Tegra Madness grand prize

It's been a week packed full of great prizes in the Tegra Madness giveaway, and we're closing it out with a bang -- a grand prize pack made up of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, a Jambox Bluetooth speaker, a Samsung Galaxy Tab keyboard dock, a Samsung Galaxy Tab desktop dock, and a $25 AmEx gift card!  Not only is the Tab 10.1 the thinnest and lightest 10 inch tablet on the market, it also chews through video and games like nobody's business, thanks to the Tegra 2 chip it's rocking.  This one's more than just a great tablet, the accessories are killer as well.  With the keyboard dock, the desktop dock, and the Jambox Bluetooth speaker you'll have the complete package for work and play.  To round it all out, you'll be getting a $25 AmEx gift card you can use to buy all the awesome games from the Tegra Zone!  You don't want to miss your chance on this one.

It's easy, just hit the forums and drop a note in the contest thread, and you're entered.  Each contest runs for 24 hours (midnight to midnight, Eastern Time), and we'll pick the winner at random, then announce them all in one big blog post Sunday (Sep. 18).  Good luck to all, and be sure to enter!

Win the Galaxy Tab 10.1 grand prize pack

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I'm in.

kbneal1960 says:

Put me in...thanks!

Tariqali says:

You dudes are so crazy its not real, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO ENTER THE COMPETITION. you have to go to the forum

mattchew86 says:

Well that might work, if the thread wasn't closed.

Comineeyeaha says:

The thread is closed because each contest this week had a 24-hour window.

djpraize says:

I would love to win


Pick me for the prize :)

sigrex says:

Love the tablet, the accessories, and the sweet sounds from a Jambox!!!

jimithystok says:

Pick me, please.

IN it, WIn it!!!

Will I ever win anything.

pbolton says:

Oh my....I am drooling. I so want this :)

starkeeper says:

I would love to be the picked one ;)

MisterHijinx says:

me me me....please

would love a new toy. pick me please......

BPage978 says:

Awesome tablet. Been in the market for one and this would make the perfect birthday gift!

alc2077 says:

I am feeling very lucky as always, thanks AC ;)

otherwald says:


jsramirez says:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Randomly pick me!

The possibilities if I won.

mrudhr says:

That's an awesome package

pincherdemus says:

Count me in also!

englhard says:

I joined Android Central after following for a while so that I could win this! You would make one of your new members a very very happy new member!!! :)

cbbartley says:

please pick me. looking forward to having this toy to play with.

alchopop says:

This is awesome. Good luck all :)

Droid King says:

Another One? Ya'll On It. I'm In. :D

dirkyd3rk says:

I want this!!!!!!!!

3mp3ror says:

I... have a dream!!!

raybaron2011 says:

Hey! please pick me!

Wow! For someone who just lost thier job due to the housing downturn this would be a great pick me up while i search for a new job. Good luck everyone!

If I win I would be so happy! I really want this Samsung Tablet and accessories! If I'll be checking to see if I win! Thanks! Hope I win!!

frankyblike says:

ohhhh i hope i win. i need one

mrbloog says:

This would change my life.

amanda3189 says:

I LOVE Android :D Please let me win :D x

Auro says:

All the way in... :-D

hankidic says:

I want one!

i already entered and ill be really happy if i win, please androidcentral :)

shmekid says:

please please pick me i love that samsung tablet. thanks you guys are the best

nono03 says:

Me! Me! Meee!!!!!!!

Awesome! I'm in too.

patient zero says:

Samsung galaxy tab goodness

crispyone says:

This is an awesome package. Please choose me.

Leor19 says:

I'm in.

Great set of prize all this week. This is the big one, though.

MOTOX2 says:

Always wanted a tablet, but there too expensive :). Drooling over this bundle of joy!

Barron513 says:

Winner winner chicken dinner

bdonical says:

Oh randomness please pick me. I need something to replace my dead laptop 6 year old laptop.

johnny8410 says:

I hope i get to win the grand prize since i haven't won any of the other contests. Thanks AC for these awesome contests.

TeH_AJ says:

oh sweet child of mine

TeH_AJ says:

oh sweet child of mine

LogicKiller says:

Pick Me pick me please

Please guys, let me win,and I will share with everyone else, I promise I will

PrissyPJ says:

I need a tablet and Android is the best!

nextyear says:

OMG I just got a B*$!r,pick me, WOW what a contest

agzgarcia says:

Got 4 girls a wife and am outnumbered! Need some entertainment away from the madness! Show me some love for heavens sake!

I'm. in

sburch79 says:

Pick me!

dgtal36 says:

I want a tablet!?!

area223 says:

Androidcentral<3 Even if I don't win, I still love the fact that you're doing these contests.

sdreelin says:

I so want! Pick me!

atomicfox says:

Holy moly. Me please?

jdcastro84 says:

Love the site AC!!! Keep things coming!!!!

chough says:

I would love this.

blueluv18 says:

Man just seeing the picture looks really awesome! I want it!

mazda6sport says:

This prize pack would be a great addition for me!

von11 says:

Maybe Maybe?

Rob62652 says:

Pick me ... Pick me

rrbrambley says:

Okay, to win the grand prize, I'll combine the posts from all of my previous entries to form a Voltron of a contest entry that is guaranteed to win me prizes:

Hey guys,

I just left my job to pursue independent Android app development. I could really use this tablet to test with :)


Totally need this for new Android game development :)

Count me in. I'm in it to win it.

Gimme the loot, Gimme the loot.

I'd hit that.


*cue ultimate grand prize win*

bergeman says:

Android Central is my daily driver!

sspratlen says:

Oooh. Oooh. Pick. Me pick me!

I need a tab like you wouldn't believe.

rummelball88 says:

A tablet would be very nice to have. Please pick me

WHitesox4889 says:

This would help me out a lot with my school work. Please pick me!!

bigdeden says:

Would LOVE a tablet, especially one rocking the latest and greatest Android OS. My Samsung Epic is still rocking Froyo, so this would be awesome!

Ulukita says:

Wow this looks incredible. I'd love to win something like this. Android FTW :)

Applechino says:


bolm86 says:

Hook me up. I want one.

Sopranogurl says:

Please, please, please give this to me! My husband needs a jambox, and I need the rest of it. Actually, I just really, really want it. This is the best give away ever!!!!

Kalikgod says:

Awesome package. This got me to finally register.

fria says:

I'd be happy to have won any one of these items. Count me in.

deecon says:

OK I'm in this one

chineyk87 says:

i would love the galaxy tab

Here we go

DesertVelo says:

I'm in!

russ_nasty says:

I need me one of them!! yeah

jcor says:

i want one!

lokhankin says:

Even though Acer A100 is great, 10` Samsung could be used for bigger views. I'm in!

I'll play! Thanks guys!!

trevorcpa says:

I'd like to win this & for the Vols to beat the Gators. If I had to choose one over the other, I'll take the Vols.

shahid99 says:

Hmmmmmm tab. Galaxy tab. Samsung galaxy tab. Samsung galaxy tab 10 inches one. Damn I want that so badly

Schu_ster says:

I could really use that for college!! I'm in!

kleenonsite says:

I want this!So let me have this lol

chompobirds says:

I want this package, it's perfect for me.

TechRamen says:

I so want those, count me in!

dpdoughty says:

I love that little green guy. Hook me up.

meccariello says:

Win or lose, that is a very awesome package. Worth purchasing

xlongo says:

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! wanna!

Anon_Emus says:

1 4 me....

angry.bird81 says:

/insert generic begging comment for the thread. I could actually use this to start my tech blog... Mwahaha... Oh, and I'd destroy pigs with it, too!

hackacrack says:

Good Luck to all, Hope they pick me!! :-)

randy_m says:

I'm in on this one!

the4ofusjax says:

This would be mighty premo!

Suprtrukr425 says:

I so hope i win this.

jellodog says:

One please

fdan100 says:

note :-)

TallyHo says:

In like Flynn!

scabsk8s says:

This would be so awesome to win... Come on random draw pick me.

I'll take one.

kkshimab says:

would love to win this!

evobb100 says:

Thank you AC and NVIDIA for this wonderful six tech. Galaxy is mine hhmm

shadowmasta says:

Me please!!

smichaelone says:

Love, love, love this tablet.

kvanderberg says:

This is great for work and play!

berkmanmd says:

pls :) would make my day

xb12rr says:

I would LOVE to win this. Galaxy Tab 10.1 is where its at!!

Kurkdon says:

I'm D for the Galaxy!!!!!!!!!!!

laestrella says:

this would be an awesome win. tossing my name in the pool. thanks!

It would make a nice gift for my wifes B-day.

epifano83 says:

Daddy needs a new tablet

cdshepherd87 says:

Sweet sweet sweet

jagawa says:

I would really like to have this. It you be the best UnBirthday Present ever.

colman999 says:

That is a dream package I need to win.

danferan says:

Me please! I would love to have it - I dig my Droid, but while at home I'd love to have a bigger screen!

zerrikan says:

Yeah I'm in!!

xshieh says:

A free Android tablet would be awesome, especially the Samsung Tab!

mzambrana says:

wow looks so shiny!!!!!!! crossing my fingers I will get it :)

lowdwn169 says:

those jam boxes are pretty loud, and actually sound really good!

metamike says:

I would love to win. Thank you fellows!

acstewart82 says:

I would absolutely love to have this beautiful piece of tech. I really would love to have a tablet.

bonypony says:

A Galaxy would be great!!!

bonypony says:

A Galaxy would be great!!!

yankeesusa says:

Would love a galaxy. This beats iPad left and right without a doubt. Bring on the dual core beast.

I would rock that like a rock star would or something like that. On hot days I would put tinfoil on it so I could get a tan. When it rained I would put it in a huge ziplock bag to keep it from getting wet.

google123 says:

This would be awesome!!! Please pick me Android Central!!!! Please!!! :D

Aaah yeah let's do this I'm feeling good about this prize, this is nerd baller status, im in.

tjynxpc says:

Help me introduce my mom to Android!

emilde says:

Count me in.

Unibrow says:

Hope everyone realizes they should post in the forum thread, cheers to android central and the sponsors of these contests!

thatguy906 says:

Worth a shot.

Woozzy101 says:

Pick me :)

Weee, fun toys.

wjchen1988 says:

I already own a EEE pad transformer but I don't mind owning another Honeycomb tablet. ^_^

hotrodbx says:

Give it to me lol

Genobay05 says:

I want one

Genobay05 says:

I want one

Kingroj305 says:

Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome gadgets!!

n25philly says:


va20171 says:

I need one.

Perryn27 says:

I'll take one of these

OcalaJim says:

Great package! Thanks to the sponsors!

frosty88 says:

I Want some of this action .

I will love you long time.

Galaxy Tab + Me = Happiest Geek Alive!!!

clamsterr says:

Awesome prize..pick me, pick me! Yes, that's all I could come up with...

peanutsrevil says:

I've got to have it! The Tab is crucial to my plot to rule the world.

silk7 says:

If you pick me- I'll jump up and down for a whole hour ( well not really but ill lie and say i did)LOL

igodzin says:

i am in

Filerm says:

Very excited, please pick me :-)

Filerm says:

Very excited, please pick me :-)

fivegear says:

Yes please!

Sign me up!Awesome offer!!!!

Brandon536 says:

I've been wanting one of these since before they came out! I'd love to win this sweet bundle

Im in

nanik eryati says:

Really love this package.
Pls pick me

Last one.hope it's me.

topshtta94 says:

come on let get this..i only have mytouch slide 3g

madcow1048 says:

I heard that is was good, I want one :)

And my friends wonder why i choose to use android over iphone.....psshhh what a scam!! Im in!!!!!

Wow good luck everyone!

Droid Stew says:

Sweet prizes. Hope to win one.

rfdesign21 says:

Nice package, would love to win one.

joshhindman says:

I want to make my friend jealous!

I would absolutely prefer Android tablet over any other tablets. Games, flash player, and apps work amazingly on the big screen.

BlueGoldAce says:

Count me in.

mmermias says:

Wow wow wow

Pretty cool

nocaldawg says:

awesomeness! pick me

Rmgreen says:

I really want this!

Olpz pick this android addict!

kbaggs says:

Pick me please.

enophiledude says:

i need this...

CIMYA89 says:

Can't nobody do it like like Android Central....the best members, the best contests, the best mods, the BEST site on the planet...hands down!!

I want it

Perryz says:

Pick me! Pick Me!!!!

ERod335 says:

This is me...winning a tab 10.1. Thanks! Let me know when you need my address.

rhodetpm says:

count me in!

ddaydev says:

amazing that these items are being given away , congrats to whoever gets this awesome beast of a tablet :)

Godpir says:

Dibbs, heres hoping I could have good luck for once

bulvine420 says:

I really need a Tab Bad!!!!!!

bulvine420 says:

I really need a Tab Bad!!!!!!

I have gone to the forums and entered every one as they were posted! God, I hope I win something!

Apj_anshul says:

Sweet! Count me in :)

msisneros says:

Could use a strike of good luck!

hell_night says:

May the luckiest person win ! including me ^.^

burnmatoaka says:

A rectangular object with web interface... if I win will I owe fApple money?

ironmike59 says:

Yes, I would love to have this!!!

Jbear1 says:

What an awesome giveaway! Count me in.

freewill2090 says:

This will be so much fun!

1dann2 says:

I need lotto. To get one theis
I have dream. .please. put me in please

1dann2 says:

I need lotto. To get one theis
I have dream. .please. put me in please

1dann2 says:

I need lotto. To get one theis
I have dream. .please. put me in please

john1429 says:

Pick me.

cubbies09 says:

I want it sooo much! It would be a great birthday present!

Thanks in advance

hoyounglee11 says:

I want one really badly!!!!

the gator says:

would love it!

jeankee says:

Por favor!!!! Lo quiero!!!!

Warllok says:

Count me in!!!! please

harpern78 says:

Good luck to everyone. Hope I win!

winning this tablet would be ..... out of this galaxy. :^)

joddok says:

I need this tablet so i can save the world.

rajatstarx says:

pls choose mee ~~computer brains~~ as im a techno freak the tab will be usefull in my hands...:)

mattchew86 says:

Never really got into the whole tablet craze, but messing around with a Tab the other day started to sway me.

Would really like the best tablet on the market. Maybe then I can understand why everyone is going crazy over them.

Really don't know if I would have any use for the other items in the package, but I'm sure someone could provide them with a good home.

ntborg says:

Mr roboto needs a new tablet... This thing is awesome

jeankee says:

Spanish accepted, right?

kline83 says:

I want in

Czeresniak says:

The mother lode! Sweet!

Catalyst#AC says:

I'll take it off your hands, I'm just kind hearted like that :)

sherwoodhere says:

let it be me... pick me. pick me. pick me. good luck to all of us!

garciaop says:

choosee meeeeeeeeeeeeee

android all the way

Whit3D3vil says:

Android central you guys freakin rock giving stuff away daily it the followers. Hooking me up soon I hope I'm sick of iPhone and apples politics. Convert me please!!

apn321 says:

Hope i win it :)

Good luck to all!!!!

agbayani says:

Yaay.. my dream tablet..

SGTGimpy says:

I never win anything but might as well give it a shot.

Mr.Furious says:

i'll throw my hat in the ring.

jeffwhite10 says:


BKHD2477#AC says:

I hope I win

Captain-J says:

Dibs I win...I hope...

interpol91 says:

Count me in! Although with all these entires my chances of winning this awesome package is slim. Still worth the try though .

marcmehlige says:

Would love to win ;)

kanai says:

I want it!!!

par97115 says:

lovely prize i want it

djmfxp says:

just .... i want it ;)

tbyanks says:

Hello Galaxy

dancin91 says:

Forum thread seems to be closed,,,, IF I WON THIS WOULD BE the best thing i have after my NOKIA BRICK PHONE!!!

Ultra50#WP says:

This is an awesome prize pack PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!

gathome says:


bgriff25 says:

I'm making the switch!! This would be a great match with my new Android phone.

neverpost says:

Give it!

droidlink140 says:

Aww its too late?aww

pjunk says:

Looks great! Count me in!

haigido says:

Don't forget about me!! Thanks

jetta01 says:

Pick me please

jdawgg21#AC says:

Please pick me. I want one so bad

ozco says:

I'm definately confused about how these contests work heh

bkjerry82 says:

I'm in if this is still available ;)

mobidi says:

I really need this one!

g8trparty says:

ONE TIME. Let me win!!!

jmk32 says:

Why is the thread closed? I want this!!!!

RachBL says:

Fear I'm too late.

sahively says:

Yes please

Bruinfanjb says:

I never win anything!

h20squirter says:

This is an integral part of my zombie defenses, I need it or I will be over run when they show up and start eating people. Do u want that on your consciences?


Mils26 says:

This looks just perfect! I have always wanted a tablet.

That is an awesome prize, better late then ever. You rock A.C.

mitch10 says:

Wow, this is one of the most impressive prize packages I've seen! I'd love to have it.

whitemike23 says:

Good luck to everyone. Whoever wins is lucky. :)

pintobeans says:

pick me i want it

El Sapo says:

Dont pick me cause im awsome pick me cause im awsome and need a tab lol

farhan001 says:

Pick me

TechAd says:

Want one!

thoml67 says:

I want in on this!

Julian35961 says:

Please let me win.

Mangu2g says:

Pick ME!

roomaire says:

I'm in, I hope.

Guardian24 says:

Count me in!

hpfcomp says:

This is my lucky day, so count me in!

movielover76 says:

I'm in

mrmnlando says:

Please enter me in the drawing!

kingofdmv says:

Me please! Thank you very much!

eklisiewicz says:

Thread is closed, so I am posting here in the hope that you pick me. Thank you.

ccazz82 says:

Need a tablet. Brooklyn here and this package is for me. Please pick this guy from Brooklyn.

Spaceheater says:

Looks sweet!!!

Catfish says:

LOL, never ceases to amaze me that people can't or won't read instructions or rules, everybody who posted here saying "I'm in", or variations of that, have in fact no chance to win at all, because they had 24 hours to post in the FORUMS, and that thread is closed cause the contest is closed. Actually I'm glad they posted here it just increased mine and other members who bothered to read the instructions a better chances of winning.

Sawerin says:

It would be nice to have one.

RoodMV says:

Wow! would be nice to have one of these! Excellent

prupple says:

Love to win this.

Barryf111 says:

Count me in would love one

greentj says:

I didn't win :O(

cipzz says:

Pick me for this pack haha

nittanyjack says:

Please enter me in the drawing!

Thanks for a great contest!

E Josey says:

Winning is the only way I can afford one.

mrblue247 says:

I'm in yae

slawless says:

count me in

tourdub19 says:

I'm feeling lucky!

Briredsoxs says:

Send it!!

Why we have to go to thread to enter the contest? Thats why BGR has more visitors, sigh

uzi4u2 says:

I would love one of these. And the accessories are exactly what I would go for!

uzi4u2 says:

I would love one of these. And the accessories are exactly what I would go for!

xitation says:


r1200gsrider says:

I am in I need one.

naihochow says:

i'm in

rvannos says:

I would love a Galaxy Tab

raviengg1 says:

i am here to win