New Halo notification system is ready for testing, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 owners can download today

A couple of days ago we talked about the upcoming Paranoid Android ROM and its new Halo feature. Part chat heads, part awesome, and a rewrite of the Android framework make this one of the neatest tricks we've seen in a while from any third-party development team.

Starting today, those of you with a Nexus 4 or a Nexus 7 can give it a try, as the team has made some early testing builds available for download. Be warned, these are by no means finished, and will surely have a fair share of bugs. We know that's hardly going to stop a slew of people from giving this a try.

A build for the Oppo Find 5 is also in the works, and a Galaxy Nexus version is promised when there's time. If you are feeling a little adventurous, and not afraid to try something new, hit the source link for the details and download links. The video of Halo in action is after the break as a refresher.

Source: +Paranoid Android. Thanks, David!


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Testing builds of Paranoid Android with Halo now available for Nexus 4 and Nexus 7


seeing as pa is built on top of cm with extra things like hybrid engine and pie... and a bunch of rom control options.. support for themes.. and this new thing... how can the rom be limited in any way compared to others

Pa isn't based in cm for quite a while now. And if you look at roms like aokp or mix roms like PAC or revolt than PA looks almost ridiculously limited to me. Sorry but I really like all the tweak especially aokp offers. The best thing of pa by far is the hybrid engine,the rest is meh

woops.. yeah.. your right.. aosp.. but i still see pa having enough features to satisfy my needs...
anything thats not customizable through the regular settings can usually be modified by playing with the filesystem... not something people like to do but its an alternative if you want both pa sexyness and aokp customization

Limited compared to what? Samsung's flashy Nature UI that looks like a rainbow unicorn threw up everywhere? I don't even use PA and I know it's got more features than CM (which I do use), and probably more than AOKP.

Would take too long to list all the awesome aokp features it is missing. Just watch a video of a recent aokp rom and look for the crazy amount of things rom control offers and you'll see what i mean.
I'm using PAC right now, which also has the hybrid engine but all the others cm and aokp goodies as well, those roms are worlds apart from each other. But i highly respect PAs works what they did with android. Huge fan of the hybrid engine

ok they have rom control ... still have no explained how PA is limited i have tried both roms and think PA is better over all but it all comes down to personal preference

I wish this was just an app to flash and not a rom. And why is everyone raking on the first user for stating his opinion on the rom? Geez... if someone doesnt like something must they list every reason why this is so....?

I know man there are so many damn fanboys these days it sucks. Idiot says explain why it's limited and in the next breath says it's personal preference, if it's a personal preference why does anyone have to explain anything?!...these numbnuts don't even make sense half the time

If you have seen aokp rom control and don't see in what way it is better then I really don't know what else to say. Tons of missing features are reason enough for me not to use pa but look for roms which merge the hybrid engine so I get the best of both worlds

I'm not sure if anyone noticed but this is a test build not a major release so it's not going to be perfect or feature rich.

Ppl here need to chill down. So your weekend wasn't great, get over it. No need to bash on a free "demo". If you want something better then just ask for things you want for it to offer, or perhaps mention what specific problem the software gave you.
If you don't like it, then move on.

I meant nothing towards Jerry (or anyone else here), he's my favourite writer here by a mile - I just meant the whole Facebook/Social/constantly sharing pointless information that no one wants to know.

It's all just passed me by, it really has. I don't want to see your fucking dog in a pair of slacks, or pictures of your kid or even you on holiday. That's your life, not mine, keep it to yourself ffs. /Rant.

While I see your comment is mostly about the new Facebook launcher, you do realize this is SO much more than that right?

Dude, do you even read? This is way more than chatheads and you do not have to even have FB messenger or FB installed to use it. This is natively coded from the ground up to react to all applications on your device. It's absolutely amazing, even in alpha stage it's great. No need for statusbars anymore, Halo is perfect along side of PIE. Keeps the screen clean and allows you all of the real estate available. In the future keep your "shit" comments to yourself if you don't have the brain capacity to read about the topic before ignorantly spouting off misinformation.

Brain Capacity? Who gives a shit.

I also genuinely don't give a shit about this, how's it better than a persistent widget dedicated to a task/program? So you have a "Halo" knocking about your screen so you can have a huge blank space where your widgets used to be? And it opens a smaller version of the app rather than the app itself, as that's far more useful, especially on smaller screened devices.The speed at which apps open and close in moden phones makes this redundant.

I also need to keep the stock rom on my device for work and Sky Go. So again, I don't give a you-know-what.

How's about you think through your replies first? Not everyone wants to spend all day flashing their fucking device so they can have a mini widget floating about that they have to tap to get information from.

You have no clue on how technology works, keep crying mr know-it-all. You know absolutely nothing. You are apparently not even worth an in-depth explanation because you have everything ass-backwards. Your post just proved that. Enjoy your behind-the-curve phone usage.

LOL, sure thing kid. Some of us actually have to go out and work you know, we don't have time to play all day. Enjoy your basement.

p.s. I'm a programmer for 12 years - so I do have a slight idea. If you want to take the time to enlighten me I'm all ears. Refute my points.

Kid? I'm 32yrs old, have a degree in web development and web design. I've been working with code and hardware for 15+yrs. I don't have to refute your points, you are obviously full of it. All of what you said is based on your personal opinion and that opinion was based off of lack of knowledge. You called Halo "chat heads" that right there proved you did no research before bashing an excellent natively infused application. The unnecessary use of foul language directed towards the app also tipped me off to your obvious storytelling of being a "12yr programming vet", seriously, act a little more like an adult if you want to play make-believe because I'm not buying it. You pointed out no viable information, only personal perspectives. A real programmer would not call others work "shit".

hi folks,
don't understand how this work, downloaded the link and file won't open! nexus 4. any idea how it should be done?

Holy Crap at some of these comments. Peeps going nuclear over what? A Rom? A feature? It will either be on most roms or will die from lack of interest. When it's ready I'll give it a try because it looks like something worthwhile.

You need to have unlocked bootloader.

Also this is a Rom and not an application. So you need to flash it in recovery.

You know what? That dude that keeps doing this is trolling so hard.

Most of the people in this thread make all of us look like dumb ass nerds.

I have been using it on my GN for 3 days now. Its not the best thing I have ever seen. But it is really cool when you turn Pie mode on and use the full screen. and since you dont see your notification bar anymore... It comes in handy. But it needs some updates... for example... there is no way to clear the notification yet. until you get a new one.

But I prefer the Tablet mode 250 DPI. clean, simple, and I get most of the screen for an actual display. Thanks for the post Jerry

BTW... Does anyone know what Icon pack that is in the picture?

Its already on the Galaxy nexus. So I assume all. And Im sure more other supported devices will have it very soon because of active developers and porting.

The PA Team only officially supports Nexus devices, this is still closed source until they perfect the code so it is NOT available for anything except Nexus devices, once the code is good enough they will commit it to open source, then if a developer for a Non-Nexus device decides they want to port it they may. Nothing but Nexus devices will EVER be officially supported by the PA Team.