Verizon is set to launch the Galaxy Tab on Nov. 11 for $599. If the price didn't shock you, this news might. A leaked Verizon training document states that the Skype, NFL Mobile, and VCAST apps won't be available at launch. While most of you couldn't care less about VCAST, it not being available on Day 1 is a pretty big deal for Verizon. Its also a bit odd that the NFL app won't be ready, too. Especially since Verizon recently upgraded its NFL app a few months ago. Click the source to view the rest of the shots. [Engadget]


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Skype, NFL Mobile, and VCast apps won't be on Verizon Galaxy Tab


I could care less about NFL Mobile and VCast, but Skype is kinda a deal-breaker for me. What good is a front facing camera with no video chat?

And how long do you think Skype will stay out of that game? i;m guessing we'll see video chat soon.

>If the price didn't shock you, this news might.

The only thing that shocks me is why people would be interested in the Tab in the first place. Especially after looking at the price and the proprietary connectors. Wait a bit longer people, much better will be coming (faster, bigger, more capacity, lower price).

How about NOT pre-loading them ON anything? Just make them available via the market or by some other means. Wouldn't that just rock. :D

Skype Mobile is already available to download on the Samsung Tab. Tried it last Thursday. However, the device is a Tablet, not a large phone. It is not designed to replace a phone. It does not have a "dial pad" and may be blocked from making voice calls.

Woo, so what is this tab used for? I guess its just a $600 plus $30-60 a month 7inch internet browser that only uses slow cell phone signals to be on the internet. sounds like a fantastic deal.

Sprint is offering only a $100 discount but you have a two year agreement to pay for it. Verizon is offering this with only a month to month plan.

I think that Skype Mobile* and Skype are getting confused here. Skype Mobile is an app that allows calling of skype contacts through verizon's network (using 3g data to setup call and then the call connects using a special one time use number that skype sets up). I don't think that's at all the same as the Skype app that recently went out that allows calling any skype contact using voip over wifi. If VZW isn't supporting the tab as a phone, then it makes sense not to allow skype mobile since that app using a standard phone call to eventually connect the call.