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This one's been kicking around for a while, but with CyanogenMod 7 nightlies getting better, and the hard work Unforgiven512 has done with the files, WiFi calling for the Nexus One is now worth using and sharing with you guys.  To clear up any confusion, we're talking about routing calls through your existing home WiFi, and not VoIP calling.  It's the same method as the MyTouch 4G, and other T-Mobile Android phones -- just ported over to the Nexus One.

WiFi calling on Android uses your voice minutes, so you're probably wondering, why do it?  Besides the call quality (it's top notch, almost land-line quality) it's a helluva battery saver.  It's also the perfect way to make calls outside the T-Mobile service area, without incurring any roaming costs.  Speaking of T-Mobile, you must have an active T-Mobile SIM card inserted to use WiFi calling.  Other carriers don't have the infrastructure in place to use it.  Maybe one day they will, as it's a perfect solution for spotty coverage at home.

If you're interested, and rock a Nexus One with CyanogenMod 7, hit the Android Central forums for the guide to get started.  Big thanks to Unforgiven512 for the hard work with this one!


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WiFi calling on the Nexus One with CyanogenMod 7


This would be a perfect solution for people with rubbish coverage, like myself. I believe vodafone in the UK already sells a box capable of providing coverage in your house using broadband. This would do away with the box and extra charges. Just a shame it's only on T Mobile and possibly only the US.

Can the Nexus S get some love with this app. I don't have cell coverage in my house and need this app dearly! Unfortunately, the Nexus S cannot use it.


This is awesome. Just wondering, if I already have a "network extender" in my house from my provider due to a problem with signal in my house, would this really help me, since that device already uses the WiFi signal to boost the signal?

It's the same thing... but in your case, the extender is doing the work, whereas here it's being done on the phone. Benefit in your case is it extends signal for anyone with T-mobile in your home, not just you. The benefit that Wifi calling has that you don't is that you can use it from outside of the country as long as you have wifi access and an active T-mobile SIM.

Thanks for the support, everyone! I greatly appreciate it!

I'm glad to hear things are working well for all of you!

If you are interested in WiFi Calling for the Nexus S, I can try to work on it, the main issue is that I do not have a Nexus S. So, if you would like to see it happen, help me save up for one! You can donate here -- anything helps! The faster I'm able to buy a Nexus S, the faster you will all benefit. Thanks guys!