Verizon Galaxy S III

Ah, the Verizon Galaxy S 3. Available in blue and white, the device comes in either a 16GB or 32GB model, priced at $199 or $249 depending on which size you prefer. If you are not sure this is the device for you, be sure to check out our reviews of the Galaxy S III, and then head into the store to play with one.

If a locked bootloader is not your thing, and you would rather the ability to freely mess around with the software, odds are that this isn't what you want and instead you will be waiting for the unlocked model to be available directly from Samsung


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Verizon Galaxy S 3 in stores today, if you're not into that developer phone thing


For those buying at full retail to maintain their unlimited data, it makes sense to wait and by the Developer version with the unlocked bootloader. That is, if you can't wait until some smart, enterprising soul comes up with a way to unlock the bootloader safely!!! :)

I have a Galaxy Nexus, so I'm not looking to upgrade anytime soon. Unless something strange happens and Sprint LTE coverage ROCKS in Houston, and I switch back for unlimited data.

I have a question and hope some one can answer it. Will the version smasung is selling later have no bloatware? Cause if your paying full price to have a unlock bootloader it shouldnt have all that verzion crap on it. hope some one can answer that.

That's a good question.

I would imagine that the unlocked developer phone would allow the user to delete any non-essential programs.

Since they will not be offering any support for the phone, it is my opinion that Samsung should not allow them to put any of their bloatware on the phone at all. I would not want to have to delete or disable anything from Verion since I would be paying full retail price.

So the developer phone does not come with a warranty or only certain things are covered? I read something like that somewhere.

32 GB version is not available in stores, as far as I can tell. My BB pre-order for the 32 GB blue version is not expected until the 20th, according to sales rep. Verizon reps here say that 32 GB can only be ordered - not purchased in store.

I pre-ordered the 32GB version at BB in Greenville, NC. I got the emal last night that mine is available today to be picked up. I'm waiting until after work to go pick it up.