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Galaxy Tab 10.1

The Android 3.1 tablet that needs no introduction (OK, OK, it's the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) finds its way into Sprint's inventory on June 24. It's the same Wifi-only version, only Sprint's pairing it up with a 3G/4G Wifi hotspot from either Sierra Wireless or Novatel.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 will initially be available through direct sales channels, some sprint stores, telesales and online. It will be available for purchase in retail stores on July 24. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 will run you $499, plus tax, and whatever data plan you get on the Wifi hotspots.

Source: Sprint

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sprint , whats the point of selling that if it aint have 3g/4g radios and a $300 discount for entering the contract

svargas05 says:

Sprint is selling it at $499 along with the MiFi 4G hotspot devices....

Be happy they're actually continuously releasing devices!

Umm no I won't be happy. It means another device I have to drag around to get wireless. And before someone tell me to just use my phone. Sure, great. Now I'm not only draining my tablet, I'm draining my phone at the same time with 3 radios being used to get internet access and can't leave it in my pocket because reception can tank in certain places.

So now when I want to have 3G or 4G access I have to whip out my phone, turn on tethering, turn on the WIFI on the tablet, wait for the connection to establish and depending on the reception leave the phone out while I'm on the net. What a fantastic setup! I'm going to go out and buy one today!

Seriously Spring, either **** or get off the pot on tablets. This WIFI only crap makes you look scared to put tablets on your network for fear that it might drag it to its knees.

svargas05 says:

Sprint just doesnt know when to quit! And I love that about them!

Keep the new devices coming, I'm still hungry!

Nothing new here, The best just continues to remain better on sprint

Rdenise76 says:

Is that $499 for a 16gb or 32gb?

Dark_Blu says:

What if you don't want the hot spots and don't want or need ANOTHER data plan? Will they just sell you the WiFi Galaxy Tab 10.1 without the hot spots?

What weather clock is that on the screen?

kinster02 says:

Touchwiz weather clock available later with an optional update.

RkyMtnHigh says:

the Weatherbug Tablet app looks so much nicer on the 10.1" tab.

Just go buy it somewhere else if you don't want data with it.

dchawk81 says:

This isn't that bad really, because the hot spot can be used with your computer too. However, it's basically just a way to get a free MiFi on contract. If you're already thinking about a MiFi then it's a convenient stop shopping for both devices. If you weren't already wanting a MiFi then you're better off getting the tablet elsewhere.

falconeight says:

I owned this tab for a day and have to say that it is a beautiful piece of hardware. Screen looks great feels good in the hand. It has some serious issues right now though. It has no way of consuming media(Like movies). I don't get that since its vanilla honeycomb and google movies was made for honeycomb. Typing in the browser is a horrible experience of lag and missed keys. In portrait mode web browsing is silly words are very small because its so long. Flash really bogs down the device on a lot of websites.

Rdenise76 says:

Doesn't seem like you like it very much? Are you planning to keep it? Or go with a diff tab?

falconeight says:

i returned it and will just use my flyer until something better comes out.

RkyMtnHigh says:

Strange...mine is almost as fast as my laptop, with hella better graphics.

Rdenise76 says:

Does it depend on the Wifi signal strength?

falconeight says:

Your either blinded by new tech or really need a new laptop.

paulrharvey3 says:

Where does it say you can get the MiFi or Overdrive for free? I see it saying it's powerful partnered with those two, but nothing to suggest you can get either for free.