Nexus at the FCC

Fresh out of the FCC this morning (and first spotted by our palls at Phonescoop slipped into an LG G2 filing) we get a new look at what possibly is the next iteration of the Nexus line. In a series of (not particularly good) external shots, we get a pretty clear look at the back of this LG-made device — and it's still in line with the more finished version that made a brief appearance at the unveiling of the Android Kit Kat statue last week. 

The camera and flash certainly line up in the same spot — but there's also an interesting little window visible toward the top of the device. We're not going to read too much into that at this point — clearly this isn't a retail unit here. But we do get a good look at where the headphone jack is, so there's that.

Also confirmed in the FCC pics is that the power button and volume rocker are on either side of the phone.

We've got more pics after the break.

Source: FCC; via Phonescoop


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Our best look yet at a possible Nexus successor


Right. This proves that EVLeaks (right on 99% of things) was wrong this time. How do I figure? The notification LED clearly visible on front of the device. The G2 has LEDs built into the power button. Therefore this IS NOT a CDMA variant of the G2

evleaks based it on the Model number first that it was just an LG G2 CDMA variant, which were close in Model numbers. Then evleaks got dimensions of the device which then didn't match up with the original LG G2 which is why evleaks retracted their first, "educated guess" and then said it was a Nexus device.

These are the people I don't like to see posts from. Its like they love to see people "fail" at something, even if its small.

Even if evleaks was wrong on their first guess, they still leaked previous devices way before they were even announced. Just be grateful someone is doing this. Do they have to? NO!

My apologies. Didn't mean to sound rude. I can confirm that the cut out at the top is so the FCC can easily pry the back off the device. When you look at the internal photos you can see rough cut marks to make the notch. sadly it doesn't correspond to anything internal.

Evleaks is getting grief over that tweet because NONE of the info about this device coincided with the LG G2, it was based solely on the serial number being next, which is at best coincidental conjecture. They should have known better. Evleaks gets plenty of praise and appreciation when they get it right, which they usually do, but when they get it wrong (and this was badly wrong) reasoned criticism is certainly fair and appropriate.

Well I don't know if it EVLeaks that said this phone should have been made of glass, but I was REALLY REALLY hoping that it would.

I just really don't like plastic phones. Maybe I will end up buying the SOny Z1 instead of this.

Sorry, I don't know what you're smoking, but it's clearly an iPad Mini sitting on top of an iPhone 5.

Sorry, had to say it. ;)

But something that stands out to me is the camera lens. Initially, many people noted and boasted about an improved, larger lens/sensor. As I suspected, the size of the lens is 95% show and 5% go. Never understood why they'd make the lense *look* do much bigger than the actual lens really us, other than purely for looks, of course.

Ditto, and really hoping so. IR blaster + Chromecast = complete home media control from my phone. Bye bye remotes!

Considering there's no IR receiver on the Chromecast (and it's in the back of the TV), it's obvious that he was referring to controlling everything else in a home theater with an IR blaster.

I don't know why people keep saying this... Personally, if I had to unlock my phone, then change the channel, or do whatever on the remote software, I would get annoyed quickly. The nice thing about physical remotes is that you just pick it up and do whatever you need to do.

I agree that options are a good thing. But not at the expense of a good design. IF that is how it's implemented (and I highly doubt it will be). I'd rather search around for my remote.

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If the new Nexus has the Moto X's always-on listening feature, then perhaps you could just talk to your remote (e.g., "Ok Google Now, change TV to channel 4").

Yeah could be a full IR blaster just exposed since it's a test unit. Also, Google supporting it in the Nexus 5 could mean the GPe GS4 and One will get updates with KitKat to enable those features. I really really would need that feature. I'm sick of having multiple remotes and dealing with dead batteries. My TV's remote kills batteries within a couple of months and I only switch between the video input channel and channel 3 for my digital cable adapter. It's terrrrible.

Probably IR blaster but it's big just for that, could be also an Atrix style finger print reader now that Apple made it popular, my wish would be a mini projector and a laser pointer for presentations.

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Probably something specific to the pre-production model, as there is no way the Nexus would actually look like this on the back.

Your right this is pre-production. It does not say nexus in big letters. However its bad to assume the device wouldn't have whatever that is at the top. maybe it is intentional and will show up on the final device.

Maybe for once HTC and Samsung did pave the way with a feature [IR blaster] that Google likes, google can support it in AOSP, and it can be built back into the GPe HTC one and S4

Pre-production SIM card slot is my guess. Looking at the sides of the device, there's no other place for the SIM tray.

Sure there is, right below what I believe is the power button on the side. I'd guess it's just a cutout to allow easier access to the internals, especially considering it's supposed to ultimately have a non-removable back panel.

Maybe Google thought that fingerprint scanning was just meh? and went with full blown retina scanning?

"Hold on a second while flip my screen away from me and press my phone next to my eye to unlock it."

Who cares as long as it takes great pictures. And 120fps is a must, oh wait Google isn't making me believe that.

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I sure hope it's not fingerprint that money could be spent in more useful ways.

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Agreed, my first thought was an IR control. Even though everyone is trying to push some NFC/wifi control system, legacy products still need old school IR and maybe it is a smart push to bring up the rear.

I dont think it is that. This thing would have terrible battery life with a plasma cutter. You would probably have max 6 hrs standby + 3 seconds of plasma cutting. 6 hrs standby time is just not acceptable. Also the fact that the window points to the back of the phone and not towards the top is not ideal for plasma cutting. It would be difficult to see what you are aiming at making precise cutting nearly impossible. Unless they somehow make the camera work as a view finder for the plasma cutter. Actually that might be clever. At the same time the light intensity from plasma cutting would likely damage the image sensor. That could be why the camera is so large with such a small lens. The smaller lens limits the light coming in and the large camera might have additional filters inside to prevent damage to the sensor. We also have to consider that this is a nexus and they aren't know for cutting edge specs. I would think samsung will be the first with a built in plasma cutter. This isnt google's style. I for one wont buy a phone with a plasma cutter unless it has a removable battery. It also needs external storage because people will need to store lots of CNC files to get real work done on a plasma cutter.

Im calling no on the plasma cutter. If it is a plasma cutter though I hope its on VZW.

See that's why I was hoping the headphone jack was on the bottom - I'm worried about the interference with the plasma cutter running while I'm listening to music.

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Keep in mind this is not a production unit. They have plenty of time to finalize and clean up the design. What hits the shelves won't look exactly like this.

I wish. Only Apple seems to know how to do that. We will see leaks for a few months, then an announcement, then the phone maybe a month later in November or so.

Didn't the iPhone 5S leak like a sieve before its announcement?

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The Nexus 4 was released two weeks after its announcement. That's pretty good...

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Motorola axtrix fingerprint scanner. Oh yeah take that apple

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As much as I want to get a Moto X. If this is priced like what the N4 was i'm on this like white on rice. I want me some KitKat now!

There are front/side shots too. Not sure why there weren't posted here, they are worth seeing. Go to the story source.

It's obviously a prototype, probably just to test hardware. They'll use a better design for the casing.

Someone has no idea how to use a DSLR.

Anyways I will miss the glass back.... but I am sure the soft touch will be like 1000% more durable.

Let's hope it's to put a battery in there that will keep the phone alive for at least 24 hours, unlike the N4. :-)

I dunno, my wife's had her Nexus 4 for a couple days now. I checked it yesterday and she had 2 hrs 45 min screen on time with 10.5 hrs off the charger and still had 57% battery. That seems pretty good to me, and extends to 24 hrs, 5 hrs screen on.

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I don't think that's the final casing of this at all and that little window thingy is just a tab to pop the stealthness off. Just my $.02

This also makes me think the back is fake. Like the whole back is just to mislead. It wouldn't be the first time that has happened. Remember all the different looks of the Samsung galaxy S3 phone.

No denying this is a nexii. 2013 nexii 4 anyone?

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It's Nexus, not Nexii... how do you even get that wrong? It clearly says "Nexus" on the back of your phone.

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Could be it's just a placeholder for final camera lens, FCC doesn't need camera for testing.

But the sensor is still tiny and that mug Vic Gundotra said something about the next nexus well have an INSANELY great camera.

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He didn't say the NEXT Nexus would have an insanely great camera. He said that they were committed to making sure future Nexus devices would have insanely great cameras. That could mean 2 or 3 phones in the future. It doesn't mean that the immediate successor to the Nexus 4 will have a great camera.

Where is the speaker grill? Could be at the bottom on the back, but it's tough to see in the first picture.

I'm thinking that back is not the final version. No Nexus logo like in the 4.4 video.

Is that confirmed? Not being a jerk, I'm really curious ... I mean I would assume they wouldn't, considering what happened with the galaxy nexus, but I'm still not giving my hopes up.

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nothing is confirmed until they announce the phone. But people believe that verizon will not be getting one because the FCC filing for the D820 (which is believed to be the nexus) does not have support for Verizon spectrum while it does have support for Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile spectrum.

The Verge is now reporting that this model actually supports Verizon bands and global roaming, and not the other major carrier bands like the previous FCC-tested Nexus 5 did, so we may actually be looking at a Verizon version right here!

If Verizon get's the new Nexus, I am going to have a hard time leaving.. although I enjoy the freedom and pricing of T-Mobile... but I enjoy Verizon coverage... arggg!!

I wonder what the deal is with the huge camera cut out. The lens looks tiny inside. I cannot wait. The nexus s on Sprint was my last nexus phone. I'm really hoping siding gets this.

i think the backplate is a decoy, its covering the nexus logo, plus the lens on the backplate is covering a larger lens

exactly. There's no way the next Nexus would be an ugly hunk of plastic when the 4 was really nice glass and metal

Yup, FCC doesn't need final camera for testing, they're only interested in radio transmissions.

Anyone else noticed that this device is roughly the same height (and looks to have broadly the same screen / bezel size - look at the 4th image from the left - a blurry view of the face) as the Nexus 4, standing at about 13.5 cm (to the N4's 133.9 mm)
IF this is the new nexus (note the big if) then it looks to haev approx the same screen size, which I (for one) am glad of.
There - you heard it here first - N4 (2013) has a 4.7 inch screen (...maybe)

EDIT - Outlooker beat me to the draw by 7 seconds!

It's been reported for about a week that the size of this phone is a bit smaller than the Nexus 4, even though the screen is almost 5 inches.

From the second shot, it shows the top of the phone, where you can clearly see the headphone jack. Right beside it is the top of the mysterious black square, and if you look can see what it is and it becomes so obvious!
It's the flux capacitor!

By the looks of that thing at the top I would say this thing is in a dummy case and that's why the camera housing looks weird

Looks like a dummy case, but one thing I'm confused about.

These are showing up on the FCC filing for ZNFVS980...which is Verizon's G2 model number, no?

They aren't making one for Verizon. The FCC listing only gives frequencies for TMobile AT&T and Sprint

I'm trying to figure out what the purpose of that ring around the camera is for.
Maybe its like a magnet for little removable camera lens extender things? Like the macro and wide angle lenses you buy for iPhones.

I haven't seen any speakers on the back of any leaked photos. Maybe they're putting dual front speakers as the rest of the new nexus line has such focus on speakers.

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Hopefully we'll have some more accessories at time of launch this time around AND a white version at the same time? It's asking a lot, I know...

Since they have to take off the back cover of the phone to expose the antennas during these FCC tests, I am assuming the back cover is not the sealed production one.

That or, the back cover is going to be removable, I can get a second battery and all my battery life worries are gone!

I'll take an ugly back cover as long as its removable! I hope that is the case.... sure looks like it to me!

Now if it only had some pogo pins for audio line out (for use w/ car dock).

I was initially not interested in this phone mainly because its made by LG, but a removable back cover is enough to sway me. Also the fact that its half the cost or less than the rest of the top tier android smartphone.

Seriously, that weird black square on back top is a sensor that acts as the camera button. Traditional push buttons disrupt the focus, so they've incorporated a sensor that your index finger can comfortably swipe in landscape or portrait and it activates the camera to take a picture. LG is experimenting with positions on the back of the phone instead of traditional locations on the sides.

No. That's even more awkward than touching a screen. Taking a picture one handed would shake the whole phone, while taking a picture two handed would require an awkward stabilization technique. That and your finger would constantly be in front of the lens. It's also completely unintuitive to take a picture that way.

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Hold on!
The phone is the same size as my 2012 Nexus 4
It has flash and camera in the same position as my 2012 Nexus 4
No chance it could be a photo of a 2012 Nexus 4 is there? Stripped of it's fancy backplate with a cover?
Just can't quite make out the code numbers on the label (other than the CE code for a telecommunication device 0168)
It looks like LG D820 or something
Button position is very similar to 2012 Nexus 4 - only notable difference being the microsim tray up beside the power button, so on the right of the device rather than down near the bottom of the left as with the 2012 N4
Probably not the 2012 N4 then

EDIT - just googled LG D820 and found the following

Who says that the hole in the back cover serves any function? I honestly think it's just something there for some unknown development or prototyping function and won't make it into the final production model. I mean really, that thing is super ugly and I doubt they'd leave it in. This is just a development mule after all.

I dont think it does, if you look at the FCC internals there is nothing. Just the gap. Nothing under it. You can zoom in pretty well and see... nothing.


Don't get your panties in a bunch about any of this. The casing is no where near the final design I would imagine (except the screen area) the only thing the FCC cares about is the internals so for testing purposes you just throw something "serviceable" around them and send it for approval. Especially since if you get rejected, you may have to change things internally which could impact the external (unlikely but it could)

bad button placement. put the power button on the top where it should be so i wont hit the volume keys everytime

I just hope they make a version with some reasonable storage for those of us that don't want to continuously download our own music or whatever. 16GB is fine for many, but I'd gladly pay more for 32GB or 64GB. 8GB is a bad joke, IMO.

That last pic with the phone sideways, it looks like the backplate can be removed. Could just be pre production but who knows

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I know this is pre-pro but the back looks ugly. The Nexus 4 glass back looks nicer, but maybe this will have a removable backing?? :)

Aren't Nexus phones known for not being cutting edge spec wise? People really expect Snapdragon 800 and a display similar to the G2? I mean it would be great but wouldn't that be breaking the usual mold?

N4 had S4 Pro which is about the same Snapdragon 800 is this year. 5.0" display is also not as cutting edge as LG G2's 5.2".

Rofl, S4 Pro is not even close to the Snapdragon 800. S4 Pro=Krait 200 cores. Snapdragon 600=krait 300 cores. Snapdragon 800=Krait 400. That's two core advancements behind. That's not even to mention the difference between the Adreno 320 and 330 gpu.

He is saying that at this time last year when the Nexus 4 was released, the S4Pro was the fastest Snapdragon processor on the market similar to the way that the Snapdragon 800 is the fastest this year.

We have a genius in here. Yes, Nexus specs have been cutting edge since the Nexus One (with some MINOR caveats...namely camera, storage, and unofficial LTE). Always had what matters to devs.

I'm still hoping that with Google's acquisition of Motorola that the next Nexus would be built by Motorola

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Cool, I've heard about this, a infrared brain thought reader, talk about innovation!

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Pic # 4 is very interesting, like all others it's fuzzy, but the reflection of the camera being used to take these pictures is very crisp. Just saying :-)

That's my bet, too. Obviously, they have to open it for the FCC and a sealed back would not work.

I agree. Obviously the final cover is going to have some kind of branding on it. And also this cover is kind of coming off at the edge...

If you look at the internal pics in the FCC documents they basically tear the whole phone apart so Google/LG probably didn't feel the need to waste a final production model cover on them. (Also probably helps with the secrecy rather than screaming this is the NEXUS on the back).

IMHO I like simple understated designs. I think this looks comfortable to hold and durable which is much more important to me than looking like a supermodel in phone form.

Is anyone else confused as to why these pics are being included in an FCC document for the verizon version of the G2? (if you click the source link for the FCC you can even see a user manual that is clearly for the verizon G2). Is LG trying to hide these pics by putting them in another FCC document? Is that even allowed?!

Also since when did FCC leaks include external pictures? I feel like the most we've had before is just very simple boxes depicting the phone outline and the radios included.

Anyway still excited. Please announce something by the end of September!

+1 on this being a temp back. FCC couldn't get in and out of the current Nexus as easily as they'd want with it's sealed glass back.

The owners manual in the FCC filing for this is for a Verizon G2. The Final Verizon G2 is different than the ATT version in a couple ways. Different buttons (but still centered with camera) and wireless charging. Could this have been one option that Verizon was looking at before they chose what they chose? Hence EVLeaks saying it was a CDMA variant? Hoping not, but makes some sense. Maybe LG then put it back out to see if there were any other takers.

I'm guessing it is going to have a Super AMOLED screen, if Google plans on implementing Active Notifications on it.

That would be a change because I believe the Nexus 4 is LCD...

Not sure if this is accurate but the Verge is reporting that this model actually supports Verizon LTE bands (Band 13), wheras the previouly FCC tested model supported T-Mobile, AT&T, Spring, and the rest of the world LTE bands.

So they are stating that we may be looking at the next Verizon compatible Nexus right here...

Curious mind here, what are are the chances a 64 bit processor will make its way into this Nexus?

Really hope that notch at the top is IR. Or at least the opening where a lightsaber pops out. :)

"Whatever you are, be a good one."

I would say zero chance. Is there another chip on the market or in the works currently that supports 64-bit? It will be interesting to see if the next version of Android supports 64-bit.

damn was hoping they would make the bezel on bottom less HUGE to make up for our on screen navi. why not add an extra 1/2 inch of screen for a fixed home, back and apps button

So remember last week when I bet this was coming to Verizon and you guys told me I was wrong?

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Based on this article alone, I can tell you this is going to be my next phone. I'm on Verizon, but I'm sure this phone is going to be so epic that it'll work no matter what carrier you're on!

And my friends brothers uncle knows a guy who works at Google. Told me that the specs are confirmed at

8 core 3.1ghz
128 GB of internal storage expandable to 1TB with SD card.
you will be able to choose from a 4, 4.7,5,or 6 inch 1080p screen
Back and front will be completely customizable
Battery life of 4 days with heavy use

And get this...only $99 bucks off contract. Said to expect it to drop on Verizon first with stock Android 5.0 - Licorice! Should be out the week of 11/15.

I'm taking that week off work just to stand in line.

You forgot the 99 Megapixel camera and $500 Google Play Store gift card. Pretty big ommission by your post if you ask me.

Those specs sound absolutely incredible! And for only $99 off contract? Even better. However, most of us know that when a deal is too good to be true, it's because it is. Anyone able to clear this up or confirm it? Not trying to jab at you or anything.

Forgot the winky smiley face sorry ;)

Since this got approved, does anyone know how long, on average, Google takes to announce or release after approval? Maybe take prior Nexii as examples.

I'll almost bet you $1000 its will be released in the late OCT to NOV timeframe. Almost is the key word here.

I wonder if that back is just a case to hide the actual phone body (kind of like Samsung with the cases to prevent people knowing the real look)? It's looks like it could be pulled off.

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Literally just cracked the screen on my evo LTE so really hoping the sprint rumors or for real. And hope it releases really soon

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Getting one. It will be my first Nexus phone (I mean, we can all clearly see this is the next Nexus), still using my One X I got in June 2012. I hope I can actually get my hands on one when they finally come out...