Nexus Phones

It's the time of year where all Android fans start to think about the next Nexus device. We're Android fans first and foremost around these parts, so we're right there with you all thinking and making a wishlist about what we want to see from Google. Maybe the most discussed thing is who is going to make the darn thing.

There's four "sensible" players in this race -- Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and LG. Without being privy to the entire bidding process for the job (if there even is one) we have to put all four of these companies as equally able to build a phone for Google. We can't instantly dismiss smaller players like ZTE, but they aren't going to be able to compete with these four when trying to get a contract.

There's all sorts of rumors flying around about the upcoming Nexus phone -- some we believe, some that make us skeptical -- but toss all those aside. This is what you want to see. Vote in the poll, and tell everyone in the comments why you feel the way you do. The poll is after the break, or you can find it in the sidebar to the right.

Before we go, a look at last week's results:

Are Android smartphone cameras good enough?

  • Yes -- 45.88-percent
  • No -- 33.83-percent
  • Who cares. It's a cellphone camera -- 20.28-percent

While none of us will complain when manufacturers give us better cameras, it looks like most of us are dealing with what we have just fine. I wonder how this one would have went over two years ago ...


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This week's sidebar poll: Which OEM do you want to see make the next Nexus?


It's funny to read the comments below about people not wanting certain OEMs to make a Nexus because of locked boot loaders, crappy skins, and not updating their phones. Lol

I chose Moto because I'm hoping for a RAZR MAXX HD with a better design and pure Android on the latest version. Battery life is the most important to me and the MAXX is what I need in battery life.

I just want a quad core, 2 gb ram, expandable memory up to 64 gb, 8-13 mp cam, true hd screen and video record hd, and pure vanilla android, 5" screen, and a way to watch Flash Videos again on android, and Verizon to push through updates not being the last carrier in the world to update a nexus device like what happened with JB on the Gnex.
Seriously, canad's carriers beat updating the Gnex to JB and they were the slowest on the planet

And your phone isn't a Nexus. We're talking about hardware here, not software. Google pushes the software out on Nexus devices, meaning the OEM is not involved.

Google played no part in the bionic. It doesn't matter if they own them. We won't start seeing fruits of the ownership for a couple more months. They're still cleaning out what left with products such as the Razr M.

Besides, Google said they won't interfere with that.

If it were a Nexus, Google would be near every part of it.

Google took control of Motorola only earlier this year. Do you really expect a software update to a phone, amongst the thousands of products Motorola puts out, to be of highest priority? Not only that, but do you really think a company as big as Motorola would move that quickly under the circumstances? You clearly don't know squat about big business.

Google took over Motorola Mobility, not Motorola. Basically Google bought the cell phone business away from Motorola, so there's not "thousands of products" that they put out. There are a few dozen, maybe.

The thing is, many of us with canceled ICS Moto devices are absolutely disgusted with how they handled it to the point where we dont want to do ANYTHING that financially supports them. That includes buying a Nexus, even if by being one it doesnt have the issues we have with that company. At least for myself, being made my Motorola is a complete deal breaker.

YES!!! I'm 1000% with you on that!!!

They promised me and many others to update the Photon to at least ICS, and it was a BIG FAT LIE!!!

I will not support Motorola even though I like their radios with so much better signal then others but I refuse to support them after this fiasco!

MOTO's screens are absolutely horrible... I don't exactly get why, but the screen on my GNex looks substantially better than my cousins Bionic and my little Bro's Droid Maxx..

It's the resolution. The Galaxy Nexus has a 720p (1280x720) panel and the Bionic and Razr MAXX have qHD (960x540) panels. They're all pentile too, which doesn't seem to affect the Nexus that bad but on Moto handsets, you're right, pentile is horrible.

In the case of the next Nexus though, even if Moto were to make it (not likely since the LG Nexus is all over the web...) I think the screen would be perfectly acceptable.

Crappy cell radio and camera and that's the best phone you've ever owned. What was your last phone, the StarTac?

he's probably talking about the form factor, design and software.
GN is a pretty good phone. not the best but it's good. pentaband radio is amazing.

Still beats everything Android before that came out before the One X. After that it's arguable. No arguments on the camera though.....I know I won't win.....

Radio depends on the device. My GSM variant has had no problems ever in that department.

I think a lot of the radio issues with the VZW nexus happen in fringe coverage areas. In good coverage, it is awesome. With a marginal signal, it doesn't work nearly as well as my old Droid X. At my house, I typically get 20 to 40 k downloads speeds with the Nexus (4g upgrade hasn't happened here yet) and I had 40 to 60 k with the DX. I had crystal clear calls with the DX and often have the voice cut in and out or sound slightly distorted on the GN.

Moto has a rep for slow updates, encrypted bootloaders and plain jane appearance. They also have a rep for excellent build quality and some of the best radios in the business. After waiting for the slow updates for my DX, I swore I would never buy another phone with a bootloader that couldn't be unlocked so that I could go with a custom ROM if the OEM was too slow. A Moto Nexus shifts the updates over to Google and has an unlockable bootloader. Add in the Moto build quality and world class radios and I think that would be a killer phone!

Yeah maybe for 3G it's solid but LTE it sucks. I live in Philly and I have LTE maybe 50% of the time. Plus, the handoff from LTE to 3G sucks, as in 5-10 seconds sucks, and 3G to LTE is just as bad.

I had a Droid Charge before this and it was just as bad.

Though, I do agree with you. I'd love a Moto Nexus MAXX... Phone of my dreams!

I had about 5 Verizon Galaxy Nexus phones, and they all had the issue with the audio on a call - I would hear the person cutting in and out, or it sounded delayed when they spoke. I sold the last VZW Nexus I had and bought the GSM model, and I haven't even had a whisper of that issue. My VZW Nexus phone also had issues reconnecting to my network data when coming off of wi-fi, and again, no hint of that on the GSM model. I couldn't be happier with it. My only complaint about the Galaxy Nexus phone for both models is the very low speaker.

It's Samsung CDMA radios. For some reason it doesn't affect the GSM version but Samsung always seems to have issues with radios on CDMA phones for Sprint and Verizon, while Motorola radios perform much better.

That's one thing I'll never understand - make a wireless phone with a crappy radio. Seems counter-intuitive. I could care less about the camera, it serves its purpose; for things that need a real camera I'll use my Nikon.

The StarTac was a great phone. Comparing call quality and battery life alone, the StarTac beats the Nexus, hands down, haha. I could make a call in a bomb shelter with that phone. Good old analog.

I can honestly say, that adjusting for state-of-the-art then and now, my StarTac better than my GNex.

Right… so the camera and cell radio are what defines a phone. I assume your next phone will be a Galaxy Camera?

Cell radio is not so bad after several updates and yeah, the camera kinda sucks,and I wish it was a better build quality, but overall it is a very solid device. Still, I want something with a high build quality like a Motorola phone (they have great radios and use solid materials) a Samsung display, and the styling of an HTC device.

There is nothing special about Samsung phones. HTC, for example, makes a phone of at least, yet probably better quality and had a great past Nexus model.

It doesn't matter who is CURRENTLY selling the most Android handsets (mostly due to MASSIVE advertising), the question is who you would WANT to see make the next Nexus, based on your experience, on observation, etc.

I am not sure I care, but would probably lean towards HTC. I would REALLY prefer that ALL the manufacturers made Nexus handsets and for all the networks. What sucks more than anything is to have only a SINGLE Nexus choice, and that is only if you are lucky...

Samsung will be able to keep costs down in a way HTC wont. Like the current GSM galaxy nexus wouldnt be available for 349 had HTC made it.
Samsung does advertise, but nobody is stopping HTC from doing the same. Sure HTC makes a better form factor ( HTC one X vis a vis SGS 3), but in terms of specs (exynos Quad on the international version),removable battery and SD card, samsung gives the customers what they want.

Take a look at a few of the articles relating to the next version of android. I think you will like what you see.

I work for a cellphone repair center and HTC has the worst build quality of all the phones. They don't reinforce there charging ports so they break off there boards without much help from the user and there screens are notorious for failing. There repair rate is almost 1 to 1. I know all my EVO customers by first name and see them almost every month. Some bring me birthday presents.

Don't get me wrong they make a nice looking phones I just wouldn't trust it not to become a headache down the road. I agree that all manufactures should make Nexus handsets and for all carriers. I also think things like sense and touch wiz should not be the default on handsets because they do cause software issues with apps. The custom UI's is part of the reason android is so fragmented also it makes them harder to update and confusing for users that had one android to go to another. Maybe make them a optional download or a option to turn on since a lot of people do like them but the stock android launcher has come along way from cupcake and sense 1.0 and in my personal opinion is good enough to not need a custom launcher any longer.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Note!! PURE JB with all the Note features. NO touchcheezwhiz.

HTC? LMAO.. Their phones suck. It'll probably have no sim card, no removable battery. Plus it'll make it only to Sprint anyways. HTC is bleeding left and right. They are dying a painful expensive death while being left behind by Sammy, LG & Big Fruity.

I would love to have the Note 2 as a purely Google device. I wonder if Samsung would feel the same, though.

I'm still hoping for standardization with MHL connections. My Galaxy Note works fine with the MHL HDMI adapter I have, but my wife's Galaxy S III requires a different adapter.

uhh htc makes the best hardware out there. samsung makes plastic. the sprint comment doesnt make any sense either. most of their phones outside of the us are gsm

You are really mislead. Perhaps you should look at the GOOGLE NEXUS 7, which has no sim card (although you meant SD card, which it also doesn't have) and no quick swap battery.

Meanwhile the HTC Evo LTE has an SD card, and the battery *is* replaceable although it takes about 5 min.

And Apple seems to be doing just fine with having neither an SD card nor a quick swap battery.

The nexus 7 battery is actually easier to replace than the evo lte. The entire back panel comes off very easily. Battery is connected by a regular cable.

HTC has the shittiest battery backup out there..and they never realize their mistakes..shitty battery + non removable..hell no..never..

Problem with that is Nexus is a reference device so a phablet with a stylus cannot be a reference device for ALL future Android phones.

"All the Note features" part of TouchWiz, and they're most likely staying that way. Google could integrate Wacom stylus support into Android, but only a small percentage of users would actually use it, making it not worth their while. Also, there would probably be licensing issues. I'm afraid you can't have your cake and eat it too.

HTC's phones suck? Since when? The HTC One X/XL/X+ and the HTC EVO 4G LTE have the best screen out there. The size is perfect (for me, anyway), the pixel density makes the pixels disappear, and the gap between the glass and the LCD is so small, it feels like you're almost touching the image on the screen. In addition, the polycarbonate on the One X and relatives (excluding the EVO) is the good kind of plastic, not the cheap feeling kind on most Samsung phones. The internals work exactly the way they're supposed to. There's very little to complain about with HTC hardware.

For the record, the GSM Galaxy Nexus comes without a SIM card, too. That's the whole point: it's carrier-unlocked so the carriers can't f*** with it. However, you probably meant microSD card, but once again, that's standard for Nexus devices. The Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus 7 all include internal storage only. As for a removable battery: true, recent hex devices aren't made that way. However, that doesn't mean an HTC Nexus would necessarily have an embedded battery. Anyway, what's more important than removability, IMHO, is that it's big enough to last a full day. Non-removable batteries can actually be bigger because they don't have to be a special shape. And do you really think Google would make a Nexus that didn't have a worldwide GSM variant? I don't think you know much about these phones, anyway.

HTC, and please let it have a reasonably size screen - 4 to 4.3 inch MAX. If someone wants a tablet, they should buy.... A TABLET!!! Let's let phones remain phones.

4 inches? LMAO.. Really? Are your hands that small and your eyesight that good that you need a small device?? Please, those phones are too small to be useful!! Anything under 4.5 inches is useless. I have had the iphoney 3, 3gs & 4. Now I have the Samsung Infuse, 4.5 inches. the entire iphoney fits within the screen, JUST the screen.. LMAO.. 4 to 4.3 inches might as well be just a calculator.

Note 2.. Thats a mans phone. The iphoney is for small-mined/small handed people!

Honestly, I'd have to agree in that the phone shouldn't be any larger than the current Nexus. 4.65" is already a stretch. The problem isn't using the phone with two hands, its when you try to use it with one hand where you run into problems. Yes, the majority of the time I use my phone two handed. However, what happens when you have something in your other hand, or maybe you're in a situation that only allows one handed operation. That is where the current Galaxy Nexus fails unless you have gorilla hands. I personally think 4.3" would be a good size. .3" doesn't sound like much, but it does make a difference in the hand.

I can use my Galaxy S3 one handed, and I don't have gorilla hands by any means. There is no way that they would go down in screen size; that's a pipe dream. I do agree that they shouldn't go too much bigger than the current phones. Personally, I'm thinking it will be 5 inches, including on screen buttons.

To answer your questions:

Yes, 4 inches, no, my hands aren't particularly small, yes, my eyesight tends to be fairly good, and no, I don't need a small device, I just happen to prefer a phone be able to fit comfortably in pants pockets.

And thank you for letting me know that everything I've been doing on my 4 inch phones for the past 4 years, including VNC'ing into my workstation to check on renders, watching movies on the bus/plane and while working out, listening to some music, checking e-mail, browsing the web, making phone calls, hacking Linux, etc. has all actually not happened. I must have just imagined the whole thing.

So now I have a few questions for you. Do you have that small of a pecker that you need a phone to have a 5 inch screen? Does women LTAO when they see your tiny little pecker as much as you do in your posts?

You have your opinion, please don't be an arrogant asshole and not allow me to have mine.


Samsung, Sony or Motorola, but I'd favour a new Samsung or Sony device mostly.

Specs I'd like
4.65" Super AMOLED (RGB)
Cortex A15 (Exynos 5250, OMAP 5 etc.) or Krait (S4 or S4 Pro)
32GB storage or 16GB + Micro SD

That's all I'd want

I want a 1080p screen and of course NFC and an SD card reader (I know, fat chance), as well as a 13 MP camera on it.

Same here. I think it's time to give Sony a shot. I'm surprised Sony wasn't one of the options, considering all of the information that they have been contributing to the development of AOSP.

Yes, VERY shortsided of the author to not mention Sony. I mean, to claim ZTE is one of the companies with an oustside shot and to not list Sony at all is absurd.

Yeah, Sony had a bumpy start with Android, but they are starting to get much better. I think they could make an Awesome Nexus working together with Google.

I voted HTC, but I did notice and was surprised that Sony wasn't on the list. They are definitely in the big boy league, if not on number of Android Phones sold, but on ability to make a killer one with special features, lenses, screens, etc.

I don't want to see Google's ownership of Motorola Mobility affecting people's impression. I've been burned by HTC in the past, and don't like their unlock process. I don't know enough about LG to have an opinion, but feel they deserve a chance. But, my opinion is Samsung. I always go custom route, and it's always been easiest with Samsung. That, and I'm a sucker for AMOLED.

I voted Moto, and have not owned a Moto phone since the StarTac. I believe that it's absolutely necessary for Google and Moto to collaborate, that Moto be the labs where Google goes to try the things that doesn't necessarily make sense to do right now, but the platform would be better for, and we can't do it any better that with our own guys - type relationship. I know Google has said they will show no favoritism to Moto and I believe that if they share what they learn in these instances by making Android better for all, that in the end no one will care. I know I am not doing this thought justice here - it's a big concept and tough to reduce to words but I think you will even see Microsoft producing their own phones,and have said they will do their own Tabs as well, because they understand this concept, as do Apple and to some extent RIM.

HTC please. One X has the best Android screen there is, rest of hardware is great too. Only thing holding them back is laggy sense and advertising.
One X hardware + Vanilla Google 4.2 (Kiwi?) =WIN

I voted for HTC because I'm a big fan of their hardware and developer support so I'd love to see them do another nexus. Samsung has been beating HTC out on hardware lately it seems and the nexus line should take software out of the picture (where HTC's sense gets major bonus points from me while touchwiz gets major negative points) but the slow updates from VZW and Sprint on the gnex have left me a little disappointed and thinking it's time to give someone else a turn at the nexus title.

Even so I'd also kind of like to see LG do it since before I upgraded to a smart phone I was a die hard LG fan. But their smartphones just don't even seem to have what it takes to win me over - maybe doing a Nexus could bring them back. Of course the big thing I liked about LG phones was their interface and features compared to the competition. With android leveling that playing field significantly LG seems to be kind of just doing the minimum necessary to stay alive lately.

Haven't been impressed by moto in a long time, and with google owning them I doubt they'll get to do a nexus anytime soon just to keep everyone from complaining about anti-trust type of things.

Developer support? Show me developer support for the Amaze, and I'll show you a three-eyed panda that whistles "Dixie." Pffft.

Seems some people think that if HTC is chosen they will have word over EVERYTHING. The Only thing HTC will do is make the phone. They have no word in the software, what the specs are, etc.. Google decides all of that.

I love the look of the Sony Xperia phones. I would LOVE to see that hardware with the Nexus branding on it.

ZTE? They are on the government, "do not do business with" list. No thanks, I don't want a phone with hidden Chinese code there to steal my passwords and data.

As far as I'm concerned, all the big name manufacturers are capable of building both awesome and crappy devices. To me, the biggest issues are quality and value for money; if it's a good piece of hardware for a fair price supported by updates direct from Google, I don't care whose logo is on it.

I would honestly like to see either HTC or Moto make the next Nexus phone. Moto just because Google really should be taking advantage of their investment IMO and HTC because I really loved my EVO and EVO LTE. I just hope Google is smart enough to put a camera in that is up to par with what other handsets are offering. While I've never owned a Nexus device, the camera (or lack there of) has been the sticking point for me. Hell I could care less if its only a 4.3 inch screen as well. I'm not crazy about the huge screen crazy that's going on in mobile at the moment.

htc for two main reasons:
1) HTC has the best build quality in terms of hardware and the best looking phones.
2) HTC needs a boost in its sales. its been suffering even though the One series was awesome due to the GS3's huge sales. If HTC made the next nexus, it could help sales and also possibly help HTC get updates for its current and future android phones. Samsung gets updates fast possibly cause they made the last 2 nexus's. So maybe this would happen for HTC. plus i have a One X for AT&T and i love htc :) so yeah hopefully htc builds the next one

If it's on all the networks, then that's enough for me. Samsung and HTC have both had shots at it. It wouldn't be so bad to let someone else try would it? Then again, "if it ain't broke don't fix it."

I would like to know why Sony was left off the list of choices. I see "other" but really other than Sony who else would be in the "other" category. And if there are others in the "other" category I think it might be a bad move on Google to of chose them.

A 4.3" to 4.5" Nexus One with bleeding edge specs would be my pick. But in general, HTC or Sony would make me happy.

Is there even such a thing as a nokia android phone? The nexus should not be the first stop if there isn't.

You will get your wish next year moto fans

I think this is again Samsung year BUT if you check the forums there is an article on 4.1.2 allowing 'nexus certified devices'. It basically ships as a nexus, but the manufacturer can put the skin on as an option

That is what I want to see....

Anyone other than LG. Though, I'd love to see Motorola doing Nexus, I like their latest designs.

It would be interesting if they select Huawei in the future though.

Samsung or Sony.

1. A15 based processor would be great, if not then the S4 pro would suffice.

2. IPS+ screen please, with that new technology used in the One X, Optimus G, and iPhone 5. Plus true gesture control.

3. a main camera sensor that rivals the Nokia pureview in terms of low light performance.

4. Ample sized battery with much much improved power management.

5. If the future of Android does not involve microSD support for apps and media storage, then please AT LEAST 32GB of storage with 64tGB an option. Not everyone can stream their media all the time.

6. Simultaneous roll out on all major US carriers. If Google wants the Nexus line to do well, they have to do better in marketing it.

I can't think of anything else for now. I'm excited about the software.

I voted HTC, but really I would love to see two Nexuses (Nexi?): one large screen, like the 1X, and the other a smaller screen like the edge to edge 4.3" Razr M/I. I enjoy the 4.5 on my Skyrocket, but there are times I find it unwieldy trying to use it w/ one hand.

I like Samsung, but they've already made it two years in a row. Let someone else have a turn!

I would love to see a Nexus available on any carrier with the software completely controlled via Google. A true Nexus on Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc. As long as the radios are decent, the screen is excellent, and its snappy I won't care who makes it. I love my GNex on VZW, but I'd like my next Nexus to have even less Verizon involvement and more Google. Even if I have to buy the phone outright.

At least VZW and Sprint pushed out updates for JB to the GNex devices... took longer than we'd like but we still got JB faster than other flagship devices (One X, Galaxy S3 etc). If I had to live with a carrier branded Nexus I would, but I like the stock experience without skins.

High capacity internal storage is likely, but don't hold your breath on SD. Google has made it pretty clear that SD storage is something they don't want n the nexus line, or android at all for that matter.

I had the HTC Nexus One and the Samsung Nexus S. Can't say either one was very good. Always had touch screen issues with the N1. The NS seemed to be completely bogged down by Jelly Bean.

Sorry guys, even though I've had 4 different Android phones, I finally switched to iPhone recently. Haven't found too much that I can't stand.

I would LOVE to see Sony to be given a chance. Maybe an LTE Pentaband version of XPeria SL but instead of plastic material, use the same material that Sony have used on their Vaio Z Series Laptops. Carbon Fiber. As much as I hate to mention this but with that design and material, it's the only possible contender to iPhone's hardware.

I'd agree.... it'd be cool to leverage Asus' accessories platform and get that keyboard dock and phone/tablet screen size transition features into the mainstream

That probably won't happen considering the Padfone 2 is set to be announced in 8 days, so unless there's a Padfone Nexus I don't think they would release a competitor to a new product of theirs. I like Asus products though.

I would kill for an HTC Nexus powered by a quad core s4. HTC has far better build quality than Samsung. While I do love my gnex, it feels cheap compared to the HTC devices out there.

Samsung makes good phones outside of build quality in my opinion. The Galaxy S3 is one of the cheapest feeling phones I've ever held.

HTC hardware with 3000+ mAh battery, ~4.5" - 4.7" and I'm sold. The HTC mytouch4g is still one of my favorite phones ... hardware wise. HTC One X is beautiful as well.

Personally, I dont like vanilla android (tried em all except JB) , so to me , a Nexus is just another phone & nothing special about it

It's probably the time for another OEM take a crack it, but I have my doubts & my first reaction when I saw the Galaxy Nexus : "Its a wrap, now its just another galaxy phone'

Well, its another galaxy phone that isn't hindered and made ugly by touchwiz. Touchwiz, in my opinion, is the worst thing to happen to the android ui. I think it even beats motoblur.

That being said, Samsung makes some great phones, but they need to fix their build quality and their hideous ui before I buy anything with touchwiz on it.

Hence the reason I have a gnex. I can live with the crappy build quality as long as I don't have to live with touchwiz too.

I want to see Motorola but don't expect to see they till next year because they want to show the other OEMs that they are not favoring Motorola. Second choice is HTC since I also love their build quality and feel in the hand. That being said I font think it will be either of them. I expect the next Nexus to be LG. Or they may try to surprise us with a Sony. I am not expecting two phones this tear. I expect one phone and one larger tablet that may or may not be made by the same company.

I chose LG based on my previous experiences.

MOTO: No, they release buggy phones, are very slow to fix/update, love to lock things down and have a history of being rude to customers. I've had several MOTO phones.

HTC: The only experience I've had was with the Thunderbolt and I returned it. HTC's horrendous display on that phone really put me off.

Samsung: I've also had several Samsung phones, which I liked the best, but I feel like Samsung purposefully used low quality radios in the last Nexus to save money/push people to their TouchWiz products.

LG: I have no phone experience with since flip phones, but I've had several of their HDTVs and feel like they could really do something awesome with the next Nexus.

Anyone other then HTC..
Locked bootloaders
Way too long time for source code release
Shitty battery life
Shittiest battery + non removable..hell no..
What else..they never realize their mistake..
They don't even think before releasing their flagships for god's sake..
I am glad I am over them & with Samsung again..
Note 2..9 hours screen on & source code released just 2 weeks after release..even got 2 updates in 2 weeks..
That's what a phone..a flagship should feel..
Hell to HTC..

Um, you do realize we are talking abut nexus phones here right? Aka easily unlocked out of the box, source code provided by google , etc. Although, on that note, show me a non nexus phone made by Samsung, lg, etc that has an unlocked boot loader out of the box.

I think Samsung should make it because they make the best smart phones. But it would be nice to see them do something different and try making a metal bodied phone.

I was hoping for an all of them option, I want a nexus phone but I also want choice.

For all phones google needs to be able to update for improved functionality and hotfixes. Any customisation needs to be in a layer above the basic OS. Hopefully that will happen in future but for now the more nexus devices the better, the LG one looks good as I want 2GB RAM on next phone (and don't say I won't need it).

HTC makes awesome hardware but their software (sense) is horrible. Give me some of that sweet HTC hardware with pure unsoiled Android goodness.

Fat chance of that happening. The days of physical keyboards on smart phones are all but over my friend.

They've got me hot. Try return you phone back to Samsung for a warrenty repair and you will never pick them again. 20 days and county. NS GN both had to go back.

I would love it if Asus made a nexus phone. The whole transformer line is amazing. Their devices are sexy and slim. Fast and Asus are known for being the first to push out the next firmware update quickly. I think if Asus can make the best all around Android tablet then can definetly make the best looking and purest Android phone out there. I'm hoping they do and soon.

Send from my Transformer Prime tf201

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I agree that ASUS is a great OEM but I think they should stick to the tablet industry where they excel.

So, according to the rumors from earlier this year, there will be 5, count them, 5 Nexus devices in 2012. OMQ. Everyone freaked out and they still are. But what some people fail to realize, is that Google already announced 2 of these devices; the Nexus 7 and the Nexus Q. That leaves 3 of these devices to be phones, assuming that the early rumors are true. Now, enter the LG rumors. There are so many rumors/leaks/Blurry Cams like the ones above that suggest that LG will be taking part in this trifecta of Nexus phones. Personally, I would have liked to see Nexus phones from Samsung, HTC, and Sony. But, if all these LG rumors turn out true, then substitute LG for Sony. Samsung did an amazing job on the Galaxy Nexus. It wasn't the most spec heavy but it had an amazing design with what I believe to be a screen-size sweet spot in 4.65 inch screen. I'd love for a Galaxy Nexus 2 or a Galaxy S Nexus or whatever it will be called to have the same screen size and design but with an upgraded camera, the next version of Android (obviously), and quad-core LTE. An HTC Nexus X or whatever would also be a nice bet for Google. Especially lately, HTC has been making phones with incredibly high build quality and has some of the best looking screens on the market *cough Super LCD 2 *cough. Next, to be honest, I picked Sony just to see what they would do. LG's phone looks very nice with high-end specs and great build quality. I'm not entirely backing this phone for 2 reasons. The first is that the phone is a little boxy for my taste and reminds me a little too much of a GSII. The next reason is that I've had LG phones for the past 4 years and I end up becoming frustrated after about 1 year and 4 months into my contract. In conclusion, my contract is over and I look forward to getting the next Nexus phone I prefer and I am excited to see what Google brings to the table.

If I had to choose 1 I'd have to go with HTC. No matter how many phones I own I can always go into the dresser, pull out the Nexus 1 and say damn!!!! That's a sexy phone that feels perfect in the hand. While I like the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus I don't think either of them represented "Nexus" as well as the original. This may be just me but I always thought the Nexus was supposed to be a standout phone to put Android into the forefront. The Nexus S seemed more like a Samsung phone than a Google phone and the Galaxy S just made it an everyday average phone.
It just felt like the Nexus 1 was made FOR Google with Google helping to design it whereas Google had very little input in the NS and the Galaxy Nexus was just a phone that Samsung had designed and was probably planning on releasing as something else but then decided to let Google run with it as a Nexus.

The first thing that popped into mind was Sony, We've seen what Samsung can do, obviously HTC could do something amazing, and LG is good, but Sony doesnt have the biggest presence in the US with android phones, and they are usually pretty stellar, maybe a nexus phone would boost their US market share.

Samsung really knows how to make great powerfull devices, but when it comes to build quality and look and feel HTC is superb! A HTC Nexus inspired by the OneX would be awesome!

Can't believe people are actually praising the HTC build quality. LOL. The most beat-up crappiest quality I've seen is from HTC.

And the EVO was slow junk.

The reason why Samsung is winning the game is they know what customers want and their touchwiz is actually improving and offers features pure Android (which I prefer) doesn't have.

HTC's SENSE is garbage - no other way to describe it.

Your entitled to your opinion i just thinks its a bad one. The Evo did almost as much for android as the original droid in its day. The HTC Evo was the first phone considered by a large portion of the (public.......keywords being considered and public) to be better than the iphone. All things changed after the Evo it was instrumental in the evolution of android smartphones. I worked for sprint and I can tell you build quality is something that can be convoluted by someone who doesn't care about their device until it breaks (ie they break it). Htc has amazing build quality I've taken apart phones from every OEM it's hard to say who the best is but HTC apple and Moto are up there. Build quality for most people is an outside thing only how it feels in the hand and so fourth but insides count just as much and well those parts are assembled. To me Samsung LG and a few others are like Hanes T-Shirts they aren't BAD per-say but they're not a purple label Ralph Lauren T-Shirt. You don't realize just by looking at the Ralph Lauren T that it has triple inside out stitching to keep it from ripping and that it has a ridiculously high thread count to keep it from shrinking and make it feel good against the skin. It's just on a different level inside and out. HTC is androids apple in this category the One X as is my Evo LTE deserve no less praise than the iphone 5 or 4s. In my opinion of course.

I had a Nexus One for a couple of months. I loved the phone the only thing I did not like was the limit internal space and the wonky touch screen. I had a One S for a week or so I would love to have pure android on a phone like the one S. I still think the one s is one of the best phones I used. I just sold it to pay off my credit cards. I would love to have Nokia make a nexus or Asus. I know Nokia would not make one but Asus made a pad phone so they could make a android phone for Google.

Voted HTC, but I'd be okay with either HTC or Samsung. Maybe I'd give LG a shake, depending on how it turns out. Not touching anything Motorola with a ten foot pole, unless maybe they used a Razr M sized body.

I have a soft spot for HTC man, and although they hit a rough patch with the Evo 3D they came back strong with the One X/Series. I've owned phones from every OEM but HTC has always been my ace in the hole. I've been using HTC phones since the PPC6700 and the Mogul during Blackberry's reign at the top. Here in the US carriers ruin alot of our phones and although it may seem easy enough to say OEM's need to do this or that it's not always that easy me knowing that I understand some of the decisions they make although I still don't agree with them. Example: I truely believe if the HTC One X would have took the same approach as the GS3 as in Same Device Across ALL CARRIERS and removable storage/Sd card slot and no less than 2000mah batt (Although I prefer a removable battery the iphone has proved time and time again that the vast majority of people don't have to have it as long as their phone gets good battery life which the S4 made a reality my EvoLTE lasts all day) They'd be neck and neck with Samsung. But At&t had to gimp it with only 16gigs of storage and Sprint had to make it an Evo exclusive although it's the best version until the OneX+ (I wish it could have had the exact same body as the OneX just with the added kickstand) And T-Mobile got it's younger brother the OneS which is still a great phone by the way but still. I think I read somewhere that Cricket is even getting the GS3 at that point prepaid doesn't look that bad if your area has good coverage and you don't travel alot. All in all I liked the Galaxy Nexus Alot the jet black front when the screen is off just looks sooooo nice and elegant. Notification light iin the bottom perfect size and placement. Deep blacks on amoled are bar none but the whites on pentile were pretty bad also the color saturation can be a bit much but thats all preference. It was on sprint so i had to hack to get JB which was fun and easy lots of support of course. But..........the reason i had to return it was the radios. Samsung uses the absolute WORST radios in my experence of any smartphone maker. The GPS chip just doesnt lock as well when I worked for sprint it was the number one issue people brought in their GS2's for my GF vibrant never got a gps lock from the day she ought it EVER! And she went through 3 in a year because of it her GPS NEVER worked. Wifi signal not as strong as my GFs HTC one S sitting side by side on the couch or my old EVO 3D when I went into another room it was even more pronounced. Call quality was ok but signal strength was also by comparrison to other devices I've owned pretty poor. My GF used to have all these complaints on her Galaxy S1/Vibrant but I used to think it was just T-Mobile. Of course I swapped it for a new one within my 14 day period and still same issues. Ultimatley I returned it and got an Evo LTE which now runs CM10 and is in my opinion an (almost) perfect blend of Hardware and software. Once CM10 has a stable build I'll be set. Also I know alot of people say the camera on the Galaxy Nexus isn't that bad or your expectations of a phone camera shouldn't be that high but I disagree. Maybe after having a Evo 3D which had a camera that was a step down from the OG Evo in my IMO. I just needed something more. It was fairly decent in outdoor light but even then it was hot or miss even on the phones screen which is where the pics should look the best. For those reasons I PRAY Samsung doesn't make the next nexus not even if there's Nexi. HTC would be my choice put stock android on the ONeX+ make it available in black and white but the buttons onscreen and shave a few mm's of the bottom so it's a touch smaller for ergonnomics and you have as close to perfection as you can get. My only wildcard would be Asus imagine if you shrank the Nexus 7 leather like back and all down to a 4.65 incher with better display and resolution it'd be different from other phones aka further from apples cross hairs and would be uniform with the Nexus 7 which if you owend both would be pretty fly. I loved beaming stuff from my Evo LTE to the Nexus 7 before shipping it to my nephew for his birthday. (Had to check it for defects what? really i did!)

I think Samsung is better in terms of modding and customizing as all us HTC owners have to deal with Stupid S-ON. SO I say Samsung

Do people know that the final update for a phone comes from your wireless carrier and not Google. Google tests the code then releases said code to the carriers. THEY have the final say so on updates. Smdh

I find it strange that Sony isn't included. An Xperia Nexus would be pretty cool. It would be the first Nexus with an excellent camera.

After the great job "Asus" did with the N7 why in world wouldn't Google have them or maybe Moto, who they paid billions for, produce their next offering. I just hope that that whatever is offered it can be bought unlocked & without a contract via Google Play again.

NO, NO, NO, people. NOT HTC. Just look through a few pages of the Amaze 4G's support pages on T-Mobile, there've been so many problems that HTC and T-mobile made WORSE with the ICS update....

I know, I know, a Nexus is about the software, but my 11 month impression of the Amaze is this: once I get my mitts on a dependable pure Google Nexus phone (either a Gnex or the next one), this Amaze will make a superb doorstop to keep the closet door from closing on me in the morning.

I'm serious.

I want a true Nexus one replacement. And this can only be made by htc.
The design should be like htc HD, one x, and N1. (lose the nipple camera)

4" display
quadcore cpu (Krait or Tegra + with 5th battery saving core)
2GB ram
64 storage
average to above average battery life
dedicated camera shutter button
dedicated camera chip
improved photo quality

I'd pay ANY price for it

I personally think it should not be the market leader in sales that gets the Nexus phone. I think it should be an Android phone maker that could use the boost and has been an avid supporter.

I think the Nexus line should be used to boost sales of a struggling but viable company. i.e. Moto or HTC, or to bolster a strong company that wants to come more powerfully into the Android fold like Sony.

wow, there are a lot of good comments here, so i will try to be brief with mine:

moto: love their hardware quality and their radios. nervous because google is now restructuring the moto company, so things will be unorganized for a while there while this is going on.

samsung: in general, i dont like their plasticy hardware and their radios are generally weaker than moto. but the S3 is freaking cool and they probably have the most experience.

htc: i would say no just because htc is in financial trouble, so their focus and ability will be off.

asus: nervous about experience with smartphones, but if the quality of their phone matched the quality of my nexus 7, im all in. my N7 is awesome.

LG: this makes me nervous because it looks like they are most likely getting it. LG has fallen behind from the start with smartphones, chasing other companies and incorporating samsungs touchwiz into their phones because they cant develop their own skin. im not sure LG is the right choice.

so, i guess overall, i would say samsung or asus....and i guess i wasnt as brief as i hoped.

I'm glad HTC is winning that race. Unfortunately I doubt they actually would be building the next nexus. If they did I would buy it on a heartbeat.

Who in the world picked Samsung? I'm on my second Samsung nexus. Both stayed at Samsung service center for mother that 20 days each. I will never buy anything from Samsung. Both of my unit were under warrenty.

Why not all 4? LG IPS display, HTC designs the exterior, Samsung takes care of circuits, and Moto gives us a MAXX battery.

ASUS! After using the Nexus 7 I find their design and hardware to be really good, comfortable and good looking..

Haven't used a Moto phone since 2006, was extremely disappointed with that piece of shit. But I'd like to see a Moto Nexus or HTC.