumbs and wants to win? **This guy**

limdoug says:


smhekma says:

I hope I win! As much as I still love my Galaxy Nexus something with better battery life would be awesome.

Go Androidcentral and Samsung you guys rock!

Morjesta says:

Im in! That will be so wicked to have it in my hands! the SGS IV

breannesp says:

I wouldn't mind a shiny new Galaxy S4!

I like Galaxy S4.
I am happy owner of GS3

alear says:

I'm looking forward to seeing what Samsung brings to the table this year. Go GS4!

z0phi3l says:

I can haz GS4?

are12c says:

I could certainly use this as I'm not interested in upgrading to LOSE my unlimited data plan with Big Red!!!

jpmack says:

Gotta love free stuff!

p2hero says:

The Gs4 was made for me please pick me!!!!!!!!!

Techjourney says:

Positive affirmations... The Galaxy S IV is mine... I will win

dboy54 says:

I'm due for a win so pick me please.

davidlnewman says:

Looks like a great Phone. I may have win one ;-)

222psm says:

GS4 for me!

bcbbanga4l says:

Galaxy S 4? One for me please lol

marc300ib says:

I had the galaxy s 2, I'm fit for an update

jahmadi81 says:

Oh me please please please. :)

manguz says:

Galaxy S4 FTW!!!

NativeTxn says:

Count me in!

sergeroyal says:

I hope I finally win 1 ! best of luck for everybody

jsa334 says:

In for the win!

Mike A1 says:

I'll take one, I love having phones laying around.

Mike A1 says:

I'll take one, I love having phones laying around.

xjimmy817x says:

Galaxy S IV~!

seanskiT1 says:

Yeah...count me in!!

meskyda says:

Galaxy S4!

dime079 says:


jggsf says:

I'm super stoked on my Galaxy note II. but my dear wife has a stupid Iphone and winning this phone would definitely be the death to her iphone.

choo choo chooose me!!!

coreymcl says:

Hoping I 'm the one who win's it!

jggsf says:

I'm super stoked on my Galaxy note II. but my dear wife has a stupid Iphone and winning this phone would definitely be the death to her iphone.

choo choo chooose me!!!

tad_obrien says:

pick me, please!

Zippygit says:

me pls!

7starmarc says:

Would love to win! (crosses fingers)

los brones says:

I wouldn't complain if I won.

americantwin says:

This phone sounds amazing I hope to win!

Daniel Ekema says:

I have been looking forward to the S3's successor for ages.. I normally upgrade in January but am holding off for the release of this phone.. Bring on the SGS4 :-)

OrionAntares says:

The Next Big Thing is [almost] here, again.

ISS2 says:


cloakinghalk says:

Cant wait until it comes out. Would love to win one

superaj says:

Yes please. Would love an upgrade without losing my unlimited data and for free.

biglesias31 says:

a short time from now, a new galaxy s4 will be mine =]p

cyko says:

I WANT A SAMSUNG GALAXY S4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aple132533 says:

Yay. Pick me!

Aple132533 says:

Yay. Pick me!

brendilon says:

Long odds are certainly long.

rguisewite says:

Something about a hot pocket...

I'm in ...

Teniferman says:

In like Flint!!! Love my S3 and would love an S4!!!

Garrett M says:

Pick me please! Love the galaxy line of phones!

oseas215 says:

I would looooove a Galaxy SIV!!

frow86 says:

yes Please

gs4 is the move!!!

KitWasHere says:

I want an S4!! Pretty please?

Waycloud says:

See me God. I need to Win :)

S4, I hardly knew her

Samsung GS4..I'm down with that.

Homer Lopez says:

I'll take an AT&T version please.

Pkmn760 says:

Me please

Tswfootball says:

OBVIOUSLY winning this is gonna be as easy as ABC

MrszBerry says:

I LOVE my new Galaxy S IV!! :D Oh wait...

Durmant says:

Come on upgrade!

Want win.

zombiefly13 says:

Galaxy s4

G3TCASHM0N3Y says:

I have never won a contest in my life! Hope I win. You guys rock.

ozon3 says:

I would like very much to win an S IV

Hondo_Lane says:

I will enjoy it! Thank you!

Bondless says:

Had the II, skipped the III, will the IV bring me back to Samsung?

ozon3 says:

I would like very much like to win an S IV

tibbar01 says:


bschn100 says:

Would love an S iiii!!

ozon3 says:

I would like very much to win an S IV

joonyboy says:


Count me in!

rockyjay says:

My grandfather's dying last wish was for me to win this contest. I miss you PeePaw!

americantwin says:

I want this phone soooooo bad!!!

Pepi Casas says:

Ive been a die hard user of all Galaxy phones made by Samsung. From the S all the way to my current S3. Would be complete awesomeness to get an early edition of the S4. Thanks for the promo!

Poohatur says:

This and a case made of meteorite would be amazing!

gt7143c says:

I want to win!

xdalaw says:

I might even dump my Galaxy Nexus for the GS IV. :)

cerps says:

I wonder what i'd win?

jfgroover says:

Pick me! Pick me! I want one! The S IV is sure to be a ground breaking device, and to be one of the first to own one would just be freakin' awesome!

biictorr says:

Thanks in advance! :D

th3gh05t says:

My Epic Touch is running on it's last legs. Pick me please!

grauuu says:

send s4 in italy!!I want win !!!pleaseeeee

dampbunny says:

Pretty please let me win..infinity

Labacres says:

Hope my new S4 has better reception(antenna)that the S3 I returned.

aj31 says:


BDain says:

hawk em

Please pick me , I want s4 desperately

jalapenio says:

I wish I was in Barcelona!!!

pomorod says:

I would love an S4

ckelly33 says:

I want an S4 because S4 are my initials.

mjenabi2 says:


Entered all the previous androidcentral contests, please pick me this time =]

lordielordie says:

When I win the S4, please mail it to my home address, not the office. Thanks!

realrayne says:

i want to win the new samsung galaxy s4

mos380 says:

In to win...

neoprime33 says:

A Galaxy S4 on Sprint please. :)

rizzay1 says:

I've been waiting for the galaxy s4 along time please pick me!!!!

marcboucher says:

I wamnna a s4 soooooo bad

Lady_Evo says:

Adding to the list.

tjstanle says:

I'm in! I wonder if there'll be any more colors available at launch?

ruivitorino says:

No whammy no whammy no whammy!!!

garl6 says:

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

6spdracr says:

I would love to have an S4!

heck yeah, I'd like to win!

Lazo7 says:

I want this to be my next Phone. Tired of the iFone!

jacosta19 says:

I would love a new GS4

I have an S3 with TMobile. I was told it will NOT be LTE capable after spending 750 $. I really would like a free s4 so I can say screw you tmobile, you lied and I won.

porkmoon587 says:

Peace and love too all.

zyphbear says:

I would so love to win a state of the art phone like that! Lets hope verizon has it too!

ftodic says:

I would like a new phone

mcwheeler says:

A Samsung S4 + Verizon + me = a match mad in heaven

JojoSteez says:

Yeah, definitely putting my name down for this.

Alan Lanoie says:

I would love to win, I'm excited to hear about the new S4!

Kevin Lennon says:

Must have

anzjack123 says:

It's time for me to get a new phone. My GS2 is getting old.

idoa01 says:

I would love to win an S4! pick me! :)


Alek Lazic says:


pepe86 says:

In for one

krump37 says:

Hey you! Yeah, you! That's right. The guy with the Galaxy S4 to give away. I have a home for you over here.

Srodic says:

Let's give it a try :D

shainkijain says:

Number 4 will make Samsung Number ONE forever!

A Samsung Galaxy S4 2 days after my birthday? Androind Central...You're Awesome :-)

sollared says:

Cannot wait to see it in my mailbox.

jbizzlefosho says:

What was that? Free stuff?!?! Sign me up!!!!

Gialakias says:

No way!

ZoopackAP says:

I need one

Jude526 says:

Add me into the contest. I would give this to my brother who has serious problems with his phone and can't upgrade right now. He has helped me so much, that this would please me to do this for him. Please pick me ! Thanks Android Central....

timoak33 says:

我要一个! I want one!

habiban says:

pick me please

Mtn_Scott says:

I want a smartphone that makes toast, I hear the S4 will do that.

abc1234 says:

I just got the s3,,,and now this? cmon i have to win

Here goes nothing~

NicholasP38 says:

Please pick me!!!

Beto08 says:

I'll take it!

fipsib says:

I want to win it!!!

MLuv001 says:

Hopefully it's me good luck to all

My 3 year old could really use a new phone :-D

Barca009 says:

I hope my tiny little comment gets noticed. :(