Sprint has announced some maintenance release updates for the LG Optimus S and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Both updates will be sent out in stages so there is no mad rush to get them download but if you own either device you'll want to check out the change logs to see if anything applies. You'll find those by hitting the source links and if you're not feeling that you can just look past the break, they're listed there as well. [Sprint, 2]

LG Optimus S (LS670) Maintenance Release - LS670ZVC


  • SD card detection error
  • New drivers for LCD supplier
  • Removing first time language selection from the start up wizard

Important Notes:

  • Software version is LS670ZVC
  • Download and install time is approximately 3 minutes
  • Released in stages with 100% of devices having received the update within 4 days
  • Refer to the LG Optimus S Maintenance Release blog for install instructions

Samsung Galaxy Tab Maintenance Release - EA24


  • New drivers for LCD supplier
  • QIK software update to 0.04.77 (will overlay existing version)
  • Exchange email fixes

Important Notes:

  • Software version is: Baseband S:P100.08 S.EA24, Build SPH-P100.EA24
  • Download and install time is approximately 5 minutes
  • Released in stages with 100% of devices having received the update within 4 days
  • Refer to the Samsung Galaxy Tab Maintenance Release blog for install instructions
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joshua.worth says:

Wonder if the VM670 already has the updated software

Axe says:

So, what's the best way to not accept this update?

(Everything is working fine, and this update doesn't seem to enhance anything according to the log.)

hmmm says:

I would like to know as well how to ignore it and any notifications about the update as this will probably unroot you and patch the exploit that allowed root.

joshua.worth says:

Currently at VM670ZV4

joshua.worth says:

4 seems higher than C to me idk though..... Just a recovering BlackBerry addict

Question. I have a Galaxy Tab but don't have a data plan with Sprint. Bought it outright. Can I download this update via WIFI? I have never connected to Sprint network with the device.


grantheppes says:

You should be fine on updating over wifi (based on updating over wifi with Sprint Palm Pre).

The thing is, I never activated this with Sprint at all. Was given to me as a gift, bought outright, and never activated on Sprint Network. Just used as a WIFI tablet.

I am connected with my account to Google, but that's about it.


jimpryde says:

Anyone know if this will break Portable WiFi Hotspot? If so, I'll skip it, but my wife's Optimus S has the issue with SD card errors.

fidju says:

This. The portable hotspot capability without having to root is wonderful. Can anyone confirm?

jimpryde says:

Answered my own question by going ahead with the update. Portable WiFi hotspot DOES still work after the update. So far, I have no issues, but I only patched about 30 minutes ago.

So, if you're using the Portable WiFi Hotspot from the market, you should be good to go!

jtnss says:

Thx for posting. I actually came searching for the answer to this exact question.... but regarding a different app (which likely functions the same). The app I'm concerned about is called "Hotspot Widget".... I'll be pissed if this update breaks it. Currently deferring the notification to update.

Can you tell me the actual app name you're talking about? I can't find it as you've referenced it. Always good to have a backup.

jimpryde says:

Sorry, I was looking at what it calls itself once installed. It is Hotspot Widget, by Harald Muller. That's what I'm using and it works fine after the update.

maestro says:

Thanks guys, I am sure that everyone was wondering about this issue with the Hotspot Widget not working with the update because one of the original hotspot forums suggested that it would be disabled with the next OTA update. That was my fear anyway, that it would not work so I have been putting off installing the update. Thanks guys, I will update now. And for some of you still wondering, I have seen my phone bill and have NOT been charged with the Sprint Hotspot fee. Good stuff!

illa-droid says:

Sweet I was hesitant to install the system update for my lg optimus s because I eff-in love the portable wifi widget and didn't want to go n ruin a good thing nahmean thanks jimpryde for takin one for the team.

rafael03 says:

Jimpryde Thanks for the posts. I use the Hotspot Widget also. I'm glad that the widget still works after the update!

sdw90808 says:

The update cost many of us our root access and no longer works with Z4Root. So far, I've been unable to root with SuperOneClick, although I understand others have been able to.

I'm hoping the author of Z4Root will be able to come up with a fix; till then, I'm open to suggestion.

Tat2edCon says:

My Hotspot widget is no longer working bcuz of the ota update from sprint this morning. If anyone has a solution, please send me an email ay scorpion3747@yahoo.com thanx

reslaw says:

my portable hotspot has been lost as a result of their updates.
how can I get the portable hotspot back-- says network not available??? The thing worked great when I got it in 2010. Not after the updates early this year-- is there a way to un update???

kylewooten2 says:

Hello Android.