Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

calcheese says:

thanks for the contest!

saseekutz says:

Whoa nice!!

Who's down for some pancakes??

nahka says:

I like boobies

jbonett says:

I am a father and currently cannot afford any phone, let alone the new Galaxy S4.

Sotallytober says:

I want to win!

sbarron says:

I'd love to upgrade from my GNex to a S4.

Erphed says:

Thanks for the opportunity. May the most random commenter win!

movieguy00 says:

In it to win it! That'd be splendid if I did!

rasbutan says:

Sign me up!

jalau says:


SGSIV please!


T.D.K says:

The GS3 was/is amazing, can't wait for the GS4!

marktrav44 says:

pick me please!!!

doncrief says:

The HTC one is looking fantastic. Look forward to seeing what the S4 has to offer. Can't wait to win.

good luck guys :)

wbrianw8 says:

Still got an HTC Amaze, I need a new phone (I'm stuck on sense 4 Rom where not all the features totally work)

acmilan77051 says:

I was planning to buy GS4 for over a year :(

jayjlewis says:

Amazing how we all want something we have yet to see! :)

jon928 says:

Never had a galaxy device before. Would love for this to be the first!

ps4rh says:

Let's see if you can beat Crackberry's "Win a Z10" post count.

ogonzuhnina says:

tries once more, doubts to get picked though ;)

Kemptonite says:

I'd love to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4!!! I am looking forward to seeing what Samsung has in store for us with the new Galaxy S4!!

jamjordan says:

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

xuohtx says:

I can haz S4?

pbo2m3 says:

really looking forward to the new S4. I'm hoping my evo makes it to the realease as it's on it's last legs

kaiba222 says:

So what are chances of winning?

Warren Tom says:

I want to win this contest. :-)

dakalter69 says:

I would greatly appreciate a galaxy s4 :D

Cruiserdude says:

That would be a swell upgrade, pick me if you please!

AeroCmdr says:

Thanks for another amazing contest Android Central! Good luck everyone!

Fillyo says:

W i n n e r ! ! ! ! !

shadow6899 says:

I would poop my pants if I won!

Mattio322 says:

Pick me pick me!!! I'll be so eternally grateful. I would get androidcentral tattooed on me!

Ten Mike says:

It's mine.

I'll take it.

If I win one, I will donate my S3 to someone less fortunate, like my wife who's stuck with her Droid RAZR MAXX. Poor gal!

Manitoboy says:

Oh Yeah!! Im going to win this finally!!

Better than an iPhone!

mrm3001 says:

Well, in my opinion will offer the same as the XPERIA Z in terms of harware , but it will not offer water resistance

Sprint, back-up to my Note2 Please.

bbakalar22 says:

Oh man I have been having haunting dreams about the AWESOMENESS of this beast, CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!

ki11ak3nn says:

I'm down to win an S4!! If I don't win then I'm just going to get an S3.

nikolajskov says:

My S2 won't mind being replaced by an S4 ;-)

clarker07 says:


Roy Droid says:

Cool, fingers crossed.

Salt72 says:

Count me in.

codeman6100 says:

Let's do this!

mrmexican87 says:

My friends would kill me if I got ANOTHER phone, and that's a risk I am willing to take ;)

robsw says:

I would very much like to win this!

PR1MO1 says:

Pour some S4 on meeeeeee.

Yep, a Def Leppard song just got made even better.

firebird12 says:

Pick me please! Must... Have... Newest... Tech!

sypark280 says:

Woot woot!! Always love to see AC contests and try to win!! Count me in for a chance to own one of first S4 to be released!!

cj100570 says:

Up for grabs is the Galaxy S IV
"The Next Big Thing"
That Samsung has in store
Many will enter
But only 1 will win
Hopes will be crushed
Of both women and men
So here on this page
I leave my tome
Good luck to all
In winning this phone.

© 2013 CJ100570

bganga says:

I win.

freshnerd729 says:

Awesome number one site to get all the info for the android era your the best and it would be awesome to win from this site lol

jrmonro says:

An early,and free, upgrade sure would be great. Thanks AndroidCentral and good luck to all.

SJTreo says:

Would love one of these!

bb4temo says:

Galaxy S IV... how I love thee!

dasDachs says:

Fair enough ... haven't seen the device, but I'm pretty sure I won't regret wining one

miabellona says:

Yes please I would LOVE one... the guys at work would be jealous and it would be payback for one guy trying to make me cry that he got a Note before me *Sniff* lol I promise to keep it scratch free, hold it close to my heart and love it (until the next release came out then it goes to my kids) ;)

RockLight says:

I've helped break one story last year! Pick me!

Blessen John says:

I want to win!!!

Ronnet says:

I haven't used an Android Phone since 2.2, if any Phone could get me back on Android then its this one.

holycrap8 says:

Ok I'm in


Ledezma2003 says:

I Need this phone. It will increase my cool factor.
Thank you

jazzzor says:

Samsung Galaxy SIV please...NOW!!!

Brandon222 says:

Here goes nothing..

tidebuzz says:

Plz thx

mssca says:

I would like to win one... It will come very handy for school use since we use our phones to submit answers :)

bleached says:

It is no Nexus, but I will take a GS4 for free!

tygert says:

go S4!

spivtron says:

I am in it to win it.

joelvin says:

I need this so I can play Temple Run 2 without it lagging!

TenshiNo says:

Here's hoping for some Octa-core insanity :)

azncowboy13 says:

I want to win!!!

Strijder says:

Pick me!

I don't know anything about Samsung, but hope this device is good startup for such small company.

joelkamp says:

Sign me up.

ilhe1s says:

A winner right here.

Nguyenvn says:


ehaus81 says:

I need a new phone this year

almost 4000 comments, chances are slim. It wouldn't suck to though. thanks as always for the sweet loot chances.

mikey7440 says:

I shall use the S4 to bring world peace. Or make a phone call, whichever comes first :-)

cjac999 says:

Id love one.

Spiff Hall says:

I would love to be the one chosen to win the new Galaxy S4. Please pick me.

alendroid says:

Wow, what a nice upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus it would be! Can't wait.


kris j says:

I'm stuck with my xperia s for another year and a bit
It would be really nice to actually win something for once
Good luck to us all
especially me ;-)

djmac182 says:

Pick Me!!

dennis96411 says:

I want one!


abaggy says:


Shinkenred says:

Let's go. I certainly want to win SOMETHING!!

maniac4ever7 says:

S IV ME S IV ME please and thanks :D

entigy says:

Cool.One S4 heading my way. Thanks.

samdsox says:

i want me a galaxy s iv

Krynn says:

Sweet! I'll take it!

bojutt says:

Pick me

bmarsh79 says:

Winning this would be epic!!!! the GS4 what could they do to make it any better?

jmcolejm says:

Yes Please!!

headhoncho89 says:

Just got the Nexus 4. I could always use 2 phones LOL

madcow1048 says:

Nib high football rules!

ajcepler says:


jwhite900 says:

I'd love a new phone, especially an S4!

cjp40 says:

Would be a real nice early birthday present ;-)

jesube says:

My sg3 has treated me great but it's time to move in to the next big thing!

isma_mail says:

I think that this is the best upgrade for my old Galaxy S2 ;)

Mike Cossey says:

I'll take it!

marat2k6 says:

Would love me an s4

joaofer says:

I'm down to win a Samsung Galaxy S4

hairbytj says:

I will take a Galaxy S4 please! I love Android Central! ;-)

dextorboot says:

My SII is dying. Let me put it out of its misery.

jdspoel says:

would love to make an s4 my second device!

Well heck yes, I would like to have one!

Hurdville says:

Would love to get this new phone. Galaxy note still hasn't got jelly bean update. PICK ME PLEASE

Yell0w says:

I'm excited to see what the phone will bring.

sprayers says:

send to me .........waiting

feetdaddy says:

Dear God Pick me! im sick of this I*hone 5 that im forced to use at the moment smh

brainvision says:

please please please please please please..!!!!!

pick me please!!

:D :D

let's hope again!! ;)

spaceman88 says:

please pick me to win the s4. thank you.

mulasien says:

Sign me up! :)

Jillian Grey says:

I want to win!!

ronblayze says:

Hooray beer!, I mean S4!

CarterGuy says:

Love my GS3 and would love to have the 4. Just hope the VZW model is not locked (but will still be a good phone)

joefloater says:

I would LOVE A Galaxy S4!!!

matt0715 says:

you will be missed s3... bring on the s4!

Dberndt210 says:

I would love a brand new spanking phone. Please pick me.

not gonna win anyway

akio says:

I want one

jswenson3 says:

Well, my odds right now are 1:3997 and counting... help me out mobile gods!

Laoto says:

Please Pick Me!

Me me meeeeeeeee ..... Me

defbehinds says:

I've got rhythm, I've got rhymes, I've got the girlies with the defbehinds!

T-mo compatible plox

sseymour says:

Love Samsung. Had the old Fascinate, had the Galaxy Nexus, had the original Galaxy Tab (7"), the first Galaxy Tab 10.1, and now the Galaxy S3 (even tried the Note 2). So the Galaxy SIV just makes sense! Whether I win it or buy it, it'll be mine shortly after launch. :)

mr_Tech89 says:

Hmm like this phone already seems like march 14 couldn't come faster to announce this great Samsung phone(:

Want one!

I'd do pretty much anything for a Galaxy S III, let alone a Galaxy SIV!!!

ysstog says:

I can't believe I won. Thank you, Android Central!

Zam says:

Yes please.

jeric71 says:

I'd love to win one!

B3nnc says:


Johnson Sok says:

More Scores because 8Core for S4!

thrice31x says:

Sign me up!!!

threepackape says:

if I win, can I please have the Verizon version of Samsung Galaxy S4?

Larry Hanson says:

I could use this.

robcapazzi says:

I would love it, please send to me thank you!

Relddem says:

Do want

biggeno313 says:

Oh how I would love to win what is sure to be an awesome device!!!

antdwg671 says:

Pick me PLEASE!!!!!!

MRWOLF6969 says:

I would take one.

Rell Little says:

I like where this can go...

Never had a Samsung device before. I'm stuck with this boring LG Lucid... Help me out Android Central!

chirantanf says:

lets see if i win this time! :)

Braun00 says:

please pick me.

Davenne Chua says:

Good luck everyone... Thank you...

cablex4 says:

I want to win!

Mobile-dom says:

:D oooooooooooh S IV My nexus 4 is great, but Oooooooh AMOLED :D

lyingfromyou says:

I have a blah blah phone, so Android Central please help!!! (My entry)

Cranky Bear says:

I'm in! Thanks!

pkstanoev says:

ok.. lets test my luck again...

Weishaupt says:


CSS Hunley says:

My Nexus could use a friend, its dangerous to go alone.

rexbalcita says:


mipd1980 says:

Yes please. I'll take it.

Franzie3 says:

So what your saying is if I win (and i hope i do), that i will wait longer because VZW will take forever to release it....sigh...LOL

markese10 says:

Me please.

dragonsofcp says:

Me please! ;-)

Impulser91 says:

GS IV could be a good replacement for my Galaxy Note :)

hope everybody wins. :P

ballinking82 says:

I have a S2 right now. Works great but jumping to a S4 would be the bomb. Help a broha out Lol.

psolis says:

I'll take it.

Would be awesome to win, thanks for the opportunity

scoot05redss says:

Awesome I'd love to win!

Spizzah says:

Win a Galaxy S4? Count me in.

exilis says:

Yey, put me down to win an as yet unannounced phone :)

Hook me urrrrppppppp AC!!!

jmr7192 says:

Would love the S IV.

bschrib says:

Upgrade my phone, please. :)

todd carnes says:

Upgrade from my SII would be great.

damartin1 says:

Android Central, you know the deal. I'll be expecting your email. Yours Truly

krok says:


RyanYaddow says:

I would trade in my home PC for this....

4025 comments and counting... oh will I be the lucky one I wonder.. (jaws theme song)

jrinco11 says:

I'm in!

dslayton says:

Lucky number 4,043....I have a good feeling

rcrodgers622 says:

Count me in!

I would like a new Galaxy

digitalpen09 says:

wowzers s4 already?

gazspro says:

In it to win it!

shaypel says:

love your web site ! hope to win something :}

pablo1215 says:

I could let the note 2 go for some galaxy s4 action!

tyetan says:

I want 1

AustinAggie says:

pick me! pick me!

sal14m says:

Because it is my Birthday on the same day the S4 is released... March 14th !!!!

capmin says:

I have the OG DINC so winning an S4 would be an epic step up, but I'm ready!!

jonjr says:

I'm in for this contest.

ksc6000#AC says:

Can I please have one?


turnitdown says:

Here is my post FTW!

bigtank says:

I'll take a Sprint one

ging says:

An S4 would be nice seeing as how my S2 just bit the bullet...

metacuate says:

I want to win more than anyone!!! I'm still slightly upset with Samsung over the Droid Charge fiasco of a phone, but the S4 ought to be a better phone ...

Upgrade me!

Konvict808 says:

I want a galaxy S4!

zolazar says:

Never had a Samsung and would love for this to be my first! YeeHaw!

krusty46 says:

How great it would be.

Mo007 says:

It would be first time I'd win something :)
Imagine World's first S4 contest becomes my first free phone.

Looking forward to the announcement of the winner.
Good luck everyone.

TraderRick says:

It's time to replace my Droid Charge.

grail1337 says:

I'd take one!

Zwyciezca says:

I'm in!

I'd being waiting for so long to acquire Samsung galaxy S IV. It's because, I strongly believe that this phone will work as an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Samsung, please, release this phone that I might start enjoying it's intelligent operations. I just can't wait to have one.

dmb219 says:

Thanks in advance!

I would love to have that new Samsung Galaxy S4!

Chris81c says:

Never owned a Galaxy series device. Hope this will be my first :)

rocket321 says:


rpc says:

Wow, a 1 in 4066 chance so far to win a new S4. I'm feeling Lucky!!!

Small_law says:

S4 for me! Hook me up!

pittom says:

This phone would be a great replacement for my old one.

mg2380 says:

Fact: I own 16 forks.

jrwatt says:

bring it!

bellbk says:

Count me in!

jamesphil says:

Awesome giveaways as always , keep it up.

Max Ng1 says:


DarkScythe says:

Well, I'll toss my name into the hat.

Went with the HTC DNA this round, will be interested to see if the SGS4 is as compelling.

jds5445 says:

I like getting free stuff for minimal work. Count me in.

Rony Sultan says:

Hopefully the S4 will have great hardware! :)

pryce1985 says:

Oh boy!

Mexico619 says:

I hope I win :D

thacounty says:

I would love an s4 to go with my work iPhone!

objbuilder says:

AndroidCentral is the bomb!

Gekko says:

nice! thanks!

brfitzp says:

In it to win in.

cvanlone says:

Seems easy enough... I'm in.

Brandon Gier says:

Oh man I'd love to replace my cracked GS3 with a GS4. Maybe I can be the first person to crack it too...

Dragonman585 says:

If win the Galaxy S IV, then I'm putting my S3 on eBay!

colestein says:

Note 2 is 2 big for me. I really want the S4.

sbruening428 says:

Im all about a free S4 someday!!!

heresy_fnord says:

Ham! Ham I say. Also the S4 would be nice.

If I ask, does it increase my chances? Me please!

evell269 says:

I haven't seen it yet, but I bet I want it!

jimrx7 says:

Here I am joining another contest in hopes that I will win. Much thanks to this website for all the great contests that they have to support all the members.


hmackenz says:

Holy crap! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!

BadBoy5537 says:

Galaxy S IV

Jay Lee1 says:

give me the phone so i can show everyone how awesome android is!

Trekest says:

I promise I won't root and ruin it!
Well, maybe just a little. Please! Me!

Sam Chan says:

Was holding out to replace my S2 with this bad boy, would be stoked to win the S4!

rrollar says:

Would love an upgrade from my current Samsung Galaxy S II from Sprint. Great phone but would love the new S4!! *come on good karma...please pay off now!*

benhum says:

Me please. Just this once.

klc11vb says:

Well, I guess since my S3 is now outdated mine as well take a free upgrade.

skycloud9 says:

Oh me me me!! I would own that S4 like a BOSS!!

AndyP21 says:

hopefully checking Android Central 30 times a day will pay off!

kanewtz says:


ceowin says:


Derek1267 says:

Save me from my crappy job with a new phone :)

Traplord says:


Marc Gibson says:

Been a Galaxy fan since the beginning! Would love the latest Sammy-tech!

mavo71 says:

Can't wait for my Samsung galaxy s4. I will be the first to win

jaimepar says:

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ :) /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
Pick me please!

busterq says:


tamjam13 says:


duanedude1 says:

Brother-in-law got a Note 2. I need to one-up him with a Galaxy S4 (on Verizon, please)! Thanks!

hupadhyay says:

AndroidCentral FTW,

levelm says:

March 14 can't come soon enough!

fishygraphx says:

Normally I'm all for HTC but a free phone is always nice.

tmslv says:

pick me

tmslv says:

pick me

Greetings from Germany and good look to all!

dgross92 says:

I just got a note 2 but it would be cool to win an s4!

androidalais says:

May i have one, just for the sake of making me a very happy boy.

Willy Martis says:


shorto85 says:

I'll take one!

Wow. Sure your commenting system can take the strain? Pick me!

sensei886 says:

I can't wait for the S4! Please please please!


anon5734039 says:

Gimme gimme gimme please.

lfnsr says:

Might as well sign up. Looking forward to the S4!!

Galperins4 says:

Good luck to all!

damobster54 says:

Most comments I have evvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr seen!

steelernole says:

I want it.

8bitvoxel says:


here's a one in a million shot...

urabus says:

who would not want a new S4

qwertyman43 says:

Looking forward for the S4.

Thanks for the giveaways!

Elfuan says:

Looking forward to the new S4. Let the good times roll.

heymecalvy says:

Oh yeah, this is gonna be one hell of a contest. Come on AndroidCentral, pick me!!

You just got Samsung'd.

Shawheim says:

im down for an S4!

skyboxer says:

Please rescue me from my VZW Gnex. I've heard rumors that people with other devices can walk away from outlets and go outside and stuff. I think I would like that.

sanchpa says:

Yes please.

Yeah, I'm down! I'll gladly take the new S4!!

thrakash says:


sisblub says:

oooh i dont even know what its going to look like but i want one!!

jbreakfield says:

Android Central is the greatest... I would LOVE to get my hands on a Galaxy S4

parityone says:

If the S4 has the new features from the Galaxy Tab it will be a fantastic device. I am torn between the S4 and the Note 2.

nick1027 says:

Me want.

Khalid Ahmad says:

I'm due for an upgrade anyway.