Last week we saw NASA send a Nexus S into space on the final shuttle flight, but Samsung plans to one up that as they launch a Galaxy S II into the sky, unmanned. That's right, Samsung has created a Balloon Project in which they will launch a Galaxy S II into the atmosphere without any humans, and have it record the whole entire epic journey. The project is set to launch in three days, and for all updates be sure to follow along with Samsung as they prepare for and launch this thing!

Source: Samsung Japan Facebook

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ZDriver says:

Would be kinda cool if launch day was actually

b737thurman says:

Hey Samsung. Want to do something REALLY cool? Why don’t you try to “launch” some updates to your phones here on earth! Is there a HTC or Moto phone buried in that little astronaut somewhere so you can have a WORKING GPS to track that thing?

Supraman21 says:

Ohh you mean in America? Cause there faster than htc in europe and anyway they are to busy making the best smartphones out there

It would be cool if it landed in my hands. How about it Sammy, lets have a US launch date, then we'll send it in to space!

El Jefe says:

If that balloon lands in my yard, I'm keeping the phone.

Dostovel says:

Whats the big deal? This was already done with the OG Droid and DX.