Samsung Galaxy S II X

While the Samsung Galaxy S II has been available in Canada for quite some time now, TELUS has been holding back their release for whatever reason but the time has come and they're ready to release it. October 28th is when the Samsung Galaxy S II  X, as TELUS is branding it will drop bringing its 1.5Ghz dual-core processor goodness. Still no word on pricing as yet but the fact that we finally have a date is good enough for me.

Source: TELUS via: Mobile Syrup


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TELUS launching the Samsung Galaxy S II X October 28th


Thanks for posting Chris. For future reference, we would like to see which screen size is launching on these carriers please. I'm trying to see if the 4.3, or the 4.5 is getting more love. Thanks.

And now after several clicks (taking me away from this site;) I did find this: - Brilliant 4.5” super AMOLED plus touchscreen for vivid colours

Would this also confirm the Amaze 4G launching on the same day? They have 3 Android phones "Coming Soon."