T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II

Hey, how about that. T-Mobile today on Twitter announced that its Galaxy S II will be getting an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich starting June 11. It'll be done via the Samsung Kies desktop application, which is a bummer. But it's better than no update at all. More on this developing breaking updating news as it develops. 

Source: @TMobile


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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II gets Ice Cream Sandwich on June 11


I believe Telus (who also sells the SGH-T989 variant) is doing the same on the 12th.

Regardless, what I hope this means is that we'll be able to get a Samsungless ROM in the near future.

Nice! One of my friends has this S2 and keeps asking when the official update is coming because he's scared about rooting and flashing lol.

Should have gotten the Galaxy nexus like me :)

I think a number of us would have gotten the Galaxy Nexus. I know I would have, except that the SII has a better camera.

On the T-mobile facebook article someone posted about how T-Mobiles version was the best spec wise phone out with only the One X barely beating it because of LTE. I corrected him on this stating how it used the weakest SOC out of all the other version of the Galaxy S2 and how the One X was a whole new better gen. T-Mobile deleted my comment and any other I try to make now. Guess they don't like constructive criticism

Well how about that, the 4th major carrier in the US is beating out the other top 3 with their ics updates haha go TMO:)

That's Samsung for you. That was my biggest fear getting a Sammy, they suck when it comes to updates.

She probably got the T-Mobile update that started to roll out about two weeks ago. It did change the look of somethings like the unlock screen for example. It's not ICS.