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The latest update to Skype improved the UI and added a much asked for feature in portrait calling, but unfortunately the rest of the app is locked in landscape. The portrait calling seemed like a no-brainer fix, especially considering many smaller tablets -- like the Nexus 7 -- have camera setups meant for portrait orientation. The unfortunate bug (or at least we hope it's a bug) is that for now the rest of the UI is locked into landscape orientation. This means that browsing your contacts and initiating calls is all in landscape, then you have to rotate the tablet to hold the call.

Overall the new UI is great and pretty well mirrors the styling of the phone UI, but the perpetual landscape really puts a damper on things. Let's hope Skype pushes out a new update to add back in the portrait support, and in the meantime we can at least enjoy portrait video calls.


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Skype update adds portrait calling on tablets, rest of the app locked in landscape


Ugh. That doesn't really help. the landscape UI is almost unusable on the Nexus 7, especially if you want to use it for IM. I guess portrait calling is nice, but the update doesn't solve the real problem.

Yeah, I can imagine Microsoft, the owner of Skype, is an a real hurry to correct the program's problems on the number one competing platform.

Tried it on two different phones running JB 4.2.1 and GB 2.3.7 and the UI works just fine in portrait mode. Most be a bug or a specific setting for tablets only.

I've also noticed that swiping away the app from the Android recent-app list no longer kills the application - it stays on (in my notification bar) as it should. Now I can clear-all without worrying.

I was a subscriber with Skype for almost 3 years. I was paying the World Unlimited subscription. I used it to call China for unlimited hours. Each month was around $13.99/month. But after it was bought by Microsoft. They removed China from the Unlimited Subscription and they added a new subscription Unlimited World including China and hiked the price to $21.99/month. Typical Microsoft. Bye Skype There are better offers with free unlimited calls for me and everyone and I think you're gonna kill Skype soon. Good luck.