We were there last night in London for the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Wish you were, too. But now you can relive the entire event in the comfort of our own home. Enjoy, and be sure to check out our Galaxy S III recap for all the news from the event. (And we might even squeeze another post or two out of it yet.)

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Watch the entire Samsung Galaxy S III event!


I dont know if the camera stops moving after a while but that drove me nuts. I could not watch the entire thing due to the dramatic sweeping of the camera during the event.

They said somewhere around the 45th minute that there will be a U.S. Galaxy SIII event. ?WHEN? will it be?

It really seems to me that a lot of the people involved were very poorly faking their excitement for this event? While I think the SIII is a great phone, maybe they should come up with a better way/people to present it? Just my two cents.

Seems to me like Samsung is emulating Apple, both with this "Let's talk iPhone" like event and with the design of the phone itself. Personally it turns me off, but I'm probably in the minority.

I personally think that "designed for humans, inspired by nature" tagline is pretty weak! That whole "nature" part seems way too gimmicky. The phone itself is nice and all, but you can see the fake enthusiasm in some of the speakers. Design-wise it's just a hybrid of the Galaxy Nexus and a Skyrocket.

Sadly to must geeks alike, this phone is a bit of a fail, I however see potential. Tho the more I see that design the more I hate it.

Geez, some people are never happy.

"Gosh,all you guys talk about is HTC; are you guys in bed with HTC now?"

"Man, all I see you guys cover is Samsung stuff? Are they paying you??"

"All this site ever talks about is Motorola. You know, there ARE phone makers out there!"

I really think Samsung has made an evolutionary step in the right direction with the SIII. Setting hardware aside, the software side of things is really amazing! The fact that the phone tracks your eyes and determines whether to keep the screen on/off is something out of a syfy movie. Direct call is gonna be really cool as well, think about it people. And the s-voice just activates without you having to push a button. Yeah i'm sure there's some sort of customization that will have to happen prior, but holy freaking cow! I'm sure after reading this, you'll think I'm a Samsung fanboy. Well call it want you want, but, I geek out for cool technological advancements, whether they come from Samsung, HTC, RIM or even Apple to name a few. I think people were expecting way too much due to the rumors surrounding the actual announcement of the device, that they have dashed expectations and don't see the value of what's in front of them.

My $0.02

>"The fact that the phone tracks your eyes and determines whether to keep the screen on/off is something out of a syfy movie."

I didn't follow that feature, but by your description, that sounds a lot more creepy than neat to me. Plus, if they are running the camera constantly and processing the image data, won't that suck a LOT of battery power the whole time one is using it?

That's not exactly how it works. It's more like when the phone goes dim after the user not touch it does it check for eye movement before determining if it should shut off or not.

I love it. Been a Samsung fan for a while now (captive, nexus s, galaxy nexus, galaxy s blaze,sgs2). Anyway I like where they went with it. And the p.i.p. That is awesome. Hopefully this comes to Verizon.

That makes you the only person I ever heard of that started with a captivate and actually bought another Samsung phone.

Conferences are usually dull events - They need good design and planning just to occur, but most of all they need clarity in objectives and flair in presentation to be effective. Internally, we call them "shows". If they don't feel like a compelling theatrical event, which takes you on a journey of discovery - they have failed!

A big budget show to industry insiders has to inform and inspire with a pace. Key messages need to be delivered without waffle and visually supported - but it needs to be "A SHOW". Clearly Samsung aspire to be like Apple, to win enthusiastic fans for their design and magical technology - So . . How was it for you Phil?

This big budget show-n-tell utterly failed to get my attention or inspire me for one moment. Samsung really need help in this area; money alone is not the answer.

I don't know, did HTC have anywhere near this big of an event for the One platform?

Sure they were at the European show, but so was every one else. Yet without that big of an event, the One line garnered as much attention as the SIII line.

The whole "emulate Apple" sort of show is a turn off for me.

Funny thing: The SIII didn't really need to emulate "The Best Thing EVER" sort of presentation. It was significant in its own right, with a fresh design, top notch specs, covered all the bitch-points people had with the HTC and the EVO, and will be widely available. They didn't need to play it like apple.

Never seen an HTC event so I can't comment on them. Apple, with Jobs presenting, spent very little on "bling". HE was the show - and the main attraction, a technological ringmaster for his shiny animals. Clearly he preached to the converted a lot; but he could really cut it; even with a tough crowed (consider the developer conferences).

Samsung spent a lot on this event, partly proportional to the audience size. I just don't think they delivered the messages clearly or well. Fluffy and vague - not rapier clear and entertaining. The S3 deserved a better show. Probably shorter with professional presenters doing the heavy lifting. The videos were glossy, crisp and expensive, but they lacked the conceptual clarity of an Apple Ad.

I watched the live stream of this and even before they started talking, I found out all I needed to know about the device as blogs everywhere started posting their impressions. Needless to say, my attention to the event started to wane, especially when they kept cutting to these artsy feature-intro videos that ironically kept me watching because I needed the stage person afterwards to help explain away my complete confusion. Maybe I just don't like art that needs to be explained. Every time they cut to a shot of the audience, I was hoping one of them would yawn. Regardless of their designed for humans tag line, the presentation was far from being warm and inviting, with the unnatural settings in the videos, the deadpan fake excitement of the presenters, and the depressingly drab setting. Far from Apple's conversation with a guy in an easy chair or Google's nerdy tech demos of cool stuff.

This phone is absolute bunk. What a waste of energy. We all wanted to see an amazing phone and got the biggest letdown of the year.

The anticipation & excitement of the S3 versus the final product is comparable to what happened with the De Lorean.