Face Unlock

Because of the Samsung Nexus S' VGA front camera, face unlock was left out of the official and AOSP builds of last year's reference phone.  You know where this is going -- the files have been yanked out of the Galaxy Nexus and face unlock is working in all it's gimmicky goodness.  It's even working with a beard and glasses. 

It goes along great with a pair of AOSP builds and a few tweaks for the Nexus S twins, which are available as well.  This is why we love Android, open-source, and Nexus phones.  Ice Cream Sandwich is running better than most expected on year-old hardware, and we're having a blast playing with things.  We have the phones, we have the code, let's tear the roof off this mother.

Be sure to grab the right version for the right phone below.

Sprint only: AOSP 4.0.3 for the Nexus S 4G
AOSP 4.0.3 for the GSM Nexus S


Reader comments

Want Face Unlock on your Nexus S? We've got it


It is! Just download Visidon AppLock from the Android market (the paid version allows face unlock, the free version has some more basic locking features) :)

There is a facial recognition app in the market for your Evo. Visodon Applock. Problem is like the name implies it is used for locking down apps rather than the whole phone. However, it works pretty decent.

I just tried that app. It actually works pretty well I think. I've only been able to try one other persons face to test it, but it did in fact not recognize their face as mine. Thanks for the suggestion! I only wish it was not as laggy as it is

True it will only lock apps but if you lock all apps then you're good. Anybody can hit the home button but that's as far as they will get. When you lock all apps, no app will work without your face or the bypass. Oh I'm using the free version on my Galaxy S II.

Will there be any ics for evo4g? Currently running cm7.1. I know I guess cm9 is apparently what I'm supposed to wait for but I was wondering if any little specific ics things I could try now.

yes i have ics on my evo 4g right now. The only thing that doesn't work is the camera but i figure that will be fixed in the up coming weeks or so. I love the ics on my evo (^_^)

The two dudes above my post and everyone else need to realize under the facelock option once enabled... wait for it... 'Improve face matching'... well what do you know, BURN!

Tried it too. Still takes a couple of tries to unlock. Sometimes it unlocks on the first try but sometimes it doesnt. I've done the improve face matching under different lighting too.

Yes this is a perfect thing to have on the Galaxy Nexus I am glad other can enjoy this goodness. Regardless of people saying this is an gimmick TRUST ME it works perfectly fine for me and it's a feature many wish they can have today....My Galaxy Nexus ROCKS ANDROID....

Don't worry, when Apple does it, it will be come the best thing in the world, better then the wheel. The tv news will report on it, techchrunch will jizz their pants. People will wonder how we survived without it. Sad, but true.

This is a feature on my Galaxy Nexus I thought I'd use for a little while and then get tired of, but surpisingly, I love it! And it works well enough that's it's not a bother even when I have to try a second time. Recognition is also conveniently quick - no annoying delay.

IMO this is way less gimmicky than Siri.

I wouldn't call it gimmicky seeing as how popular biometric security is in the real world. You should expect the future to have this type of thing more heavily implemented in our tech.

BTW you can do this on pretty much any Android device by paying for "Visidon AppLock". The free version doesn't include face locking, but the paid version does. It can also be used to lock individual applications, not just the whole phone :)

Wrong. The free version does include face locking. What it doesn't include in the free version is "liveness detection."