Hey look, it's a commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S! If the spot looks familiar to you, good job eagle eye, it's basically a 30-second version of Samsung's CTIA presentation for the Galaxy S. For those unfamiliar, it's a neat, comic book-like interpretation of how an awesome phone influences your daily life. Familiar or not, just watch it! [via androidguys]


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Samsung Galaxy S gets a commercial


I guess seeing that little flash of the Yahoo calendar confirms it will have Yahoo on it instead of Google. :(

I don't use a single Yahoo! service...nor would I if I had the option to use Google, which is superior in every way. Sorry Samsung, but you don't get my money for that faux Android phone.

Do you think it would be possible to download all of the Google apps? Or should we just wait until the phone gets rooted and then add the apps then...