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Samsung says that their new Chromebook is more than a pretty face

Folks looking to upgrade their current Samsung Chromebook to the Chromebook 2 — set to be released in April — will notice a big boost in performance, according to the latest from Samsung on the matter. That's because the new Chromebook 2 is powered by the eight-core Exynos 5 Octa versus the dual-core CPU in the previous version.

Maximizing performance in tight power and thermal budgets is critical in today’s mobile devices. Compared to Exynos 5 Dual, our new Exynos 5 Octa application processors deliver up to 125 percent increase in computing and two times the multimedia performance. This enables designers to develop leading-edge products with significantly improved battery life. — Dr. Kyushik Hong, vice president of System LSI marketing, Samsung Electronics

The 11.6-inch model will feature an Exynos 5 Octa whose four "big" cores run at 1.9GHz, while the four "little" cores run at 1.3GHz. The 13.3-inch model has "big" cores running at 2.0GHz and "little" cores are clocked at 1.3GHz. Both processors are built on 28nm technology and feature multi-core Mali GPUs.

It will be interesting to see how the latest power-chips from Samsung compare with Intel versions, and you can bet we're going to be having a look when these come out in April.

Samsung Exynos 5 Octa Powers New Chromebook 2

First Chromebook to utilize eight core SoC with big.LITTLE technology for high performance and energy efficiency

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced semiconductor solutions, announced that its Exynos 5 Octa mobile application processor is the power behind the new Samsung Chromebook 2*. The Exynos 5 Octa family features an eight-core ARM® big.LITTLE™ processor configuration built for efficient handling of multiple tasks in high-end mobile devices today.

“Maximizing performance in tight power and thermal budgets is critical in today’s mobile devices,” said Dr. Kyushik Hong, vice president of System LSI marketing, Samsung Electronics. “Compared to Exynos 5 Dual, our new Exynos 5 Octa application processors deliver up to 125 percent increase in computing and two times the multimedia performance. This enables designers to develop leading-edge products with significantly improved battery life.”

The 11.6-inch model of new Samsung Chromebook 2 is powered by Exynos 5 Octa based on four big cores (ARM Cortex®-A15 processors at 1.9GHz) and four little cores (ARM Cortex-A7 processors at 1.3GHz) and the 13.3-inch model is also powered by Exynos 5 Octa, configured with big.LITTLE technology (ARM Cortex-A15 processors at 2.0GHz and ARM Cortex-A7 processors at 1.3GHz).

Built on 28nm High-K Metal Gate process technology and incorporating powerful multi-core ARM Mali™ GPUs, the Exynos 5 Octa family of application processors brings superior performance as well as maximum power efficiency to Chromebooks allowing for a smaller, slimmer battery package that is equally or more efficient than that of previous models.

"ARM big.LITTLE multi-processing technology delivers the highest performance and efficiency across the widest range of workloads and it is a significant endorsement to see it used in the new Google Chromebook," said Nandan Nayampally, vice president of marketing, CPU group, ARM. "We welcome Samsung's continued commitment to deploying the leading-edge technology on their latest chips featuring the ARM Cortex-A processor series, ARM Mali-T628 GPU and ARM Artisan™ physical IP."

“The Samsung Chromebook 2 offers great performance and battery life in a slim, fanless design, making them great devices for consumers, businesses and schools,” said Caesar Sengupta, vice president of product management, Google. “We’re particularly excited to see the new 13-inch form factor from Samsung, powered by Exynos 5 Octa processor, which brings Chromebooks up market with high quality components and capabilities, like a full, bright HD screen and top-notch audio for a rich Google+ Hangouts experience. These specs make the Samsung Chromebook 2 a great primary device for everyone.”


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Samsung's new Chromebook brings 125% boost in performance from previous model


The announce post had pricing. Starting at $340 for the 11" and $400 for the 13", both with 4GB RAM and 16GB storage. Kinda steep for a Chromebook.

Although I agree that those are steep prices for a Chromebook, that's a steal for a laptop with a 1080p display. You'd be hard-pressed to find another laptop that costs less than 500 dollars and has a full-HD display.

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I'll give you that. The 13" is a better deal at just a $60 bump over the 11". The smaller one, though, has the same screen size, specs and resolution as other chromebooks that are ~$100 cheaper.

Agreed. The 13" is a fine deal. The 11" should be $50 cheaper, in my humble (and yet entirely correct) opinion.

Posted from one of an unnecessarily large collection of Nexus devices because I'm That Guy

+1 Agreed, the 11-inch model is definitely a ripoff, when compared to other Chromebooks like the C720.

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It's 340 dollars.

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No problem. I do agree with your comment above that the new Samsung chromebooks are priced a little too high. I personally would price Samsung's chromebooks as follows:

Series 3: lower price to $200
New 11.6" model: $270-$280
New 13.3" model: $350-$370

I like your prices =)

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I'm very interested in replacing my Samsung Chromebook sometime soon. I don't only notice a limitation with processing power, but also very noticeably RAM. The Acer C720 with 4GB of RAM is the leading contender, but somewhat of a unicorn if you try to find one to purchase.

"125% boost in performance"

That's either a marketing mistake (and they mean 25%) or its an intentional marketing exaggeration.

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I know what it means... but there hasn't been a single consumer electronic that was more than twice as better than the model it replaced. See my other comment below.

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Chromebooks are still in their infancy so there is likely to be very big jumps in performance as kinks get worked out between both hardware and software. If you know anything about ASIC miners for bitcoins, those also had huge jumps in performance of mining when they were first introduced. Eventually everything catches up with Moore's law.

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JR A, that is probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Many times a new model is 2x faster than previous generations.

Just type "over 2x performance" in Google and skip past the icrap and you will see the plethora of examples. AMD/nvidia/...etc. It's amazing what proper keywords can bring you.

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Hate? He's only joking, lol.

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Exactly - thus new "improved" version is still half the performance of last year's Chromebooks from other brands (ie Acer) but people will probably still blindly buy it because it's Samsung and it's new.

Posted via Android Central App

Or maybe they actually like what it offers? I have the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. I knew when I got it that there were other Chromebooks available that offered better performance for the same price (or lower). But I didn't like the keyboard or touchpad of the Acer models, the HP 14 was larger than I was looking for, and I really wanted a fanless/ventless design. And I prefer the look to the (more expensive) HP11.

I think this new chromebook from Samsung is just too much. Is a 125% increase in processing power and an extra 2gb of extra ram going to justify an at least $130 difference from the c720?

After all, it's still a chromebook.

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The 13 (not sure about the 11, can't remember) will have a 1080p display. That's worth a lot for a lot of people, me included.

That being said, performance can't be bad.

I am a fan of the new resolution for sure, and the 13 inch screen. 11 is pretty small. I can't justify the extra tho. 2 c720's for the price of one 13 inch chromebook 2

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The C720 is a great device.

Buying one versus the other is all contingent upon your needs and usage patterns.

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+1 And, the display on the original Samsung Chromebook was really nice, in my opinion. The display on this one should look great, with the bump in screen resolution.

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Yeah the Chromebook still rules for casual browsing. I have never been happy with smartphone web browsing. Still isn't right for me. Emergency use only.

When I did have one, I did just use it for browsing. The portability was great. Also, paired with a bluetooth speaker, it was a nice portable solution for watching movies.

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Probably, but you do get a very capable machine for your 200 dollars.

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Right. Go ahead and pay for Samsung fashion, not performance. That crappy Intel owns Samsung, regardless how crappy and less fashionista you happen to think Acer is. Personally I pay for performance and function first, and appearance last. But to each their own.

Further what exactly qualifies Samsung as the premium quality device in your opinion? That lovely pleather coating. I'm sure that alone increases performance by another 200%!

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk ATT

200%, from faux leather! that's why you would buy it first then.....specs first. I could tell you were a nexus guy just by your comment(s).....but I had to confirm it by your signature....and there it was.

I usually am drinking while posting here.....sorry

Because we all know ARM processors are more powerful than Intel x86 ones... /s

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Am I the only one that sees this as a marketing terminology?

125% technically means it's 25% more powerful as 100% is = to the previous amount.

Just like if you run 2 video cards in SLI or Crossfire you're not going to get twice the performance you'll get roughly 40‰ more power.

I dunno maybe it's just me reading too much into this.

I believe 100% more powerful means double as powerful as before. But like you said, it probably won't produce more than double the performance. Could be wrong.

EVO 4G LTE still doing work!

100% improvement would mean double the performance. If Sammy is telling the truth, which I feel they aren't, then this new chromebook should have more than the double the performance. That is outrageously generous considering consumer electronics from these big companies don't grow at that kind of rate. Actually, I can't think of any mobile consumer product in the last 10 years that more than doubled the performance of the prior generation. Even those with "revolutionary" CPUs and GPUs were perhaps 10-20% better than the model they replaced.

I think the performance would actually be 25%, not 125%, better. Either a marketing mistake, or an intentional marketing exaggeration.

Posted via Telepathy, Android version HAL 9000 "Carne Asada"

It is 2.25 times as fast with graphics twice as fast, and twice as much RAM. The new CPU is an octacore chip (4 big ARM cores, and 4 little cores) compared to two ARM cores (2 big ARM cores) in the Series 3 Chromebook. The CPU clock speed is also higher than the Chromebook series 3. It would be very surprising it it was not 2.25 times as fast.

So you're saying double the RAM means 2.5x better performance?

And you're saying because of the extra cores and better graphics, I can get 2.5x more FPS and 2.5x better frame timings playing video games?

So does this mean my chromebook will boot up to desktop 2.5x faster than the model it's replacing?

And does that mean I can render audio and/or video 2.5x faster than the last model?

And this means I can decently run an external monitor with 2.5x the amount of pixels that the previous model was able to run?

Oh and will it be able to have display latencies 2.5x faster?

My point is that I do not doubt it will be "better", I just doubt it'll be 2.5x better, and better performance at what exactly is an even deeper question...

Posted via Telepathy, Android version HAL 9000 "Carne Asada"

There is no room for interpenetration: 125% faster means, based on the tests performed to generate the numbers, the new unit will be 2.25x as fast as the current unit.

Given the change over in CPU this is totally within reason.

I know what 125% means.

My point, is that it won't deliver 2.5x faster or more of whatever is advertised; it's another statistic used to sway a reader. If that's the case, I expect 90 FPS on my Chrome games.

I wouldn't pay $300-$400 for it when you can get a C720 for $200. The C720 has more than enough processing power and the battery life is really good. I haven't seen one hiccup yet with mine. The screen resolution has never been a problem for me. Text and video look great. And it is going to be supported for at least another 3 and a half years.

I would much rather an Intel based chromebook just for the fact it plays nicely with Linux if you want to load Linux onto it

Agreed. Unfortunately, the percentage of buyers who would do that is so small that it's not an argument that Samsung would think about for a second.

Posted from one of an unnecessarily large collection of Nexus devices because I'm That Guy

Arm compatible distros are becoming more common and more available since the Linux kernel is being developed for arm as well.

via moto x.

I just bought the C720. From early reports I read the Samsung with the new chip still struggles, especially compared to its Haswell counterparts. So to me it really is just a pretty face with a pretty price tag to match. No thanks Samsung. I'm sure it's cheaper for them to put their own chips inside, versus Intel, but you wouldn't know it looking at the price.

As with their smart phones, I just do not like where Samsung is going with the Chrome book, pricing them higher every year and refusing to move away from mobile phone processors for a laptop. I like Chrome OS for what it is, but when they start pricing themselves out of the sweet spot, it misses the whole point of the CB in the first place.

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You are either assuming or just trolling. The chip set in this chromebook is the same chipset in the new Galaxy NotePro 12.2 tablet. Samsung makes processors. They partner sometimes, like the ULV Exynos in the Ativ Pro Lite, with a company like AMD. Go to a store with a working NotePro and use it, even with TW it's a strong processor.

I'm neither assuming nor trolling. Read reports of the performance from the new Sam processor and they are underwhelming at best, at least in comparison to Intel, just like the last gen Sam processors in comparison to the older Intel. They are and always have been weaker than Intel, so no assuming or trolling about it.

Now plenty of folks can easily live with lower power for a somewhat nicer machine and that's fine. But it's no secret that Sam chips are well below the performance of Intel in PC style applications.

I expect in future Chromebooks from various manufacturers, we will have i3 or maybe i5 chips, and at that point it won't even be fair for Samsung and they will have to use Intel or AMD to stay in the game.

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The JavaScript benchmarks that mobilegeek did showed this chromebook was twice as slow as the haswell based chromebooks.

Exynos processors really are a steaming pile of poo.
via moto x.

Im only guessing you are referring to this post on the new samsung chromebooks. If you watch the video you will see it actually scores higher than the C720 with the Haswell chipset. You can also peruse this link to a group benchmark of several chromebooks including the C720 which scores lower than most.

This is the article.

I wouldn't call these laptops as they lack a lot of functionality. That's not to say that chrome OS doesn't haven't its usage.

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I think you should revise the term "laptop" if you think Chromebooks don't count as such because they are less functional than Windows based laptops.

Posted via Android Central App

Honestly most laptops today are really laptops at all. That term came from being able to use the computer on your lap. Most so called laptops today would burn you if you set them in your lap during use.

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 3

Are barebones laptops with no operating systems also not considered laptops? It isn't the OS that decides wether a certain device is a computer. I had an acer c7 which ran chrome OS but it also easily ran Ubuntu which through software such as wine in combination with playonlinux runs many .exe applications designed for windows which includes Microsoft office 2010 and lower, internet explorer and so forth. I certainly would conclude that these machines, especially the Intel versions, are far from useless. You just seem to be very ignorant right now. You should research before making such grossly erroneous statements.

Any word on whether Samsung will release a 4G LTE version of either model, particularly with the 13.3" version?

I already saw a benchmark for the new Samsung Chromebook last week and it benchmarked at half that of the year old Acer C720 Chromebook which is cheaper. Why would you get this? Build quality on the Acer was already top notch.

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My question for those with Intel powered Chromebooks like the C320: How much does the fan run? Does it cycle for a few seconds-minutes at a time as needed, or is it constantly on? Is it variable speed like a normal laptop, or just an on/off deal? The primary reason I bought my chromebook (OG Samsung Chromebook-the one this new leather covered model replaces) was the lack of fan.

I have a full size, Core i5, 1080p, touchscreen VAIO on which the fan NEVER SHUTS OFF and it drives me batshit insane! It's not ultra loud, but when it's sitting on my lap for 1+ hour(s) at a time, it annoys me to the point where I can't even think straight haha. Since I do mostly internet browsing, youtube watching, and music listening the Chrombook works well for me most of the time. I would definitely love the extra muscle of the new Sammy over the old, but I'm gonna be passing on it because I can't justify the price just to browse the web when the old works decent enough and I've got the VAIO on hand for everything else. Just curious about the Intel Chromebooks for comparison...

I have literally never heard the fan on my C720. It's the 2gb variant and I've had no performance issues or otherwise.
I used to have a really nice Lenovo laptop that was never quiet. Even when it was sleeping, the fan was running nonstop. The C720 is the exact opposite of that. Add in the fact that it gets 8 hours of battery life (and it really does), it's probably the best laptop I've ever owned in terms of price to performance ratio.

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We talked about that above. 125% more power means 2.25 times more powerful. How it plays out in reality is yet to be known though.

EVO 4G LTE still doing work!

You wouldn't. Or at least I wouldn't.

Posted via my amazing HTC M8 in the world's worst dummy case

Resolution is the only reason why I'd get this over the C720. But, if resolution isn't an issue, and you like the smaller form factor of the Acer, then it's worth saving the $200.

Not to mention, though the battery life of my Samsung Chromebook was great (around 6 hours, give or take), the C720 is a monster with over 9 hours of battery life, almost rivaling the HP Chromebook 14.

The new Samsung chromebooks have 4GB of RAM, probably will have better keyboards and trackpads (if the Series 3 is any indicator), and probably will have better sound quality. The smaller model also weighs less, while the larger model will feel relatively light compared to the relatively heavy 11.6" Acer 720.

There are people out there like myself who already have a chromebook (in my case, the Series 3) and would like to upgrade to a model with better sound, a better screen, more RAM, and 4G LTE connectivity. The new Samsung chromebooks, particularly the 13.3" model, meets 3 of those 4 attributes. I would prefer if they had Intel Haswell processors, but we're not talking about an operating system like Android that needs high processing power to perform efficiently.

Don't get me wrong - at this point I definitely think the Acer C720 chromebook is the best buy for an entry-level chromebook right now.

Eh, I'm satisfied with all of your main concerns with my C720. I'm sure the Samsung probably is better in a few areas, but it's not worth the price they're charging and abandoning the Intel chips.

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Yeah, 9.5 hours of battery life is great for a laptop, especially one of that size. It definitely destroys my Asus laptop in the battery life department, lol.

Is it true that Chromebooks turn on really, really fast? None of this boot-up crap, and so on?

Posted via Android Central App

Very true. My Samsung (the one everybody here is calling slow) takes less than 10 seconds to get to the login screen. After I enter the password, it takes between 2 and 3 seconds to load the rest of the way. And that's to being fully functional... not like windows where you can see the desktop but there's still a bunch of stuff loading in the background.

To sum it up, I can go from fully powered down to viewing a website in well under 20 seconds.

It is true. My acer C720 with 2GB boots in like 3 seconds. I have an Alienware Windows 7 notebook and I hate it now, I really can't stand having to wait 2 or 3 minutes until it is really usable, It is nowadays mainly only used by the wife and I only touch it when I really need to run Windows programs.

Yes, it's true. Equally as important, when Chrome OS needs updates, you can go from shutting down your chromebook to install the update to being back up and running in less than a minute. The updates almost always take less than 30 seconds to install.

BTW, my chromebook is also that "slow" Samsung Series 3 with an ARM processor. (I do think based on reviews I've read the Intel Haswell Celeron processors are probably better overall in chromebooks, but the Samsung ARM processors work solidly too IMO.)

Am I the only one who wishes that Samsung would have used equal amounts of resources on the esthetics, as on the performance? That white pleather just screams cheap and tacky, like used car seller (sorry did not mean to offend all the classy, humble, nice and sympathetic car sales people out there).

Posted via Android Central App

It's nice to see Samsung update its Chromebook offerings. Chromebooks are a great choice for users that spend most of their time in a browser and want a device that starts up fast and is easy to use.

If you're considering Chromebooks but also need access to Windows applications you can look at solutions like Ericom AccessNow, an HTML5 RDP client that enables Chromebook users to securely connect to any RDP host, including Terminal Server and VDI virtual desktops, and run their applications and desktops in a browser.

AccessNow does not require any client to be installed on the Chromebook, as you only need the HTML5-compatible browser.

For an online, interactive demo, visit the Ericom site and look for the AccessNow online demo.

Please note that I work for Ericom

I'd like to upgrade my current Samsung Chromebook, and this newer, faster, slimmer edition sounds great, but faux-leather...

Posted via AC App on HTC One

This is Samsung spinning bad news to make it sound positive. The real headline is the Samsung Chromebook 2 performance is almoat 50% slower than most Chromebooks, including the $199 Acer C720. Saying it's 125% faster than their 18 month+ old model isn't saying much. I am not sure why android central posts the press release without that criticism