Have no fear, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is an iPad looking, Android running tablet that is actually available for purchase. The device runs Android 2.1 with a 1080p HDMI output, a built in camera, and is available with a 7 inch display. Check the video out after the jump for a rather funny unboxing of the unit and some more information. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

**Warning - video contains adult language mixed with the humor**


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Welcome the HaiPad ... wait, what?


Buddy of mine has been selling these on the side for a few months.. sans the hdmi out and camera.. everything else looks identical.

I got one of these and you truely do get what you pay for.

You're much better off shelling out the little be extra for an Archos 70.

Actually an interesting 30 minutes of video. This is guy is fantastic. I wish he would have touched on the hardware specs though.

Question regarding the smoothness or lack there of of the UI compared to the live wallpaper. Are live wallpapers hardware accelerated where as the UI proper is not?

I wouldn't mind a resistive screen that worked well. I often have response problems with capacitive screens (it's my fingers - they're either too dry and not recognized or too moist and stick)

Yes it does look like an iphone, and perhaps the guy was on an idiet, but we will never know. Personally, I don't care about his eating habits.

Great video, the best part was the real player videos that went missing. Couldn't stop laughing for a few mins.

this is like old old old news, its cheap as though. It's official term in the Chinese Mountain Market is called "aPad" a for the the android. anyways yeah it's sooooo crap. The screen is actually very grippy to the fingers, so you leave fingerprints on it all the time, not SAMOLED or even AMOLED. its junk. But i did buy one to join the cheap hype. it cost me around 700RMB. So around 100$. But yeah, not worth it, no warranty as well. But hey, u get what u payed. =D

I have seen this On this site(www.euogo.com) I think this is pretty good and the price is low.

Telechips TCC8902 ARM11 800MHz CPU

Multi Touch Screen

Google Android 2.1 OS

Official Android Market (100 thousands softwares available)

Support 3D games, G-Sensor Games

Support 3G USB Modem

Support 1080P HD Videos

HDMI Port (New)

Play Online HTML5 Videos