Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

I have the OG Note, and have always been a fan of Samsung. First time being in a contest about something that hasn't even been revealed yet though. Makes it kind of exciting~

Paco_Ut says:

A better birthday it could not be, than to have the new Samsung Galaxy.

dogblade03 says:

Yes Sir....

Hypeo says:

I would love to win a GS4, Hope its sprint compatible. :-)

DimitriosB says:

Ohhh pretty please let it be me !!!!

iPhoneSuks says:

Thanks for doing this AC. You guys are awesome.

Esko Ojala says:

I'm the winner!

damian.grant says:

A comment.

KiDPaul says:

Converted to Android from BlackBerry and from to

ridgele says:

GS4 would look great in my pocket!

redips77 says:

Winning would be really great!

pac0naut says:

World's first S4 contest? I'm in.

tvandegr says:

On ATT please

j.smilie says:

I would love this!

steveox82 says:

It would be great to win!

PlazmaFéreg says:

I would like to win a new phone. My Galaxy S (GT-I9000) has started to slow down. And it is rebooting a few times a day by itself.

Good luck for everyone.

pedro_segura says:

Pick me :) !!!!!!!!!

Mlss says:

The Galaxy S4 is going to be world's best mobile phone!!!

zack hawley says:

I would love a gs4

Dtim56 says:

I have an S3 and the S4 will be my next phone... Free would be nice!

Ted Thurmond says:

Big Money!

David Juarez says:

Worth a shot

scooter14000 says:

Maybe I'll finally win something this time. You guys are awesome for giving away so much free stuff to your readers! Hope I win!

metalhead70 says:

me me me

delucad1 says:

would love one, need an upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus!

Jcjames98 says:

S4 S4 :D

hoopstarrr23 says:

I would like The Next Big Thing...

dingbat005 says:

GS2 dying... would love to replace it was a GS4!!!

mpness says:

Me gusta. Want

bbycrts says:


j_grouchy says:

My entry.

gringo29 says:

Pick me, pick me, please pick me!!! Samsung Galaxy S4 will rock, and I want to rock with it!!! :)

soulfrigger says:

starting contest in 3 2 1.... go

Pack4now says:

This would be a great upgrade from my nexus s 4g

MTsCetin says:

I am an unlucky person. there is no reason to pick me o_O

DoLphinLena says:

Hope to win it! Thank you very much :) Please keep me updated! :)

muddyjch says:

Love my S3 but I would love an S4 even more.

Count me in 4 a prize

mobtech5 says:

Please pick me want this more than anything

GC736 says:

Another awesome contest from the best Android blog period!

rey_1178 says:

with all the bad stuff happening lately this would be awesome!

brandas says:

Count me in please.

rotz055 says:

Pretty sure I've got this one in the bag

amplwp says:

I would loove a Galaxy SIV. No, you don't understand my obsession with my Galaxy S3 - I'd trade in my S3 for it...and maybe one of my kids. And my vehicle. And a couple pints of blood.

tcole16 says:

I feel like a kid again! Pick me!! GS4 would be amazing!!

fjitb says:

me me me

jfs101 says:

I want it!!!

emathews says:


Godfly13 says:

About time for a new phone, so here's to winning one hopefully.

rwisema1 says:

I would love to have an "official" android tablet. Right now all I have is a touchpad with CM7.

rwisema1 says:

Huh, guess I still won't even if I win the S4. Will it work on Verizon?

ysbg says:

I'm reaching up and reaching out.
I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me.

Let's do this! LEEEEROYYYY!!

mzambrana says:

Please let it be me!!! :)

hmm2k8 says:

1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

ET Guy says:

Looking forward to some G4 luv!!!

NaijaBerry says:

Fo sho! S3 still rocking now an S4?? Fo real??

This would be excellent!

Mexi707 says:

I always come here to look up android news on what new phones will be coming out . Made an account to enter this contest :)

alicesfung says:

Please let me win a Galaxy S4. Plsssssss!

dipapi19 says:

Count me in! :D

aitt says:

All I got was a rock *Charlie Brown Tone*

Good luck to everyone.

Tjanka says:

I'd love to have this phone, thanks android central for a chance to win one.

mauidiver40 says:

Yes please, my current galaxy has a cracked screen!

fsomich says:

Comment to win? Dealeo!

striker1213 says:

could use an upgrade from the vibrant

PiyushNexus says:

Can't belive this. M I Dreaming!!!

Knips178 says:

1 in a million chance.....good enough for me

LowItalian says:

Pick me!

MRKV says:

In 4 S4

mak916 says:


droid83 says:

Good luck to all but I hope I win.

dp3103 says:

Pick me on 3/14 baby!

rlnorris01 says:

S4? Yes please!

I've had the s1 the 2 and I currently have the 3 would love to have the 4 there way better than Iphones

RonD says:

I need a new S4, hope I win.

1dtb says:

Hello Me!!!!please

scoty024 says:

Statistical speaking I have to eventually win one of these giveaways right?

ih8mndays says:

Switched from android to iPhone...really missing the android lol. Please enter me for a chance to win this sweet phone :)

Tal Shterzer says:

I need one for my wife.

gut46 says:

I win

StevieYee says:

S4 Please :)

Greetings from Kuwait!! plz plz Ship one here :P pretty plz :P

I would be commenting from my Galaxy SIV, but I DO NOT HAVE ONE (Wink*)

dmatherl says:

I sure would love that.

mrfett79 says:

Would LOVE to win this. I am planning on making this my next phone. Please let me win.

Check_M8 says:

I so would love one!!!

amjadfirst says:

sweet.. fingers crossed for a S4

Wired_In says:

Sign me up!

decisionator says:

Please pick me!

bobettofox says:

So...this means I've won the contest right?

I hope i finally win

moinsheriff says:

oh yeahhhh.. i want to win this s4

Hben21 says:

It's can be awesome to win!

buffdaddy72 says:

I think winning a GS4 would be very cool!

Would love one of these. Been for what seems like forever

Soxery says:

Yay android

QMaverick says:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

But seriously, this would be pretty sweet. I grew to dislike my Epic 4G over time, but Samsung seems to be doing a MUCH better job at keeping up with updates, so I'll give 'em another shot (especially if it's free). :-)

ZeiM says:

Well how can I stand out from the bunch... how about I don't want it!!!... okay no ... I REALLY DO WANT IT!..Really... :)

JStamp627 says:

YES PLEASE!! Then I can take a hammer to my Thunderbolt which I've been wanting to do, for awhile now.

escott63 says:

I'm in as well. can't wait to see this beast of a phone.

mobtech5 says:

Pick me want it more than anything

lthown says:

This is all assuming, of course, that there really will be a S4 and they'll be giving AC one =)

mizhasi says:

Please!!! I wanna be cool once again with Galaxy S 4!!! :D

my gs3 said it'd like a sibling phone to look up to and I happen to agree.

Eerth says:

So many comments!

I do not stand a chance..

I want it!!! \o/

K_Royther says:

Goin' down to South Park, gonna have myself a time...

griftercm says:

I hope they got rid of the hardware buttons.

Ryan Summers says:

Please pick me!!!! I want to Win a Galaxy S4!!!!!!

brianr8011 says:

Obligatory 'Pick Me' Comment....but please pick me!

mbordelon07 says:

I'd love to win this!

Hben21 says:

It's can be awesome to win!

TravisS says:

So what you're telling me is, all I have to do is leave a comment on this post and I could win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4? Sounds to good to be true. There has to be more to it.

aBoijj says:

Save me from the slowness that is the Galaxy Note!

cboyer says:


Tazjet1 says:

I can't wait. I must have it now!!!!

zahidm says:

This would be an amazing upgrade from my aging S2. pick me!

bdGDL08 says:

Galaxy SIV? Yes, please!

chevro1et says:

In to win.

chevro1et says:

In to win.

no driver says:

awesome contest, thanks:)

priestsyrinx says:

Optimistic comment.

crispiracy says:

Uuuuh! Yep, I'm in!

nazem says:

Hope I win!

xsliver says:


Frankster007 says:

S4 - here we go!

dpzbatman79 says:

I would love an s4

wasp777g says:

Android Central!!!

joeyhendrixs says:

Just win baby win- Al davis

Joel E says:

The FIRST SGS4 guys are awesome, period.

djay04 says:

I can't wait to get this phone!!! I am going to get the Galaxy S4 one way or another, but winning one would definitely be the best way to get it!!!

b0rg says:

I love my htc one x :)

I haven't a clue what the GSIV will look like, but I am definitely eager to find out!


Rich_sly says:

I'm running a stock VZW Galaxy Nexus. I think its time for an upgrade!

menzoom says:

I wonder how many of us wrote, "a single comment" in the comment line?

kevlars9 says:

I'm in it to win it :)

Raedahn says:

Totally want!

juradodj9 says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S4!

iDonev says:


Dragon546 says:

Bring on March 14th I used 1,2,3 why not 4 as well

Icon says:

The next big winning a S4!!

jweitzel24 says:

Fingers crossed.

Scorpion747 says:

Yesss I want to win the first Galaxy S4 from the fist S4 contest!!!! :))))

ichibanrei says:

I don't even know what it will look like and I want it!

dougltc says:

My 2010 Evo 4g is tired... put it out of its misery PLEASE!

FhonesRFancy says:

Save me from the mediocrity of an outdated S3!

Timbitman says:

Chuck Norris With A BB Gun

bevcraw says:

I love my Galaxy S3. I'm sure I would love the S4 even more.

PerfectTommy says:

I'd love to win the latest Galaxy!

yes please!

KwanyKon says:

I'd love to retire my old T-Mobile G2 for the S4.

TallOne says:

I would definitely like me some S4 goodness. Please.

kb0svt says:

I would DEFINITELY take one! Send it my way!

seancomp says:


sctwinslow says:

I have owned all the galaxy s series and this would continue the tradition. Thanks Android Central!!

crwallace2 says:

hell yeah

chadmd23 says:

First is good!

Cuda62 says:

Soooooooo In.

ethanvinhdan says:

To win a galaxy s4 would have nice.

ohhenryx says:

The Galaxy Note has been a good smartphone for me so the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be an awesome upgrade!

moo53 says:

Hmmm... S4, HTC One or this mysterious Motorola X phone. Well a free 99 S4 will take away that unbearable decision.

Cactacae says:

Would be nice. The old Skyrocket is getting creaky... even with CM10.1.

ankiankita says:

i also wish to have a S4 :)
keep chuckling...!


tx_pony says:

yes, I want to win.

I'm in...

Just adding my two bucks worth: I'd love an S4! :D

dinosuh says:

I would love to win the galaxy s4.

dwmurray57 says:

I am due for a replacement smartphone, let's do it with class... Help me win the new Galaxy S IV please?

kmf1 says:

Count me in. Thanks for the chance to win.

atltiger says:

I will take one!

bgmikejr2010 says:

Hope to win :D

hoonigandad says:

Samsung galaxy for life!:)

rob oppers says:

I would change from my note2 to a gs4

atlas9171 says:

Sure, why not?

beech1968 says:

I really really need this pleeeeeeeaaassseee :-D

joe blazen says:

My phone has broken screen!! Please pick me!

would love to win this for my birthday

chrbia1 says:

GS4 would be nice ... especially free


beebop1969 says:

I would live to win one. Then my 9 year old autistic sonwho lives my apps i have on this phone can have this one. It would be s great early birthday present!

Daedalus says:

I could really use this.

tlehmann says:

I really want a Galaxy S IV!

antonioss says:

great prize guys!!!
Love to win it.

BWBlackett says:

Don't bother entering - I've won it already!

astang99 says:

This would be freaking awesome! I have already amassed two note 2's,! Galaxy s3 and would love to add an s4 to fuel my samsung junkie addiction! LONG LIVE SAMSUNG!

MarelisPK says:

Using the Samsung galaxy s2 right now would like an upgrade a lot

jmehta22 says:

android central is the best! now please hand me over my s4 :)

dr12487 says:

Hey, I'll take a free Galaxy S IV.

rpmm70 says:

This is an awesome contest that I would love to win.

Ohh, pick me!

gumpty says:

Yes please.

pick me! pick me!

i hope it will be good enough to replace my three-year-old hd2 :)

It would be an awesome birthday present if I won the S4 my birthday is a week after the announcement lol.

Aj Soriano says:

I wanna win I'm stuck with a crappy iPhone 3g because my s2 broke.

mesocyclonic says:

This contest assumes they won't change the name just to mess with everyone.

Whatever they call it, I want it:)

londroid says:

Sweet! A Samsung Galaxy S4, sounds good to me!

I would really appreciate this!

Wood_doowk says:

Definitely replacing my SII Skyrocket with the SIV!

cdezz7 says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 the win!

DrunkFux says:

Mee is innnnnnn...!!

El s4 va a ser para el venezolano :(

dexstaar says:

I had a few blackberrys for awhile now and I recently changed to android over the summer, andiI come to android central to get informed and the re up on the latest android has to offer, &I'm loving the experience.

gonsa says:

I'm also still using the I9000 since june 2010. Running Android 4.2.2 says something about this phone. SIV would be awesome!

Yayyyy im gonna surely win the galaxy s4 because the day samsung launching the galaxy s4 at unpacked evet that day its my birthday..woo hoow :))

ibnz says:

new post submitted by me , to win s4 :) good luck to all

Glaxay s4? Yes Please!

akanealw says:

I too, would like a Samsung Galaxy SIV!

jigarwho says:

Good luck!

vanjangles says:

I still have Nextel phone. Please save me.

Furiouso says:

My GS3 took a bath (literally). I'm rockin a HTC Windows Phone 8x while I wait for the new Android phones to drop. Would definitely appreciate a GS4 hook up from the Android Central hook up artists. :)

suckerv says:

Very cool!

dessa says:

Unlocked GSM suitable for T-Mobile please :-D.
Android Central rocks!

Yayyyy im gonna surely win the galaxy s4 because the day samsung launching the galaxy s4 at unpacked event that day its my birthday..woo hoow :))

droid4g32 says:

I would love to win a Galaxy S4!!!

Proud S3 owner right here! But would be a super proud owner of a S4!

BasPilot says:

I am in on this contest! I am really really in on it!!! :) Pick me random number generator!

DamnSkippy says:

Count me in!

Classic Rank says:

You guys are awesome! Running a contest for the unannounced S IV!

Goforitoo says:

I've had the Epic Touch, S2,and Now the Note2!! You woukd be a Fool if you bought Anything Other Than a SAMSUNG!!SAMSUNG IS THE WAVE NOW and FUTURE!!!

PJunior123 says:

Ive never won anything before and it would mean so much to me!! :) I would love to win so much and I really need a new phone!! :D I refresh Android Central like 10 times a day :L Android Central is such a great website for news :) I'm so excited for the launch of the S4 and can't wait to see what it brings!! :D
Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please? :D wow that sounded desperate!! :D
Got an outdated Galaxy Nexus and would love to get up to date :D

bama4life916 says:

I would love to put the Samsung galaxy s4 right beside my galaxy note 2 Roll Tide!!!

rebel219 says:

Pick Me!

FamilyMan85 says:

I will tell all my co-workers about your site! Pick me!

kdvditters says:

I'm still rocking a HTC Evo 3D, desperately need an upgrade... :) Come on SGS4!!!

alejovh120 says:

nice, my S3 just broke and need a new phone!

ddot196 says:

Easiest contest ever. I'm in.

tmrony says:

No reason to not to want one s4

Thunderclaww says:

Awesome contest!

Bambalazs says:

Random begging comment.
Ahh, just kidding. Good luck, guys! ;)

olepe says:

I want an S4 please!

Yes please pick ME!!!

aubinhick990 says:

Of course I'd like to a) be a part of this, and b) win one! :D

nathano14 says:


TitoRoE says:

Couse LLOYD said I need one...

Wow, do we even know when this phone be released in the states yet ?

joe047 says:

Oh man I want the new s4!thx!

clayron21 says:

I would love to win a GS4!

sushilkodali says:


brdwlk says:

I would love some S4 goodness!

Amazins71 says:

Owning a Galaxy S4 is a dream come true!

Husker Z says:

As a diehard HTC dude, I'd like to give this thing a shot! I'd like mine in red though, yeah, one red one, send it my way!

Chive On!

DougG says:

Hook me up.

Pick me!!!!!

mobtech5 says:

Really Really Really Really Really want s4:)

mikez says:


rdreich says:


Who wouldn't want one? I'd love to win one!

Going to be a great phone! always like the galaxy s line !

gottria says:

I never win anything!!!

Harlemknight says:

Please pick me!!!

Merry Christmas, AndroidCentral! Please give me my early Christmas present!

tigeryee says:

Galaxy S 4 for all!!!

shafty023 says:

Pick me!!!!

Woo! I would love to win "the next bigger thing that's already still here again"!

Deutch says:

I would love me some galaxy s4 goodness!

For me please

Goforitoo says:

I've had the Epic Touch, S2,and Now the Note2!! You would be a FOOL if you bought ANYTHING Other Than a SAMSUNG!! SAMSUNG IS (IS) THE WAVE NOW and Of

Agamemnon54 says:

I want to win an S4. Pick Me!

dppatel says:

its not even announced and i want one

bapzander says:

I'm In, My galaxy S2 is so outdated now...

mehere85 says:

The new Galaxy S4 will crush all the phones out their. It will be the best piece of beauty ever and i hope i win one for free.

Thank you

master5hake says:


BruceDowns says:

Woot! Can't wait!!

EnderXXI says:

I can haz S4?

spock123 says:

I bet this article will the most commented article in history :)

I'm in!

Gonna win a new Galaxy S4..Wooohoo!!!!Either I win it or anyway gonna buy it :P

teecrisp says:

Would love one!

blazin504boy says:

Im ready!!!

GothamKnight says:

I never won anything in my life~ :(

dkotoric says:

You know its me, everything you do, you do it for me. Now send me my GS4 please :)

SxualChkL8 says:

What are my odds?

Mike Vilches says:

The answer is 42! I wants a Galaxy S4!!!

edward0348 says:

Done!. But send me the HTC one please!!! Lol

ryanf says:

Sweet. I could handle winning an S4!

R3dM0nd says:

This would make my year if I could win this phone.

osdlge says:

hook me up with that sexy S4

CharlieTX says:

As many 'S3s as I've recommended to friends (and they all bought one), it would be a great "Thank You" gift.

drive45 says:


Hippocampus says:

I need a new phone wicked bad! Stuck with a blackberry with broken keys and I'm looking forward to trying out andrior for the first time

silvercaro says:

this one is FTW!!!

seanzback says:

Id love a shot at a galaxy s4! its a long shot but a shot!

Ariel Lopez says:

My Precious!!!

rsvr60 says:


kawzie says:

me plz.

davidbrice81 says:

A contest where the prize isn't the chance to spend $1500? Count me in!

decidenator says:

I'll take it!

This would be the most amazing thing ever!

rpz3.14 says:

I'd love to win!

DuStU says:

Samsung I love you! I have had the S S2 S3 now its time to upgrade my life with an S4!

maryjane2300 says:

I'm not gonna win but here's to hopeful wishing.

I would love a Galaxy S IV/4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amards says:

This would be awesome!! But i'm think it might be easier to win the lottery after all comments are counted.

taek1doc says:

You mean all i have to do is this to have a chance to win? :)

swb9 says:

I have an S2 as my backup phone. Winning S4 will be awesome.

ccheck7 says:

hope i win!

harpo79 says:

Can't wait ti see it!!!!