Lloyd fan art by roberttk1967

After a couple of agonizing days going through the submissions in the Lloyd Fan Art contest, we have finally arrived at a decision. The winner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is Android Central member roberttk1967 with his awesome digital creation above. Read what he has to say about this cool bit of art below, as well as check out a variation of the design and a peek behind the scenes!

Congratulations Robert, and thanks to everyone that entered!

It's Summer we have a new Galaxy Note, and Lloyd wanted to chill but I was stuck in my cubical, so he decided to take matters into his own arms (hands) and take a dip in his new Galaxy Note 10.1 with all of it's Android Greatness.

My inspiration was thinking if I was Lloyd what would I want to do. I started out with a sketch on a piece of paper to come up with the basic idea. I then moved to my Galaxy Tab 10.1 to see if I could create it all in Adobe PS Touch. I have only used the program to do some basic photo editing before, but this gave me a great opportunity to see how far I could push it.

Then came the hard part. My daughters had borrowed my stylus and lost it so I was going to have to draw the whole thing with my finger. All the pictures except for the tropical one I put on the calendar were shot with my VIbrant or Tab. I took a picture of me holding my tablet and then used the warp tool to lay on the Note 10.1 screen. Another challenge of using PS Touch is it only allows 15 layers, so as I was drawing I had to keep merging parts together. All in all I was pretty impressed with the app that I was able to do as many things (I thought I was going to have to do on my PC). The entire thing was created in PS Touch. Great way to learn how to use it. Took about 4-5 hours.

Had some extra time so I did an adaptation of the original where Lloyd is hanging on for dear life after I got tired of holding up his Note Pool.

I really want the Galaxy Note 10.1 so that I can start using the S-Pen and Wacom features to create my art, so I don't have to rely on the computer as much and can benefit from the split screen that my Tab can't do.

Lloyd fan art by roberttk1967

Behind the scenes by roberttk1967

Robert, congrats again! We'll be in touch in the next few days to get your prize sent out.

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Asbjörn says:

That is amazing!

Cheetah23 says:

Congrats roberttk1967.

I also really liked the submissions from drduta & noendernemesis.

Robert's was super creative and detailed.

Congrats roberttk1967. I was crossing my fingers, but your submission deserved to win.

roberttk1967 says:

Thank you, I couldn't believe it when I loaded up Android Central this morning, I am so excited. I've never really won anything before. I really liked your design too. It would look great on an AC T-Shirt. There were alot of good designs and ideas so I feel honored to have won.

Thanks Again.

Appreciate the kind words, I am actually a T-shirt artist for a small company, so my artwork tends to lean towards t-shirt art by default haha. Enjoy your new tablet!

Mobius360 says:

Great work, congrats

Congrats! That's a nice artwork. Are you going to have a contest for fall and the holiday season? I'd like to get in that.

betsuni says:

That is truly a work of art and glad to see that someone using an android device won the Note 10.1. Great job roberttk1967!

icu says:

There are some really great submissions in that thread, but this one did stand out.
These are just some others that made me give all hope of entering:


sledgie#AC says:

Wow, great job! I like the start to finish photos. Enjoy your note! Maybe we can see the improvements you have done after using your Note? Btw, it is truly amazing the things you can do with this!

randall2580 says:

Loving that!

kaotik_187 says:

Congrats.... It looks amazing. You took time to do your art and deserve the win. I'm not saying everyone else out there who submitted art didn't do as much. Everyone in this contest deserves to win for their great effort.

jean15paul says:

Nice! Glad I didn't bother to enter; there would have been no point.

exMachina says:

That looks awesome! Congratz!

roberttk1967 says:

Thank you all for your congrats, I am truly humbled.

NickA says:

Great job! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Note 10.1 in the forums. Hope AC's review on the Note 10.1 doesn't discourage you; it's an awesome device.

Great job by Michelle too. There were a lot of good drawings and must have been hard to pick one.

sour :(

VDub2174 says:

That looks great!! Congrats man :)

IceDree says:

Wow, just wow !!!!!!!!!!
this is awesome ... awesome doesn't even describe it properly
You got some serious talent man
Congratulations, enjoy your Note

rap1 says:

Congratulations. A deserving winner. Have fun with you new Note 10.1

Cheers, mate... nicely done!

Great Work! It was one of my favorite illustrations along with The Matrix inspired one (And mine!..hehehe) Congratulations!. And don't forget to let us know how the tablet works for art and illustration.

Green_Laser says:

very cool!
great work and creative too!

sndplace says:

congrats. My wife was very bumbed out but you did a reat job so she did appreciate your art work and your talent. I;m just going to have to buy her one.

Congrats dude.... well deserved!!.. Pic is amazing!