Dropbox on the Galaxy S III

In a statement to the fine folks at MobileSyrup, Samsung has verified that all Canadian models of the Galaxy S III will include free (for two years) an extra 48GB Dropbox storage

New GS III users will receive a basic 2GB of free space with Dropbox (It is permanent). When they create their own Dropbox account or link their existing account to Samsung Apps, the user will receive 48GB more space through a promotional offer, for a total of 50GB. This is available for 2yrs.

This leaves us with two questions -- what happens to your files at the end of two years if you decide not to continue the 50GB plan, and why Verizon and AT&T decided against it. We can guess at the answer to the first -- you'll likely be given a grace period to get anything from the cloud you want to keep before you lose 48GB worth of your storage. Dropbox wants your love, and your money, and they know they won't get either if they delete your files willy-nilly.

The answer to the second part, well, that just escapes us. 

Source: MobileSyrup


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Samsung confirms all Canadian Galaxy S III models will include 50GB Dropbox promotion


I was given the impression it has nothing to do with Samsung but att and Verizon not wanting to pony up the cash for it.

That was my understanding as well. Carriers were supposed to pay a fee for this "free" deal.
Couldn't have been that much if they are the only 2 providers in the entire world to say no!

Nothing would have came out of the carriers pockets, ATT and Verzion are just ass holes.

I have a uncarrier unlocked version and it comes with drop box and the deal. If anything Samsung and the carriers probably agreed together to not put drop box on the devices.

Well not technically nothing. Any type of additional load on the network will cost a carrier money. However I'm pretty dang sure Verizon can afford it. *rolls eyes*

There is something about the whole carrier notion that dosen't sit well with me. How it is that all the Carrier's in Europe and All the carriers in Canada are able to afford this. I really don't think it has anything to do with the carriers, I think this is an added incentive to purchase a Galaxy over something else. Like a value added feature.

*sighs* Reading comprehension isn't high on your abilities is it? The lack of 50GB is all because of Verizon and ATT. Samsung has nothing to do with it.

There's no need to question what happens, the answer is on Dropbox's website.


"Downgrading to a smaller Dropbox won't delete the files already there. For example, if the amount of disk space you use is above 18 GB and you downgrade to a Free 18 GB (2 GB + 500 MB per referral) account, the entirety of your Dropbox will still remain. However, you will not be able to add any new files to your Dropbox or return any files removed from your Dropbox until there is enough free space in your storage quota to do so."

In short, it will just stop syncing new files until you're under your quota (which would be the free quota by default).

Yes this is the correct answer for storage. I had 50 gigs and they took it away becasue i didnt own the right phone and your storage still stays. So assuming you stop paying them...you storage remains unless you take it stuff off.

its the least they can do for making us wait longer!! screwed up my plans, i even switched carriers cause where i am going only choice of one carrier! Now i have to travel without the phone.

I highly doubt they just tell you to take your data off and give you a cancellation date without offering some sort of a deal. Just remember they will get millions of new users with this phone and they won't just dump them like trash. They will try to keep them with some sort of a deal. I say a big discount on monthly fee or yearly fee.

I already got my 50gb of free space while using my S1. Hint: Just because they're not offering it, doesn't mean you can't get it!

No but it does mean you are screwed out of a $200 freebie that every other carrier is getting. Its like saying you don't care about $200 of free stuff. For most people that would be a bold faced lie.

Right now I have 50GB on dropbox. I could have dropped my account and saved money if Verizon wasn't being a dick. :[

Not really, their prices are way too high, specially compared to recent alternatives like Google Drive... I'm still using Dropbox for two reasons tho: A) its slightly more polished than any of the alternatives (better UI, API, etc) B) I already have 22GB for free (permanent) earned thru referrals and other easy to get bonuses.

I'm currently up to 45GB thanks to the HTC bonus, got another 25GB on Microsoft's Skydrive thanks to their old account transition opt in offer. Google Drive, or any of them really, are gonna have to offer somethibg pretty compelling for me to consider paying anything... Tho GD's paid storage options are pretty attractive if it ever came to that.

Verizon Wireless offers its own cloud service in backup assistant plus. Makes sense they wouldnt want a better service to offer for free what they want to charge for.