Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab (that's still a slightly unofficial name, by the way) is now set for launch before October, according to a piece on Forbes' website. the previously rumored dual cameras are again mentioned, as are GPS, Wifi and a 3G data connection. But it's the launch window we really care about. What we don't know, however, is where the thing will launch, whether it's in the U.S. or overseas. Regardless, we'll have our fingers crossed. [Forbes via Samsung Hub]

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Kedar says:

Awesome, it still takes notes from Apple! -_-

But still looks nice. If it sports the same Hummingbird processor, gaming can ensue!

Menno says:

there's only so many ways you can make a giant touchscreen slab.

bkj216 says:

Galaxy Phone = Win
Galaxy Tablet = Fail

But it could be a Win with some refinements and adjustments

icebike says:

I think I'll wait for the Dual core version.
I don't understand why you would need Dual Cameras on a tablet. Its too damn big to use as a camera. All you need is the front facing cam for chats.

Blackberry is rumored to have a tablet coming too.

Any bets oh which one is going to be more usable? Extensible? Quickly Rooted?

Darkseider says:

I am with you on this one. I am waiting for a dual core OMAP 44xx or Tegra 250 based Android tablet before I get one. Something more in line with the guts of the Toshiba AC100 Smartbook which is a dual core nVidia Tegra 250 (Cortex A-9) based system but in tablet form.

Spaniard85 says:

Any Android tablet news is good news IMO at this point. An October launch would make a pretty sweet second birthday present, right after the baby!

kewlnesss says:

The image above copies WebOS imo

Spaniard85 says:

How? Just looks TouchWiz 3.0 to me.

Bigboyk#AC says:

Forget the tablet, I have an iPad.. When is the Epic 4G coming out so I can replace this horrible Hero... Smh

toddjy says:

So sorry for you. :)

eyesparky says:

I do wish Samsung would stop taking styling cues from Apple in both their hardware appearance and skinning of Android ... if I wanted Apple I would buy Apple. Hire some talented designers and create your own house feel. Other than that, really excited about the prospect of high end tech Android tablets (without the usual Apple antics of removing features so that they can be revolutionary in the next edition). I wonder how scalable Samsung's Super Amoled screen technology is? Look forward to seeing more on this.

djsda says:

I was scrolling down through the page and at first sight I thought this was another Droid X to 'normal' cell phone size comparison!

eahinrichsen says:

Looks promising, but I'm not sure how much I like the screen dimensions. It looks basically like a really big phone; as a tablet, I'd like to see the width-to-height ratio a little higher.

toddjy says:

I think this is on my short of tablets; it may have even bumped the Notion Ink to second place (or third; if HP gets its webOS tablet out in the third quarter; but I'm probably giving that one to my parents).

The article didn't say anything about whether this will function as a phone or not (bluetooth, of course).