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Looks like some Sprint stores are unleashing the Nexus S 4G a few days early, according to some excited chatter in the forums. Despite the May 8 release date (that's this Sunday), some folks are saying they’ve managed to purchase their shiny new Google phone today. We’re pretty sure these are isolated cases but if you're  itching too hard to wait ‘til Sunday, it couldn’t hurt to drop by your local Sprint store to see how far some sweet talking will get you.

Source: Android Central Forums

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A lucky few buying the Nexus S 4G two days early


This is a nice phone but... once you've "Crossed Over" to the other side (ref. rooting)You just care about specs... because you can get updates and software whenever you want really.

Terrific wouldn't be the appropriate word.
While people do act like the Epic has NO dev support, it clearly does. But it doesn't touch that of other devices.
Terrific, no. Moderate, sure.

Well there is, but either the epic is harder than others to port later versions of android too, or the devs aren't as skilled as the other galaxy s phones. I think it's the Former, because the keyboard and 4g and what not.

It's no where near the Evo though. Anything you want for your Evo, it's there. It was one reason why I got the Evo over the Epic.

And the twits at Best Buy still respond with "We're not sure when we're getting that phone, but you can preorder it."

The girl I share a cubicle with brought in her new one today! I definitely like it, but my Inspire's 4.3" display is just too much real estate to go back to something smaller. I didn't really like that it was entirely plastic. Finally, not to rehash anything, but the Samsung overlay was a disappointing place to hang out.

I guess I am glad this is coming to Sprint but I won't replace my Epic for it. Just too similar to start a contract over for. Wish they could have spiced this phone up a little more, maybe the new amoled + screen and slightly faster processor or adding sd card support. Hopefully the Nx3 comes to Sprint as well.

With the Evo 3D likely coming out in about 30 days, I may go test drive the Nexus 4G and dump my Evo 4G on Ebay while the value is still high, then exchange the Nexus 4G for the Evo 3D when it comes out.

I am one of the lucky early buyers. It is one nice phone! Great upgrade from my Pre. I haven't had time to do much with it yet. I am looking forward to spending some quality time this weekend with my new Nexus S 4G!

I also am a very lucky early buyer. Loving it so far. So smooth, so fast, such a huge upgrade from my Palm Pre. Just wow.

Just got my new Nexus S 4G. They called me earlier today and said they were in stock and I just needed to come in and pick it up. First impressions:

1. Wow. The shape of this device is really cool. I like the slight curve. Fits against my head perfectly (and I have a big head!)
2. The apps screen that comes up when you hit the little square on the front has a cool look to it. You can see the icons sort of slide down as you slide your finger up or down. Almost like a piece of paper sliding over a roll.
3. The minute I got mine setup, it received an update. Showing 2.3.4 right now, but it happened so fast, I didn't get a chance to look at it before it updated.
4. No bloatware. So much better than my Droid X. The apps screen is relatively spartan compared to the Droid X.
5. It's a very smooth device. Everything from the design of the hardware to the movement of the screens. Incredibly smooth.
6. 4G is very fast. Just from looking at the browser, it's very quick to load pages. Nothing scientific, but clearly much faster than 3G.
7. Pretty shiny surface, so lots of fingerprints. That seems true of all devices these days though.
8. Haven't hooked it up to Google Voice yet, but anxious to see if that works, through the new Sprint integration. It came preloaded with Google Voice, but hopefully won't have to use that app.

Overall - extremely happy with my purchase.

Went to the Sprint/Jet Mobile store across the street and they said they didn't have them yet, but that another store across town did. They called, verified and told them that I was coming TO BUY THE PHONE. They said they would have it waiting. When I got there, the gal there got it out, took the stickers off popped the battery in and let me mess with it for a second (which was totally unneccessary - but I think she was trying to keep me occupied while she bounced between customers.) She asked what I thought, I said "I'll take it" and she said, "Oh. I can't sell it until Sunday." WHAT?! :-(

A question for those that have gotten one. Is there a way to get the Sprint apps on it? I don't like phones coming with a ton of stuff I didn't want on it, but on the other hand if I'm paying for Sprint TV, I want my Sprint TV on there.

On my new Nexus there is a Sprint section on the market. Apps like Sprint Radio, Sprint Family Locator, Qik Video by Sprint, etc. are all available. So, I think the answer is yes!

im getting this phone, maily cause its android 2.3 and offers full google experience, 16gb of internal storage is nice also, love the form factor too, got tired of my keyboard as well, anybody want to buy a semi new epic 4g, lol!

I am one of the lucky few to pick up the Nexus S. I wasn't looking for anything fancy, but I was looking for something speedy. I upgraded from the HTC Hero, and I'm pleased with the phone. The only thing I will miss is Sprint Navigation. I used Sprint Navigation for travel often, so I wish that I could somehow download it on the Nexus S. I know that the Nexus S uses Google Maps & Navigation, but it hardly ever worked on my Hero.