Logitech keyboard

We've got a Logitech Tablet Keyboard (read our full review) laying around, so it's time to give it to one of you lucky readers.

Just leave a comment here on this post, and we'll pick a winner this afternoon. Good luck!

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kmanvan says:

As someone who always enters but never wins, I'm due.

Unless of course I'm doomed to lose forever.

This would go extremely well with the Tab 10.1 my wife bought for me for Christmas.

KenKav says:

I could use a bluetooth keyboard for my aconia

piizzadude says:

I would love to have this for my new Christmas present

SpikesWire says:

Give aways are great if you can actually win something.

potatoboy says:


dnewton685 says:

In it to win it

ktheilen says:

Winning this would be awesome! Thank You for the opportunity!

Help make me a productivity machine AndroidCentral! WTB Keyboard x1.

benXdeath says:

Here is my nervous entry. I say nervous because I've entered several contests lately (most notably, the Sonos contest) and had the usual pot of bad/absent luck. Considering that this is something that I would get far less use/enjoyment out of than, say, a Sonos system, I'm pretty much a shoe-in to win this little guy and never be able to enter another Android Central.

Irregardless (totally not a word), thank you guys for this excellent site and for all that you do! Bon chance!

RMB175 says:

I would love this with my tablet.

Denenatse says:

Fantastic design, I love the built-in raise, and the connect button on the back.

gonecks1 says:

woule be awesome with my xoom

prodaytrade says:

This is mine!

thanks again for your awesome generosity.

erieGISgeek says:

give me this so that I have a reason to buy a tablet!

Chief71 says:

I could use one of these to use with my the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for myself and my students in my classroom. Please pick me!!! :)

katun79 says:

Writing with fingers crossed..
It's not easy....

I would like a free one please!!!

MattRussNC says:


Mikegrahamjr says:

yes please

Samisgr8 says:

Could definitely use one for my Acer Iconia A500!

smccloud says:

Pick me, Pick me.

Useful tool for those airport terminal typing of e-mails for sure!

BRIVERS73 says:


clownstrike says:

A keyboard would be cool. Thanks Phil!

sorli says:

Very cool and looks great! Sorli...

jcuartas says:

I would like to win it

drauks says:

Would be great to have for my tab.

cognition says:

Would be great for my 8.9 Tab...pick me pick me!

dannofoo says:

I have been trying to find money for this accessory. This would be very handy for my Galaxy Tab 10.1!!

mrmotorboat says:

this would be great for my Toshiba thrive

seinjunkie says:

I refuse to comment to win a keyboard without first receiving a keyboard.

gsp33d says:

This would make a great addition to my CM7a3.5 TP!!!

HulaMom says:

I could totally use a keyboard for my tablet!

cylentknight says:

My Tab 10.1 has been looking for the perfect mate. I believe we have found her, a Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard.

robzuki says:

Awesome!! I was just thinking of picking up a keyboard for my Xoom. This would be a perfect fit :-D

luke.arran says:

Would love one please.

anilkuj says:

its my turn , i need this for my Prime!!

evilsanta2 says:

Would be great with the transformer prime I'm picking up once there's stock!

azjerry says:

I sure could use a keyboard for my Nook Color.

xBIGREDDx says:

Can't beat free

JshWltn says:

Stock Keyboard - impressive
Swiftkey X - 4.99
Logitech Keyboard from Android Central - priceless!

rhcreed says:

Happy New year everyone!! This would be a great present! Thanks, and good luck all!

TheLynxy says:

Nice this would go so well with my HP Touchpad ^^

Vagrant_1 says:

I need one badly ;)

paulie1184 says:

Just bought a Tablet and would looooove a wireless keyboard!

mobilewill says:

Sweet! I love logitech and this would have some great uses. Fill in the my gadget void of wireless keyboards.

scabsk8s says:

Can't hurt to try..

albsher says:

I'll play. I could use a good keyboard.

Zylograth says:

It picks me as the winner or else it gets the hose again...

mdye says:

Nice! I've tried them and they are nice!

boff says:

They look great!

nicholasshaw says:

hey hey hey

meneff says:

Please pick me!! Would go great with my Thrive!

hawkeye680 says:

Would love to have this, thanks.

octacolover says:

Yes please! This would rock with my Iconia A500.

mtaylor924 says:

Pick me, pick me! I've been looking for a keyboard for my Acer Iconia A500.

draiken says:

This will go great with my Xoom!!!

licotto says:

VERY NICE!! This will be sweet to remove from my wishlist!!

ZachDasher says:

winning a keyboard would be AWESOME Android Central!!!

igeekman says:

I could use a keyboard for my Flyer! :)

i could use one thanks

deenoo says:

count me in, I would get a new Android just for this.

skywalker363 says:

Free stuff is awesome!

Droid Mart says:

I would like one.

molleking says:

Help me show up those iPad users in my office!

umbrae says:

This would be cool!

RickyKemp says:

Dear android central, I would love a lovely keyboard for my HTC flyer which has been given the honeycomb treatment! :D love you!

heyguido says:

The begging and pleading lines are now open....

Insert appropriate suckup comment here.

I could use this for sure

thewebguy says:

My Asus Transformer and this Keyboard would look great together

LegendsCrazy says:

I would love to have one of these!

WindRunner says:

It would be nice to have a keyboard with full backspace and shift keys...people don't like it when the up arrow fakes me out and pretends it's the right shift key, leaving me typing in a mix between Tagalog and the Queen's English that no one can understand.

who_the says:

Android Central rocks!

areakode says:

I need an excuse to buy me a tablet!

Never used a bluetooth keyboard, this could be fun.

droid.lover says:

I'd love a keyboard to go with my new tablet!! I may never use my laptop again if that was the case :)

kilen71 says:

Oh pick me! Pick me! Long Live Android Central!!!

faragbre343 says:

Bought a Xoom when they first came out, but don't have a keyboard for it yet. Sure would be nice to win one! ;)

Oskiee says:

I will squeal like a little girl getting a kiss from Justin Beiber if you guys give me this.

My galaxy tab 10.1 would love this :-)

jaymcmeans says:

Yes, I would love a keyboard for my Xoom. Thanks for choosing me now instead of waiting for the official drawing.

Brians says:

Please Please Please. A new tablet for Christmas. Would really like the keyboard. PLEASE!

gmanhnc says:

Yeah keyboards! I have between looking for one of these... All the ones they have at Best Buy are either apple or they STFD... Which I guess is the same but the apple makes me hate it more.

MJCBags says:

Looks awesome! It would go great with our Samsung tablet!

would be nice!

fingas says:

Hope I win, can't beat free! Thumb Keyboard works well on my Xoom, but can't beat a BT keyboard!

jrok16 says:

I want one

walhalla says:

Would like to have this for my gt 10.1

Keith2065 says:

Yes please!

5stryng says:

I've been looking for something like this and would love to win it!!

jpits45 says:

I could use it with my xoom or sony tablet

MrPatrickB says:

Been using a freedom pro keyboad while traveling, but this one looks great for home

mark06067 says:

Oh, jolly ol' St. Nickinson, I swear I've been good this year.

mgsdavison says:

Wrong side of the pond, but it would be worth the shipping :)

mdsoc17 says:

Would be perfect for my tablet!

JAM2778 says:

I would love to win a keyboard!

argolfermd says:

I would love one. I have been thinking about buying this keyboard!

metacyde says:

This would be great!!

jay_akins says:

I hope that I will be pick. I had my Xoom since November and this keyboard would go wonderful with it.

tcmeiss says:

Would love one for my Xoom! :)

hrw2 says:

Wow, keyboard! And no USB dongle/cable! want!

kenyee says:


megiddo101 says:

Here is a comment.

bob the noob says:

Way cool, I've always liked Logitech's style!

ikealike says:

Santa didnt bring me a keyboard I wanted for Christmas. He only gave me a Red Ryder cardon action BB Gun. This would make my New Year!!!

cvette93 says:

¤|}ÆŠÀx╗↔∙σ└¬↔╢ ╚`Q.↕ß≥↑ These symbols seems to be the only think that people have yet to post. Maybe they will get me a new keyboard!

Sweet I should be getting my prime soon and this would be a perfect add-on. Mainly because I would hook it up to my tv for Netflix and then I could do stuff from across the room!

Comineeyeaha says:

Please and thank you!

lumpy211 says:

Holy cow, lots of entries already. Welp, count me in anyway!

powpow_rt says:

This keyboard is really cool I've been wanting one for a while

Mytwuk says:

Too Cool!!!!!

kaiwahlau says:

I'm not gonna lie.... this would be amazing...

mac13 says:

pick me!

awesummi says:

i need it !

krstphr says:

Was just thinking about looking for something like this for my Galaxy Tab!

jimmyk0789 says:

Whoa i would that keyboard since my laptop is broke :)

Divad says:

Hand it over, punks!

yankees368 says:

I almost got one the other day. Ill take it!

vamadroid says:

Great combanion for my Galaxy tab!

CasaMofo says:

Meeeeee Please.... been wanting one of these for a while!


I recently hacked my Nook Color using N2A CM7 to make a it a dual-boot device. To my suprise, I discovered that the Nook actually had unused BlueTooth Capabilities that the Nook OS had no functionality for! With the Android OS, I was able to turn it on, and using a older BlueTooth Keyboard, connected up to it with the assistance of a small download (since the Android OS from N2A is 2.3.1).

It would be FANTASTIC to be able to use a state of the art Bluetooth Keyboard from Logitech (and the stand is cool too!)

fletchtb says:

I'd love one of these for my XOOM. An accessory I just haven't gotten around to buying yet.

noname2062 says:

Pick me, Phil. Good luck everyone!

Jayblodg says:

This would be great to use with my Xoom! You guys here at Android Central are awesome!

TJH132 says:

TJH132 would like. Yes?

drdreed88 says:

In for the keyboard.

jcase16 says:

I would love to have that!

scubastevegk says:

I'd love a keyboard for my Xoom!

hemiguy37 says:

Perfect for my Galaxy Tab 10.1

festmaster says:

Currently 1 in 410 chance of winning. I like those odds.

ncobs says:

Oo oo, me me

sethjk says:

Would love one for work to go with my 10.1

wildfire8 says:

Waiting for my transformer prime to ship so I could test this out.

Small_law says:

Would love this for my XOOM. Thanks!

wildfire8 says:

Waiting for my transformer prime to ship so I could test this out.

swimrage says:

sign me up please!

Floridadomer says:

This would be a great gift for my wife!

jetsaredim says:

Would be a great addition to my Transformer Prime...

keisham320 says:

Pick me! Pick me! **Jumps up and down while waving**


PlanetPratt says:

Definitely countme in!
(*Chris *)

mrmcmick says:

This would go great with my A500 ^_^

mewiykovics says:

I've been looking to get one of these for my xoom!

eh4860 says:

I'd like one too.

narcolept says:

Oh, hey there keyboard... come to butthead.

Lobout says:

Nice I could use a keyboard for my Xoom!!!!

Royes says:

A keyboard would be nice

TrevorBlain says:

Who couldn't use a new keyboard? That would be mighty handy.

bacumings says:

I've been wanting one of these for a while now, but unfortunately I am too cheap to buy one so... a free one would be great! Thanks AC!

simonastro says:

I am definitely the winner you are looking for!

dfecko says:

Helloooooooooooooooooooo keyboard!

scallen says:

Please pick me! :)

bjfrank2 says:

Nice looking keyboard.

GRRemlin says:

It would work so well with my Kindle Fire running CM7 :)

1stloc says:

Can't afford the Transformer keyboard hoping I win so it can hold me off until I win

rvannos says:

I would love one for my Xoom

Take this I will.

forceOnature says:

Hope I win

justmiles says:

Throwing my hat in the ring; my Xoom is lonely.

Yes please!


Could use this for my xoom!

Zudeo says:

I need this for my future Galaxy Tab. Please Androidcentral make this happen. You are my only hope! :D

emugirl1994 says:

Be'd neat to own a wireless keyboard.

verbuyst says:

I could use one, thanks in advance

Danv1369 says:

Rabbit Season!

HeadAcheJoe says:

Been looking for one of these! Hope I win!

mxmarcus says:

The keyboard looks great. I can use one

I'd love to have one of these! Would make life much easier than constantly getting fingerprints on my tablet.

coman says:

yes please thanks you

fvineyard says:

I could use one of these!

northend999 says:

Very cool item. Would love to win this. Thanks

Always wanted one of these.

mrk#AC says:

Just leave a comment on my webzone, and I'll mail you a pizza roll.

DivingDancer says:

This would allow my Xoom to complete its single-handed domination of the world! bwahahahahaha

Or, well, the part of the world that lies within about a 15 foot radius. Ok, so it will complete its single-handed domination of the room. Close enough.

rub2008 says:

I need one of those. My Galaxy 10.1 would greatly be improved with this for sure. I use it for work daily. Thanks for everything you guys do!!!!

dcvanderbush says:


I know you will pick me, why? Because I eat apples for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sadly apples are bad, so I get sick. I wish I had a beard and a taper.

Epiksol says:

Um... [insert desperate need for an android tablet keyboard here]

WallaceD says:

I'd love this keyboard!

NetApex#CB says:

My Galaxy Tab 10.1 could really use a playmate that talks with it.

securifirm says:

yes please

Karnaj says:

a bluetooth keyboard would be VERY nice :D

tevansny says:

This would be awesome. Please enter me.

daryelv says:

Would love to use this with my tablet.

Aryndar says:

This would be a good fit for my Galaxy Tab.

AlphaBrav0 says:

hook it up! YEAH!

Kunzie says:

I can has? :)

You guys rock! I'm on here at least 4x's a day.

Kynitex says:

Wow! That's what we need for testing our apps on tablets! Would be very handy. Thank you for the contest!

t3chi3 says:


barchamb says:

My Acer Iconia needs one of these!

Give me this as joining bonus. :)

TCuneo says:

very nice prize

Timelessblur says:

I would love one of these for my galaxy tab 10.1

brgulker says:


bkell says:

yes please.

aj34 says:


jefbal99 says:

Wow, this would be awesome, would give my MS bluetooth keyboard to wifey

c0r3y says:

I could actually use this!

ihalatci says:

I'd love to get one of these!!!

DarrenDoc says:

Yes please. Would be brill for my Galaxy 8.9 :)

Umass021 says:

Would love a keyboard with my Acer A500

Gravestoned says:

This is my entry for the contest to win the tablet keyboard.

kyt says:

Android Central is the absolute best!

MrNate says:

Nice giveaway! Thanks for putting this out here for us mere mortals!


It's sooooooo SHINY, I must have it, or Master will beat with old and very solid cold teabags. Twice. ;)

ihalatci says:

I'd love to get one of these!!!

What id I say please and thankyou? =P

Drifter says:

This would be great!

jdmnash says:

I need some buttons

wialaddin says:

A new toy to go along with my xoom

alaroz33 says:

COunt me in please!!!

gabrimen says:

I want one for my xoom!! Count me in!

Acuram says:

I'm just new to tablets, this would be a very nice addition.

coreno says:

I could really use a keyboard for my tablet.

bugginout711 says:

Oo! id love to have one for making work easier

mjaxon says:

Definitely count me in!

Shadow53007 says:

I would like one!

alantsay says:

Thank you Android Central!!

brymo says:

Oooh... Shiny!

hollywould says:

Hey I hope I'm not too late. It' s still morning here in So Cal.

ffblackie says:


Barnaldo says:

This would really come in handy!

mjforte says:

Pick me pick me!

AshishRaj says:

Oh AC!! Make my (& my tablet's) New Year more "happier" by giving this "Awesomeness redefined" tablet to me...

Ravynmagi says:

Phil, you are looking very debonair today!

Androidpwns says:

Yes plz

droidandtech says:

Id love a new keyboard!!! me, me, me, pick me!! :P

Farch says:

Please I hate smudging my screen

R.A. Hurley says:

Here's my entry.

aminiche says:

I never win these things...

OH SNAPSSS Pick me!!!

erikiksaz says:

Sign me up

Squall410 says:

I would love a keyboard for working on the Galaxy Tab's we have at work!

Ayon82 says:

I'll throw my hat into the mix. Thanks!

DROIDDNAer says:

Looks like a great accessory! Thanks for the contest

bamakid366 says:

a comment

adzrules says:

Wow, you guys are amazing. Sure I won't win but can't hurt to try! Thanks for the opportunity, I'd love one for my tab!

FFJASON1 says:

I would happily put one to good use with my Galaxy Tab 10.1! Thanks.

cwill0303 says:

IM IN!!!

mithmal says:

I need this one!

ordio says:

Would love one for my Acer Iconia a501! Thanks for the opportunity.

Signewton says:

I could use one with my xoom for lecture notes

Jobu59 says:

Gimmme please

tsbogdan says:

nice gadget to own...

er0jdrah says:

I could use this for my xoom. Thanks

hornbroo says:

Key me in for the win!!!

p08757 says:

My Xoom and I would love this!!!! Thank you AC you guys are the BEST!!!!!

chauncy42 says:

[insert clever phrase to make you pick me here]

madcrabs says:

A winner is me!!

erikchavez says:

Pick me!!!!!!

Unibrow says:

free stuff from Android Central!!! Congrats to whomever wins

zeromaru says:

My A500 would certainly use this with pride XD

Daedalus says:

God I could use this not for me But my Mum who just moved over seas and only have a tablet for all communications

bebop15a2 says:

I'd love to have one. Thanks for the contest!

tru2life says:

This could complete my plan to get my wife a Xoom (Fire was too small), on order, get her hooked so I then can buy the Transformer Prime....

carysb7478 says:

One for me please!

imdiego says:

Hoping for the best, it's a neat keyboard.

mahooga says:

I would love one for my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Pick me, pick me!

can I get the tablet instead?

miketb34 says:

can I have it Pleeeaaase?

wfried#AC says:

ooh ooh i want... pick me.....pick me....pleaaaassssssssssssseeeeeee. I'll be your bestest friend!!!!!

Sign me up. :-D

dcross9818 says:

I would love this.

yamatime says:

Its like Karma or something - Right before I saw this post, I was watching youtube videos of this thing. I know - I'm a dork. ;)

mosignose says:

This would be the best late Christmas present ever!

sadpanda says:

Pick me!! I'd love to have a keyboard for my Acer Iconia A500!

ecaggiani says:

Would be great for my aging Xoom :-)

pngface says:

I need one for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 !
Thanks from Canada

DroidSmith says:


achmafooma says:

Want want want! ;-)

keithobri says:

Please, would love to have one for my HP Touchpad with CyanogenMod 7!!!!

22dropout says:

I like cake, and android.

cversion7 says:

Right here please!

slimjon says:

Me like Cookie!!! (I mean keyboard).

amandalo06 says:

I would love a new keyboard! They are so much fun to clean!

coraphise says:

:o pick me pick me!

my father-in-law could use this for his tablet :)

BrokenWords says:

I'll take one for my ported HP touchpad

Dyingyak says:

Love one for my Xoom!

dc8825 says:

I'll take one! Would love it for my tablet or even my phone :p

JCTWeb says:

Oh yeah! Sweet keyboard. I admit I am a logitech fanboi

Stang68 says:

Count me in! My Tab 10.1 would love it.

Chitownsumo says:

My Xoom and I would enjoy this very much.

Samblackjack says:

It's my turn now.

wynand32 says:

I have a Transformer Prime with a dock, but my wife would sure love a Bluetooth keyboard for your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1...

everyday17 says:


dewey1973 says:

I wonder if the keyboard would work with a PS3...

Wytnite says:

Android Central is a must read for Android users. The references, insight and deals provided are superb. So sign me up for the Bluetooth keyboard!!!

coye says:

sooooo. just any comment will do? it's like magic!

rideneasy5 says:

I would put it to good use. Thanks for the chance to win.

mc_88 says:

I love how it's always "lying around" I can just picture all the sweet android gear just spread out all over the place covering every table and chair. haha

xiixmmiii says:

Can I have one?

DCoy82 says:

Would love one of these, been thinking of getting one recently.

jeric71 says:

Man, I'd finally be able to use my Tab at work and chuck this dinosaur Thinkpad away. Pick ME!

bjn813 says:

This would be great and it may buy me some time from having to buy a new laptop for my wife since she complains about not having an actual keyboard to post with...I mean type with!

LFD153#AC says:

I'd love it for the android tab I'm going to buy after CES to replace my crap iPad.

ninjalex76 says:

Woo Keyboard!

djn10city says:

My Galaxy Tab could use a new friend!


jasonpeel says:

Having quite a sweet tooth for anything HoneyComb/ICS/Bluetooth. it sure would be GREAT to have a handsome sleek new Keyboard for my already svelte Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1