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Ordering the Nexus 7 as a gift? Careful not to send it with your account already linked


Pre ordered mine through game stop, so it will come blank, but I remember my grandmother getting a kindle from my dad for Christmas and ordering books like no tomorrow thinking they were free and my dad had to foot the bill lol

I wish they wouldn't do this. It seems like the potential for confusion outweighs the benefit (which is, let's be honest, basically just saving the you the hassle of typing in your account name once and waiting 15 seconds for authentication).

There IS confusion. I pre ordered and just entered my account in the space because the prompt asked for it. I don't think there was any explanation about why you were entering it. I thought I would see the tablet show up in my device list in the market, which of course, it did not.

So yes confusion and if I remember correctly nothing on that order screen explaining what would happen after you entered you account.

Anyway not too much of an issue because I am the only one that will use the Nexus 7 but still confusion