Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD is mostly Android, has an awesome screen, access to Amazon Prime videos and an 8.9-inch Wifi version can be yours if the random number gods smile on you. I've got too many tablets and not enough time to love them all, so this one has to find a new home. 

If you've been following along you know the drill. If you're new, welcome aboard and here's how it works -- just leave a comment below. Sometime late tonight I'll shut the comments down, and pick a comment at random as the winner. We use the email address you have on file here at AC to contact you, so make sure it's valid and that you check it.

Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win a Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch tablet



Love to get this for the wife so we can let my 6 year old have her regular Kindle Fire and then maybe he will be quiet for 5 minutes. ;) Thanks.

I am addicted to Android Central. You are second only to my beloved in my daily reading. I could really use the Tablet. Thank you!

I could really use this for my wife so she will stop using my work tablet at home and I can actually get something done and when the wife isn't using the the girls can

This would make a nice replacement for my Blackberry Playbook, which will likely never receive the promised BBOS 10 update. Please, oh please....

Early in the comments! Does that help at all?

How do you pick "randomly?" Do you use a random number generator and look at post number or what?

  • Close the comments.
  • Get the number of comments.
  • Go to and have it generate a number between 1 and <number of comments>.
  • Pick the comment that matches the number given.
  • Make sure that person hasn't won a device in the last 12 months, and only posted one comment/entry. If so, they won and we email them :)



I have replied on the Ac app but can't see my comment so just in case I have commented more than once I'm really sorry :(

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Reading this made me realize that I didn't know the contest rules. It would be a great anecdote if this time the random comment was the one you made.

What is a kindle fire. Is it something I need at my campsite to cook with?

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Can I have it please? Never had a tablet before.

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I would love to get a tablet to use. Seems like a very useful device.


Woo! Let's do this!!! I need something to hold me over until I get the HTC Phablet due later this year!

I would really love to get into reading books, and think that this Kindle would be the perfect kick in the right direction I need.

This has always looked really solid, and I've collected a MASSIVE number of apps in the Amazon ecosystem, so I'd love to have one of these.

My tablet just had an accident the other day, dropped into a toilet! Not cool at all! It had a diaper on, but water is water!

Good luck, and may the random roll godz allow me to win! I'm so excited! Hence all the "!" Endings!

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This is a comment, a pretty nice one if you ask me. Hopefully a post, enough to being actually a post. Winning a tablet by posting a post is perhaps doable. But it is only to be now post posting the post.

So here it is.

This is a post.

My wife's kindle stopped working a couple weeks ago, so this would make an awesome gift for her. Or me, whichever.

You still need to find wifi access somewhere to use it, yes? It doesn't have the ability to connect like a cell phone, does it?

I'd love to have a Kindle Fire. My Galaxy Tab bit the dust a few months ago and I need a replacement tablet to play Ingress!

This would be a nice upgrade from my original Kindle Fire.

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;laksdl;fkna;lskdnf;lasdifoaiwenf;oqwienfoaisdn;lkntqw;oeinf;qwef;laskdnf....boy that was random.

I could use a new Tablet. My Acer Iconia A500 is useless with its severe sleep issues. I found that coffee doesn't help...

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That Kindle Fire HD is not a bad devices at all. love to have it. I'll root it then make it better.

My kids love their OG 7" Fire and I'd like to keep them away from my Nexus...

I've always been curious about this tablet. I'd love to have one to play around with. Thanks for the opportunity!

I would love to win one of these badboys since I recently sat on my wifes old Kindle and crushed it with my awesome gluteus maximus.

Please! This would be great. I sold my original nook (one with color display) last year and ended up never replacing it with something newer. This would make a great replacement.

Getting in on time on this one, plop my name in the hat please Jerry :-D

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jerry.. you say you got too many tablets and not enough time to love them all...
well... lucky for you... i got too much time and not enough tablets to love... i think we can make a deal here :)

I spend 98% of my workday on AndroidCentral 2% pretending to need to use the restroom. Efficiency is my middle name!

You know what's better than a Kindle that's on Fire? One that's on Fire in HD.

I'd love one!

Maybe I should start praying for the gods of numbers right now
May the Gods of numbers cast their lights upon me.

Tablet PLEASE! I'd love to see if amazon can help me cut the cable monsters cord (TIME WARNER CABLE!)

This would serve as a wonderful replacement for one of our previous generation Fire's that has stopped charging due to a faulty connector...

My wife would love this as a early birthday gift. Thanks for the opportunity to try at winning it.

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I freaking WANT IT!!! i like the picture of the back side of this device, always was an ass man myself really.

I would love to root and Rom that fire HD. Thanks for picking me!

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Hope I win this...

Also, @Jerry -- would you post the winner name somewhere here? 'Cos I never read who won the White Nexus 4 last time around?

Thank you for the chance to win a tablet. I have been trying to win for a long time on this site! I would love to get this for my daughter for her birthday in august!!!

I would welcome the opportunity to own this tablet. It would give me the chance to help some kids who don't have access to a computer and get their little minds going.


My Daughter would LOVE to have this. She has been begging me for 1 for a LONG time. It would be great if I could give it to her.

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