Samsung Galaxy S II

The last we heard about the white Samsung Galaxy S II on T-Mobile was when they confirmed it would indeed be arriving in time for the holidays. At the time, they weren't exactly willing to elaborate on it any further but T-Mobile has now set a date officially. December 14th is when you can get you Samsung Galaxy S II in white on T-Mobile for as low as $230 with a new 2-year agreement -- just in time for the holidays.

Source: @TMobile; More info: T-Mobile

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n25philly says:

How about putting the note out in the US before making a phone that is already out look like a toilet seat?

Jonneh says:

Not all toilets are white! ;-P

n25philly says:


ylomnstr says:

Take note Verizon. That is how you confirm a release date :)

awomack says:

My sentiments exactly.

djrich26#AC says:

Too bad it doesn't come with cortex a-9 :(

clrdust says:

Is the phone put yet, i didnt see it on the tmobile website