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Android 4.4.3 landing imminently?

Sprint says a new firmware update will begin rolling out for the Nexus 5 from today. The carrier says this update will enable Sprint Spark on Bands 26 and 41, along with providing "miscellaneous Android updates." The Android build number to watch out for is KTU48F, and since Sprint's SKU is identical to the U.S. unlocked model, all Nexus 5 models could be seeing an OTA today.

It's likely this is the previously mentioned KitKat maintenance release, which will fix camera bugs and other issues — and presumably this will warrant a bump in version number up to Android 4.4.3. That means we could be seeing this new Android version across other Nexus devices before too long.

To manually check if it's waiting for you head into Settings>About Phone>System Updates. We'll keep you posted with further developments as we get them.

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Sprint: New Nexus 5 update rolling out today


Boston? where are you people hiding. I can't find anybody to share my love of phones and android with lmao.

Looking forward to the update. But I have no issues. Just obsessed with updates.

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Ditto, besides I've suffered the camera-battery drain bug a few times and haven't been able to set up any other email with the stock app.

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I've been victim to the camera bug a few times myself.
haven't had any email issues myself.
Updates are always good.

Nothing for me in St. Paul/Minneapolis. I pray they are not able to add that stupid spark icon to our phone. I have been perfectly happy running stock since I got this phone but I would definitely change to get rid of that pointless spinning icon.

Wait, a US carrier is releasing an update before the unlocked version gets it? What kind of madness is this?

The updates come from Google, as the Sprint SKU is identical to the unlocked US one. Sprint just jumped the gun in announcing it, it seems.

Ah okay, I thought the 'Enable Sprint Spark band 26 and band 41' would be the addition of the Sprint twirly thingy making it a carrier version.

I'm not certain if the Nexus 5 has the Spark animated icon. Seems like something Google would want to keep off of the status bar, as they realized that continuous animations up there weren't just distracting, they were pretty draining on the battery as well.

They would only drain the battery if they are animated based on data or whatever. The Spark icon spins no matter what. It probably behaves like a GIF. Also, I am sure Sprint/Google can make icons appear based on your carrier. If the phone senses Sprint it probably has the ability to show Sprint icons. I really hope not but I could easily see that happening.

Thanks for correcting me. I'm glad it serves a purpose then. Ever since reading about it I thought it was always spinning.

I doubt the nexus 5 will get the Sprint Spark icon.
is it something they could do, of course they are in charge of the code.
Will they do it? unlikely you don't need nexus device on AT&T using AT&T's standard 3G, 4G and 4GLTE icons or Verizon's on the Galaxy Nexus.

Nexus devices use their own simple icons
3G on cdma

The twirly animation won't make your connection any faster, all you need is the bands enabled
which you've been able to do manually for quite some time, this just turns the bands on automatically.

I believe its got to do with the frequency its connected to. im still on 3g (boost) but when i was on optus it would switch between 3g and H+. and since telstra (as fas as im aware) aswell as optus and vodafone all only have 1 4g frequency that they are using. plans are that they will go and use 2. i believe this is why

Thus is likely just for Sprint Spark and carrier optimization. Android

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I doubt they would bother to release a separate incremental update to enable the bands with 4.4.3 on it's way anyway. Sprint might , but this is coming from google and they wouldn't bother
especially considering you can enable the bands manually already.
I think they just jumped the gun on announcing the 4.4.3 update, which happens to include enabling the additional bands automatically.

So this is only for Sprint folks...I'm with T-Mobile using a 32GB Nexus 5 and probably won't see this update. Oh well...

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"The Android build number to watch out for is KTU48F, and since Sprint's SKU is identical to the U.S. unlocked model, all Nexus 5s could be seeing an update today."

Sprint just happened to announce it.

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Here we go again with the silly "nothing yet in <insert location>" posts.

Updates are not geographically specific.

Carriers can't update your Nexus devices... only Google can. Hence why Verizon and Google don't play nice anymore with Nexus.

It doesn't matter whether you got your phone from T-Mobile, Sprint, or Google Play.

Nexus 5 4.4.2 (rooted)

Unless they hack into Google's servers...please let me know how this is wrong?

Google is the only one who can push updates to the Nexus line.

I have no issues with my phone, but will be looking forward to the update. Thanks Joseph!

On a side note I was able to use phone all weekend without a charge. I even hit up a baseball game and my girlfriends 30 the birthday wherein I took tons of pictures. Looking forward to even better battery life!

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If you would like for me to post pics to prove you wrong I can.

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Seems legit. My best is 2d 1h 19m 1s w/ 2h 41m 55s screen on time and still had 12% batt left.

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i underclocked mine to 1.5gbz and i can get 3.5hours screen on time (auto brightness) but still that was only in 1 day

I don't use any Google voice stuff, location off, and i have ART on. Honestly I don't see how people have trouble with the battery on this phone. Where I work has no WiFi and I have to use my phone for everything because my office computer is from 2002. Even with heavy usage I'll have 45% left on my phone at the end off the day.

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I get the same usage out of mine, battery last for at least 2 days on average, granted I play no games on mine, no twitter or Facebook, just take plenty of pics, texting, reading news.

I never said I do full on photo shoots, things just here and there, not like it's once every couple of minutes heck maybe more like hours apart, it's just my personal experience, I have no reason to lie nor benefit from lying.

I'm not saying you're outright lying. I'm more saying that I do not believe everything I read online. Especially when I don't do anything you mentioned either except twitter, and my battery wont last a full day. I have zero games installed and very few apps aside from the ones that came stock, and even many of them are disabled.

Turn off your Google voice stuff. If it's at the top of your battery usage then it drains your phone like a tub because its always "listening" for okay Google.

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What is on the top of your list when you look at your battery usage, other then your screen? BTW I have my brightness very low.

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Usually it's Android System, Google Keyboard, Android OS, Cell Standby, Google Play services, and then Hangouts. In close to that order.

That's just about how mine goes. Yesterday I had around 3 1/2 hour of screen time and only got to about 65% battery left. I'll make a posy of screen shots tomorrow and post a link here.

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I'm in Minnesota and it isn't showing up, I checked a min ago

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On Sprint here, N5, nada in sunny Puerto Rico. Not sure how anyone can be convinced updates aren't geographical, we know they're staggered and AFAIK no one has a clue just how they're staggered... Location could be one of the ways they stagger. /shrug Not like these posts hurt anything, of all the things to get irked about...

They've stated before that it's staggered by serial number. They (most every major manufacturer) have openly stated in the past that they aren't geographical. Google themselves specifically said this, and further stated that stopping your Framework service(s) does nothing to help you.

If that isn't clear enough, every series of comments, since the introduction of Android has had geographical posts attached, and not a single one has ended up being accurate.

So please, for the love of android, do your homework and stop posting this geographical crap that clogs up an otherwise good comment stream.

I stand duly corrected then, never paid enough attention to official updates to by aware they staggered based on serial numbers, thanks for sharing. This particular comment stream didn't have any other particularly redeeming content though, unless speculation about Spark icons or debating whether they'd do a Spark specific update seems peculiarly insightful to ya. :p

I'm a father of one kid with another on the way. I'm hoping that doesn't mean Google will make me wait as long as you will have to. We'll see soon enough though how posterity affects updates.

Stood on my head in the rain while singing Katy Perry songs, still no update!

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We have the latest software and when er hear something new coming out its "OMG OTA WHERE ARE YOU! !" it'll get here when it does could be worse could be like every other android phone has to wait 6 months plus

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agreed, entitled whiners
We all know how OTA updates and in particular Nexus OTA updates work, takes a good 2 weeks for everyone to get it.

Most of these responses are light hearted and not serious. Like mine.

I'm not updating as soon as it's available. I'll let others do that and let them "real world" test it.

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Nexus smartphone is brought to life by Google and Samsung. They want to be established as one of the premiere smartphones in the world and thus they are trying their best when it comes to its technology, specifications and hardware.

Uhh, Samsung hasn't made a Nexus device in over a year and a half, plus neither of their old Nexus are getting updates anymore... I'm curious who Google will tap next tho, perhaps Motonovo? HTC? Sony Ericsson?

Yep i own a nexus 10, and samsung has it clearly engraved it on the back down the bottom. Well i know in the UK they got restocked (from a newsletter article I read and in Australia the 16gb is still selling.