The official GS4 wireless charging pad and cover are now on sale

If you've been wanting to get hold of the Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit we reviewed earlier today, now's your chance. The official Samsung kit in white is now available to buy from, priced at $89.95 -- that's 10 percent off the list price.

The pack includes everything you need to charge your Galaxy S4 without getting tangled up in wires -- a white wireless charging-enabled back cover and an inductive charging pad. The kit is based around the Qi wireless charging standard, meaning the pad can be used to charge other Qi-capable devices like the Nexus 4, too.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit now available from!


I haven't used a wireless charger before. Anyone more if it'll work through a case, specifically an OB defender? Or is it too much interference for the charging to work?

Doesn't really matter. You'll need a new case anyway because the back is thicker. And I'm not sure there are any actual cases out for the thicker S4 yet.

It will work... There is really nothing in the software that enables it. I had AOKP on my S3 and used wireless charging...

Why would this not work with the S3? Are you referring to the back cover fit, or the charger base itself?

Really disappointed that this makes the phone incompatible with existing cases. Samsung should have just shipped the phone with the capability out of the box.

Wireless charging, I don't get all the fuss. I find it nothing more than a novelty rather than something that really provides convenience. It doesn't avoid wires because you still need the charger to power the base. It charges at only 0.65A compared to 2A directly. Because of this it charges significantly slower, probably taking more than double the time to charge and is much less power efficient. The required back plate must be purchased separately from the phone and this adds bulk and the base unit is $95! You can't charge the phone and use it at the same time as I'm doing right now with my phone using a traditional charger. All this just so you don't have to plug in your phone? Where's the convenience? The only place where I see some use for it is in a car where such a charging pad is built into the car.

Everything you wrote is so true (I've thought the same), it makes me wonder how people could ever want such a cumbersome accessory. What are we missing here?

I agree with everything you wrote. The only people I can see that would benefit from this. Are those that have bent / broken the micro usb port on the phone. A co-worker of mine has to plug his in and sit it a certain way so it will charge.

So for the clumsy, this is an added convenience that removes the chance of breaking the phone port.

Maybe you don't do this, but many people basically toss their phone onto the night stand or desk then collapse into bed. This is for those people, because that toss onto the night stand equals charging too.

There was a time in the days of yore when these phones called "landlines" were more common. Then the cordless phone was invented. Since it used a battery, it needed charged. What they did was create a "base station" that housed the antenna and charging contacts. My BlackBerry had similar contacts and a dock was available for friction-less charging, harkening back to the good ol' days of cordless landlines. It was WONDERFUL.

Samsung, in its infinite stupidity, decided to not put contacts on the bottom of the phone and sell us an inexpensive dock. Instead, we have USB charging exclusively. Getting your phone perfectly aligned to clunk onto the USB dock so you don't destroy it isn't anywhere near as convenient, easy, or safe as merely setting a phone into a cradle. It's also a pain in the butt to remove if someone calls or you need the phone for any other reason. You have to hold the base down or you lift up the whole thing. "No big deal!" you say. "Try it 20 times a day!" I say.

I have an RND brand USB cradle/dock with a spare battery charging bay and I still want this style wireless charger. I want to simply set my phone down on the pad and let it do its thing.

"Wireless charging, I don't get all the fuss."

Well, it's kinda like sex. Until you've had it, it seems like just a useless, awkward, messy waste of time. After you try it for a bit, you just can't get enough.

Well, OK - wireless charging isn't _quite_ that good. But ask anyone that had a Pre or Pixie and had a TouchStone (or three) and they'll tell you how much they love it. And why they've gone through so much work to mod their phones to make it work.

I do find the Xi system to be a bit less compelling due to it just being a mat. The TouchStone also acts as a nice minimalist stand that holds the phone with a simple, comforting thunk from the magnets.

I'd buy the plate itself right this second if I could. I want wireless charging on my S3. I don't like the other options because this Samsung's size and and design seem to allow for more casual placement...kind of like dropping your phone into an ashtray and having it charge.

I don't know about wireless charging being better than sex, but it does impress geeky chicks. My galaxy s-4 Google Play version works fine right through a heavy leather case from Melkco. you must give a quick glance to make sure the phone is on the sweet spot of the Qi target base, but it works with most any Qi , through leather case. As long as the base's our LED indicates good induction you're charging like a Boca surgeon's wife. Geez, nearly forgot you need the induction charging case of the thin chill that goes under your battery. That's what I use. Stock case back fits fine.