Samsung Galaxy S at the FCC

See that silhouette up there? That's none other than the Samsung Galaxy S (see our initial hands-on and software hands-on) going through the Federal Communications Commission, and with AT&T's 3G bands, to boot. That said, it doesn't necessarily mean we'll actually be seeing it carried by AT&T. But it does mean that you can rock the 1GHz, Super AMOLED, Touchwiz 3.0-sportin' phone without worrying about guys in suits showing up at your door. [FCC via BGR]


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S passes the FCC


Well the 1gh processor should be able to handle the usual bloatware and at least the form factor will be normal unlike the backflop!

I was really hoping for T-Mo as well. I don't think you can get the 3G to work on T-Mo with an AT&T handset, but I suppose it depends on exactly what bands are on the phone though.