Red Nexus 5.

You have to be careful where you show off the new "red" Nexus 5. In the right light — or, more specifically, in the right bad, artificial light, there's a better than even chance that you're going to blind somebody. Outdoors, you risk attracting the attention of nearby search parties.

This is a bright red phone. At times, it's almost neon red. It goes from startling to painful to "Oh, my God, what have I done?!?!" depending on your lighting source. Consider yourself warned.

Otherwise? Same great Nexus 5.

Other items of interest here: The Day-Glo extends along the sides and peeks through the front of the phone, as well as in the earpiece speaker grille. The black buttons look nice. But because the sides are red, the SIM card tray isn't hidden as well, and it looks a little sloppy. The FCC information stenciled on the back is all but invisible, though, so there's that.

Another burning (as in "well, what is it?!?!" and not "oh, my eyes!") question was whether the back case would be the matte plastic like the white Nexus 5, or the more stylish soft-touch black. It's the former. No soft-touch to be found here.

If you're dying for more, we've got video and more pictures after the break.

If you want to give the red color a shot, there's a cheaper option. Just snag yourself the red Nexus 5 bumper case, and you've pretty much got the exact same thing. Same color. Same headache.


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Red Nexus 5 unboxing and hands-on


Read my mind. I would kill for any color close to a burgundy, maroon, or dark purple. (Its the Ravens fan in me)

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I could totally dig a phone in their color scheme. My Moto X is royal blue but its kinda dark to me.

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Being in the t-shirt/garment industry I can tell you the neon colors are all the rage. Personally I don't like them on a phone or a t-shirt. Call me old fashioned :D

Now why couldn't the white Nexus 5 have come with white sides and not this glossy black? :-\

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Probably to hide or prevent gross grime build up showing along the sides.

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So better than a Nexus 4...

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I don't know why people get excited over these things. If you have the choice at the time you buy it, then buy whatever colour you want. It shouldn't be a deciding factor though.

Top phones are now all powerful enough to do whatever you need to do. So if I had to get a new phone today I would seriously consider the Moto X just because color-wise it would be a welcomed change from the usual black slab.

Thank you for telling me what should and shouldn't be important to me. And just when I thought I could make up my own mind as to what the deciding factors in MY phone will be

Nexus 5, now with headaches!

I kinda like red on phones, Rezound Red was perfect and I will reserve judgement on this one until I see it.

Not gonna rush out to take a look, it is not worth it since it is the same phone.

Although, I prefer the aluminum industrial design in silver (uncoated) without a case.

The Rezound Red was definitely perfect! I've been saying for days I wish the Nexus had the same color scheme! Black with HTC Red trim!

Everything's the same as the white + black Nexus 5 phones...what's there to show us during the unboxing event?

I feel like the Neon article from the Transformers Wiki is relevant here. But hey, fun colors are always great!

I think the black is much better. For a color fix like this I would opt for a red bumper instead. I hope any colors that follow are not so neon.

Knowing Google, the next Nexus 5 update will make the back a screen, which will be brightly pulsing, flashing and swirling colors. It will litterally override the human brain's ability to percept color.

The only way to stop it is to sign up for Google+. ;D

So is there a ridge line between the back and sides or is it one solid piece of plastic?

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Ah. I thought I remembered picking up a black one and seeing the soft touch wrap all the way around with no gap.

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I want to know the feel of the back, is it the same as the white or black?

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Not trying to be a ass, but he stated this in the second or third paragraph LOL. It's like the white, i.e. NOT the soft-touch. This was the one piece of info that I read the article for.

Same here that was my big question; wrong answer for me though. That's ok though as it's a bit bright for me I think. Nice to have the choice though.

There is one difference that immediately popped out at me (except the colour) @ 1:39 in the video.

THE SPEAKER GRILLE is different. The holes are slimmer and it appears they are all actually holes and not just indents in the case.

Phil can you get some close ups? And possibly run some audio tests?

Is it weird all this stuff is happening on the 5th for the nexus 5.

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Love this color, being that my college's colors are red and black this phone would be perfect!

It's a bit like Marmite you either like it or you don't. I think for the aspect its different then great but if you want colour choices always a case, which I presume many will buy this and slap on a black case defeating the purpose really lol

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Your not obliged to like it, but glad that you are now at peace in getting that off your chest lol

Its not my colour choice but some are introverts and some are extroverts lol

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I hope the N5 sticks around for a while and more colors come along but I am a simple man and love my black N5....though slate would be edgy.

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“You have to be careful where you show off the new "red" Nexus 5. In the right light — or, more specifically, in the right bad, artificial light, there's a better than even chance that you're going to blind somebody.”

And yet people will still complain that the front plate isn't red, and therefore this isn't truly a red phone. I'm so glad Google has good design sense. The solid black front plate of the Nexus series is a great feature IMO.

They certainly did a better job on that color then the white. Because it looks so cheap in white because the white doesn't go all around and it is cheap looking they should have done it like with the red one. All around.

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Remember, all those colorful smartphone bodies(or cases) trend these days including Nexus 5 & iPhone 5c is begun by Nokia Lumia Series.

Even though Lumia didn't sell much, they are inspired by Lumia.

Sorry, Google, I love my N5 but this shade of red is no good.

Nokia nailed you. Google looks more like they rescued it... from the ocean... y'know, like a lifeguard?... it's very bright.

Put the LG flip cover case on it either black or white and you will be fine. I have a 32g white Nexus with the black cover and I love it.

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This just in!! They sold 3 so far, Strangely the folks were all from the Color blind .... ;)

It's a shame it's not soft touch like the back of the black Nexus which gives great grip and feels high quality ... also the color is more Orangey like the official "red" case.

If you want a nice red and soft touch finish we have a Nexus 5 Case Accessory Pack - 3-in-1 Combo on Amazon that has this...

You can get 60% off list price till 20th april if you enter coupon NEXUS5X7 at checkout :)