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I know some of you guys and gals (like myself) are suckers for white electronics.  If that sounds like you, and you're a T-Mobile customer, you probably already heard the Galaxy S II was coming in white for the holidays.  We still don't know when, or how much, but at least we get to see T-Mobile product managers playing with one.  Now how about a white Galaxy Nexus?  Hmm.


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White T-Mobile Galaxy S II seen in product video


So a "Product Manager" at T-Mobile only rates a cubicle? I hope the perks include more than a white GS2.

I will never understand the obsession some have over a phone's color. I am trying to think of something less important about a phone and am drawing a complete blank.

I still laugh at people, even more so at this "Product Manager" who puts app shortcuts on their homescreens. AndroidFail

Bet she has an app killer also.