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Selective focus, Shot & More, 4K video and Studio Mode are just some of the GS5's new imaging features

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Samsung introduces not only a new 16-megapixel sensor and a revamped flash to the Galaxy S5, but also a wealth of new software features to go with them. The revamped Samsung camera app mostly does away with the big carousel of shooting modes, arranging various features in a grid layout, accessible from the settings icon. Here's where you'll finds options like photo and video resolution — the GS5 shoots at up to 16MP in 16:9, 12MP in 4:3 and video at 4K — as well as the selective focus and HDR modes. The former takes a bunch of exposures, does a little math, and then lets you choose whether you want to focus on the foreground of background. (There's also a "pan focus" option that tries to keep everything sharp.) HDR has been revamped too, giving a live preview of what HDR images will look like. Capture speeds — generally, and in HDR mode in particular — are also noticeably improved.

'Shot & More' lets you take photos now and apply shooting modes later.

The "Modes" button, once overflowing with options, has been pared back significantly. Many of the older modes, such as HDR, now live in the main settings grid. Instead the scrolling list of modes is reserved for a few fancier shooting modes, such as panorama and the new "Virtual tour" mode, which is best described as a series of Photosphere images stitched together — similar to Google Maps Street View. Many of the Galaxy S4's advanced photo modes — Eraser Shot, Best Face, Best Photo and Drama Shot, for example — now live under the Shot & More feature. This solves the problem of being overwhelmed by the wide array of "smart" photo modes offered by previous Samsung cameras by letting you take your shot first, then decide which mode is best. (Some shooting modes which aren't relevant may be grayed out, depending on the image.) What's also useful is that you can save the original images and go go back and change output modes later through the Gallery app.

This is one of the many settings found in the Gallery app's "Studio" section. Others include a video trimmer, Photo studio — a straight-up photo editor similar to the one found in stock Android 4.4 — Collage studio, which can be used to stitch several photos together into an artistic image. There's also Video clip studio, which produces videos similar to HTC's video highlights. First select the shots or video you want to include, then apply filters and add music to create a personal montage of shots.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 camera and gallery walkthrough video


Nooooo this is gonna ruin all of the moustache-finger-tattoo-photobomb photos that i pop into on "girls-night-outs".... :{(

One thing is for sure when the S5 arrives to market it will have the best camera on the market.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

I don't think HTC has ever had a good camera. :)
Yeah, that is my honest opinion. Ultra pixel is a fun idea, but it's almost as limited as that Lytro camera.

Are you kidding? They were the first to have an Android phone with a BSI sensor. The 4MP camera in the One has better low-light performance than any other phone - probably better than the GS5. The One probably has a better front facing camera than anything else. I'm pretty sure the One is still the only phone with a f/1.8 camera (rear-facing). Really, using three sensors to capture more light was a pretty good idea!

Saying that HTC never had a good camera just isn't right. fwiw I never had an HTC so I'm not a fanboy. I'm just stating some facts. I think it would be more accurate to say HTC has never had a bad camera unlike Moto or Samsung.

I'm pretty sure any of the cameras on the Nokia Lumina phones beat this thing... What a blindly ignorant Samsung fanboy.

1. Other people saying roughly the same thing.
2. Advertising (which I admit, isn't entirely credible)
3. The undisputed fact that Nokia usually has the best hardware/design in their phones.
4. The fact that the Lumina 1020 has a 41 MP camera (well over double what Samsung has) with optics from Carl Zeiss AG, a high quality lens manufacturer. Also, the main feature of those phones is the camera, not anything else. Why *wouldn't* it have a better camera if the main feature is the camera?
Also, I don't understand why you're calling me a "fanboi", when I'm just stating the truth.

Id like to hear more about the fuel connection feature. Where you can download using LTE and Wi-Fi at the same time. They sat up to a GB in 30 seconds. I know that will depend on your carriers speeds and your Wi-Fi speeds, but hell I'm getting 40mbs on a regular bases so add some high speed Wi-Fi to that and it should be zippy


S5 owners will see that a lot. The best SoC available and it still takes 10 seconds to get an image.

Well us S3 owners see it for HDR shots currently, so luckily the HDR image capture seemed pretty quick. But yes, it would certainly be nice to require less time for processing the "Shot & More" stuff.

Regular shots take no time to process. That is probably low light mode, or HDR. That only does the processing when there is after processing to be done. You apparrently know nothing about cameras.

Lol. Thankfully tim242 is here to show the world that he knows everything. /s

I have a Note 3 and I stare at the "Processing..." animation for just as long. Other top tier devices do not require 10+ seconds of postprocessing to take a decent photo.

I have a Samsung camera (bought on Cyber Monday) and almost every other picture I take processes. It's like back when we used those disposable paper cameras and had to wind before every shot. That, plus it doesn't always take a pic when I hold down the shutter. I loved the camera on my Note 2 and my friends Note 3 has great camera software so I find it surprising that their actual (stand-alone) camera has such poor software.

The photos on my Note 2 weren't anything to brag about, but at least I could take as many as I wanted without waiting for processing. The Note 3 takes good photos but you must wait for it to do its thing, or the photos come out pretty lame.

Wtf? In just regular auto mode you never see what you are saying

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

You must be in perfect lighting conditions and hold the phone completely still. I just took photos of a messenger bag on a desk, 3 feet away from me, under multiple fluorescent lights, in full auto mode, and half the photos required postprocessing. The Note 3 takes great photos, but it requires a lot of patience to get them.

I wish that I could post a recording of the pictures. No lag, no processing.

I must have been the luckiest person in the world.

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

3 seconds for hdr photos on my S4, hard hdr shots of the dash of my car and outside. Full auto shots no processing at all.


Probably because you have a magical GN3 that doesn't lag?

More likely because you see what you want to see. That makes your sig hilarious.

Unfortunately most of the androids need HDR on most of the time. Even Note 3 can't do it well in "low" light condition in regular mode and takes long to process HDR.
iPhone w 8MP is superior when it comes to image processing. Will see how this Rig of Samsung will compare to the rest of the 2014 phones. Maybe that ISOCELL really set them apart.

BTW, Note 3 sometimes won't even open the camera app or at times turn on the flash - needs to reboot. Lockscreen freezing. Samsung, has a lot of homework to do that's for sure.
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VZW Moto X

That's why the rapid HDR feature is a big deal - it seemed to happen instantaneously for Alex. In the video, the "Processing..." was for the Shots and More features. I really hope it does not have to do much post-processing in auto mode.

Can anyone confirm that there is the shutter button on the outer frame of the phone? Curious about that and how it would function with cases, etc.

you do know since jellybean (i think) you can set the volume buttons to be a hardware shutter button? there is no need to have a dedicated shutter button

For first time this phone looks interesting to me.. But 2GB ram.. I had Note 3 and sold it.. It was great phone, but still laggy... I will wait for the Note 4.. Even if there are small improvements it still will be better than S5.. And here you get 16GB and out of the box you can use only 7 free.. I really hated this phone, but now I think it's not that bad.. It's just not good enough :-))

My friend had lag on his note 3 and instead of selling he rooted and installed a stock custom Rom debloated and now it runs just as fast as the best phone out there now, plus he can still use the spen.

Posted via Android Central App

He probably means a stock TW based ROM, in which case you still get all the Samsung features but without the bloat. I always found it a bit pointless to buy a Note series just to install AOSP ROMS since you loose all s-pen functionality. Might as well stay with the S Series if you really want Sammy.

No problems with s-pen functionality on my Rooted Note 2, on AOSP rom. They're a lot of substitute s-pen apps in the play store that are, as equal or better than Sammy note app/features/air commands.
LIke Papyrus, Gnote, GMD s-pen control, Note Buddy (S Pen Helper). It's all my set-up not dictated by Sammy TouchWiz bloatware. Loving every bit of pure Android experience.

Well obviously using the s-pen same as any stylus would still work considering it is a stylus but you loose a lot the unique s-pen functionality. Sure you could re-inject some of the features with third-party apps but they are never as well integrated into the UI as when using a TW-based ROM. Just my experience.

Too much Samsung on Android Central. I bet the Z2 camera is more or less better but you don't see any info being posted. How is Samsung's money Phil?

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No it's just everyone talking about Samsung. Sony normally doesn't get that much press coverage and also they are not big in US because the useless carriers don't carry them.
I'm more excited about the all new One now.

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Neither of us has the either phone but like I said before. Ram, IPS screen, On screen close to vanilla Android buttons, camera shoots 2k, 20.7MP, shutter button, power and volume button on the same side, used to constantly change volume when when pressing power on my s3. The quality, not plastic. Need I say more?

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the z1 had a 20 mp camera and produced higher resolution pictures
but the S4 produced better looking pictures
mp isn't everything..

The z2 frame isn't all aluminum it's still plastic injected.

Power buttons placement is preference.

the s5 shoots 4k

On screen buttons waste screen estate

your arguement is null

Yeah, the Galaxy phones are ugly. What you just said is also user preference. And the s4 did not take better pics. Even the HTC one had better photos than the s4, yeah mp isn't everything but it sure showed on the HTC One. Plastic injected? Haha! What is the Galaxy then, plastic molded? Enjoy your Galaxy while I enjoy my Xperia

Posted via Android Central App

I respect your stance and see you mean it's better for your situation and preferences. I should of assumed that. I agree with the S3 power button dilemma I do that all of the time to this day.

I don't see myself using the phone for standard photographs still. The standard camera is definately the reach for. However, I suppose on the random occasion you want a photograph it might be nice. So the better it gets, the better it will be for all I suppose.

Camera number 1 thing I use.. I travel a lot and party alot.. In events my friends always make me take the pics with my s4 lol.. They have iPhones mostly iphone 5 and flash is horrible inside clubs...

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Ok, one question.....How does the S5 display 4K if the phone's display is only 1920 x 1080? With that in mind, How does this phone display 4K on a 4K TV if the output to the TV uses only MHL 2?

It doesn't and it doesn't. You would have to put the video on your computer and connect it to a 4K TV.

There was a Hell of a lot of waiting there! How does this compare to the Z2, Alex?

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"and video at 4K"

This cracks me up. Considering the S6 will be out next year, and next to nobody has a 4K resolution TV now, why is this even a thing on this phone? To justify added cost?