Nexus 4 wireless charging orb

Update: And this contest is closed. Thanks, everybody! Stay tuned for Wednesday's giveaway.

Up next in our "Get crap off Phil's Desk" content is the Nexus 4 wireless charger. This is the one that's about the size of a tennis ball, only it's black and charges a smartphone. This one is new and still in the box and completely free of dust and dog hair. (If ya'll want, I'll throw in a second charging orb, only this one might have that dust and dog hair stuff I mentioned.)

To enter, just leave a comment on this post and we'll get this charger to a good home.


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Spring cleaning: Win a Nexus 4 wireless charging orb


regardless of the dog hair or not i certainly wouldn't mind getting a wireless charger for my nexus 4!!!

I don't want to kill anyone's buzz, but it's useless to keep posting comments.
This simple fact, is just because i'm the one who's going to win..=)
Phill my good friend!!!!! remenber me.. from school!!!..that old pal!! looll=)

Crap for somebody may be gift for others. I never win anything. I hope I get this one.

If I win can I PLEASE have the 2nd orb as well complete with authentic Phil dust and dog hair?!

Sure, it's no touchstone. But that's the point; It's not a touchstone. It will actually work with my phone.

Pick me please i have a nexus 4 and my older phones broke i could use a nice charger :D

My N4 asked me to post this-- something about making sweet sweet wireless charging love, a match made in heaven, etc

it'll be great if you also had a nexus 4 dusting in your desk, the orb would be a perfect companion

haha one time I'd like to win one of these. but more so because I think that wireless charger is cool.

Could I please have one? Either of them would be awesome as I can't justify spending what the Play Store is asking on my current budget.

I'm in, hand raised. Please sir can you spare a Nexus 4 wireless charging orb! And note it will be very interesting to see what Motorola does with their x phone and wireless charging.

I really want one but just can't justify the price. Can't argue with free though!

I am on this site every day and follow it like my Android Bible! Please hook a brother up. Thanks

Just to let you know I just want the dog hair really I'm being honest just send me the dog hair!

I just got my wife a Nexus 4, and was on the fence about the wireless charging orb. I'm sure getting it gratis would push me over the top though!

Love the site!

Not having to deal with 1 less cable just to charge a device (ahem my Nexus 4) sure would be nice.

Plop it on!

Always been fascinated with this wireless charging and would like to have one around to show friends, how cool i look with it.

I've been wanting one of these for my nexus 4 but just can not justify the price.... but for free? That's what I'm talking about! I love Android central!

I just got a Nexus 4 yesterday. This would make a great gift for me! Pretty please?? :-) I'll even take the dog hair one!

Phil, I'll take the dog hair one. Pretty please. That way I won't feel bad when my dogs get their hair on it. :-)

Hey Phil!! I'll take that Nexus Orb off your hands! I really want one and have no credit card to purchase one online!!

brand new, with out without dust and dog hair. I wouldn't mind either or both as long as it's free and works, I'm in.

If I win this I will buy a Nexus 4 from Tmobile instead of the Galaxy S4 from Verizon. So Phil I leave my decision in your hands. :)

What the heck, count me in. I can definitely provide a warm, loving, nurturing home.

I'd love nothing more than to win the orb... Of course that means I probably won't. Still hope springs eternal.

Oh, I'm switching to a Nexus 4 in T - 2 months when I can jetison Sprint and go GSM! This is on my wish list!

Love to win this, i am finding it extremely hard to het hold of a branded qi charger in UK, dont want to pay £100+ to het one shipped of amazon

I'd take the one with the dog hair... Or the new one. Either way works for me :)

Comment. Hopefully, this one is better than the LG puck. I didn't have very good luck with that one.

I bought Nexus 4 as a present for my brother from Google store Australia. However they do not sell the wireless charger online. Please let me win this!!

I got this one. So, no one else need comment. Besides, who else is going to palmerize it with magnets and metal discs for the phone?

Since I'm here not cost anything for me to comment, since you have so much "crap" would give me a NEXUS 4 with this charger. Help "yourself and you will be helped"; would be very happy, PHIL Nickinson'm your fan, always helping others.

I'm getting a nexus 4 next week, it would be awesome to get a wireless charger for it.

I'm getting a nexus 4 next week, it would be awesome to get a wireless charger for it.

Thanks Android Central for making things like this happen for people. It would be nice for it to happen for me as well but thanks for the opportunity regardless if I win it or not.

Can you please pick me? This would be a cool thing to have and it'll let me test how protective that N4 Bumper is (when it slides off of the Orb) after I win that from you too.

This would be great to keep my phone charged as I frantically update twitter during Chelsea matches while at work

Well this constitutes my first comment here at Android Central, would love to win the charger :)

Yes! I really wanted to get that wireless charging orb for my Nexus 4 but the Australian Play Store doesn't sell it... Please help out an aussie!

These are still not available in the UK so I would love to be the evangelist for Nexus and this charger over here.

Hey Phil! I'd love to win it please :) I think you should star in the Animal House remake bro. Hehehe.. Your a shoe-in!

I live with dust and dog hair from two German shepherds. Android Central keeps this Android smartphone and tablet newbie from ever being a late adopter again!

I'd love it if you could send one my way given in the UK it will cost you about £80 (~$124!) to get one as they are not officially available. I'd happily pay the postage cost for the extra trip and I'd even take the dog hair one! Please! :P

I've always wanted to try wireless charging. This might be my chance even if it has dog hair and dust. Haha!

I have the Nexus 4, but can't dish out the dough for a wireless charger. It would definitely go to a great home if I was chosen! If not the new one, I'll even take the Dog Hair one! I just want awesome WIRELESS CHARGINGGGG!

A genuine Nexus accessory, with no charge, I feel empowered already;) Thanks AC!

Ok thank you very much! This will be a great wedding present for my fiancée. :)

Who has a nexus 4, 2 thumbs, and could use a wireless charger.... This guy.... Hmm... loses the affect if you can not see my thumbs.... Uhhh....yay wireless charger?!?

Just got a Nexus 4 for my daughter i would like to have one pls + i don't have the money to buy one. Thanks

SQUEEEEEEEEE! This would be an AWESOME Mother's Day gift to go with the brand-spanking-new Nexus 4 that Mom just got from Google. :-)

i am willing to adopt the nexus orb. i'll take good care of it. i promise :)
i need one to replace my now defunct usb cable...

in for one !

Would make a great gift for dad or another friend enjoying AC and Nexus goodness.


This will be convenient! Help save the back from scratches when I lay it out to charge!

Open Letter to Phil:

Dear Phil,

I am a student at the University of Michigan who just got his first smartphone. Up until then, I spent my years using a good old fashioned LG Rumor Touch. It was quite the piece of technology when everyone around me was pulling out iPhones and Galaxys. Now I have a truly amazing piece of technology: The Nexus 4. I love my phone, and I know that I can love it even more if I get this wireless charging orb. This last month with my phone has been phenomenal, and you can make it even better by passing this orb on to me.

Thank you for reading

Just picked up my Nexus 4 and dumped Verizon. This would be the cherry on top to an already great week.

Just picked up my Nexus 4 and dumped Verizon. This would be the cherry on top to an already great week.

Oh heck yeah!!! Would love to ditch the cord and roll wirelessly!!! Well, not roll, but charging would be great too!

Oh snap... So many comments already.... Guess I don't stand a chance with this one...

I'll take the one with the dog hair. I have 2 indoor dogs so might as well have it preloaded with dog hair since that will eventually happen.

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