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So, some of us have our shiny new Nexus 4's in hand now. And, we're enjoying them very much. But, what about the accessories? Well -- in the UK Play Store at least -- the Nexus 4 Bumper is the only new Nexus product currently showing as in stock. You can still order one, and we're promised delivery in 3-5 business days. Great stuff. Or, so you might think. 

See, I ordered a Nexus 4 Bumper on launch day last Tuesday. In one of my better judgment calls, I ordered the Bumper separately to the phone. After all, it's no secret that Nexus accessories have lagged way behind device launch dates before, is it? The phones sold out pretty quickly, but the order was processed and delivered within 3 business days as promised. So, where's the Bumper ordered on the same day? Still a pending transaction according to Google Wallet.

A quick call to Google Play customer support came up with nothing, but to their credit, they have been looking into the issue. This morning an email dropped suggesting I may be in for a wait. 

We are working to ship all items in your order as quickly as possible within the 3 week timeframe. You will receive an email confirmation as soon as your order is processed and on it's way.

Looks like the same 3 week timeframe in which Nexus 4 orders will be processed. The difference being that you can still order these right this very second from the Play Store. Not the best turnaround time for an official accessory. (That's to say nothing of the official Nexus 4 charging pod that's still MIA.)

So, the question to ask is -- has anyone actually had a Nexus 4 Bumper delivered? If so, jump into the comments below, or into the Nexus 4 forums and let us know what it's like. 

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Reader comments

Ordered a Nexus 4 bumper? You may have to wait a while...


You have no Idea. I purchased my Nexus 4 at 8:43:53 pst and I am still waiting for it to ship. No word yet from google. You should cover that the phones them self are not coming to some people..

Just called Google and they said they believe mine would ship this week and it's not on back-order.

For comparison, I ordered mine on 8:34 am on order day and the order says "Estimated shipping date: November 15th."

As a further jab to the ribs, I just got a follow up email from the phone call saying "We understand your frustration..." (mind you I wasn't rude or anything, just called for an update) and "your order will ship within 2 days of your order." Haha.

That's an easy perspective to have considering you got one. What time did you place your order? My order is listed at 11:34:21 AM UTC-5, and I'm not backordered, and they assure me I'll get one, but I know for a fact that people who ordered several minutes after me have already received their phone. (My coworker ordered after me, lives only a few miles away, etc., and received his on Friday.)

Google has admitted to me that a third party is fulfilling orders, and that orders are not being fulfilled in the order they were received. That sucks.

Like the Richard I ordered My Nexus4 (16GB, UK) first at 08:27 gmt and then later added a bumper.

Unfortunately both my orders are on apparent back order with my Delivery status stuck on "Delivery estimate 15 November 2012". I guess they won't update till there is an allocation for me.

For now I'm resigned to watching on in envy as the lucky ones post lovely photos of their newly delivered device on +google and wonder why google hates me?

My Nexus 4 Bumper is on the delivery truck along with my device and should be in my hands in a few short hours.

I keep seeing the times people purchased and I was able to submit an order at 834am and still haven't received any info. I think it was entirely random who got one.

You're more or less correct. According to the CSR I spoke with, the actual phones were shipped directly from Korea to UPS Logistics. UPS ships phones according to a list that Google sends them, and notifies Google when the phone has been shipped (with the tracking number, serial number) so that Google can charge your card and, if requested, link the account.

UPS is not shipping the phones out in any particular order. I am also an 8:34 order and have heard nothing (but they assure me I'm not backordered). My coworker ordered at 8:41 and received his phone on Friday. :-/

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I ordered mine together. My tracking number says out for delivery, so I guess I will see if my bumper is in the box this afternoon.

I'd love to see what the bumper looks like on the phone. Any chance of getting some pictures once people start getting them?

i ordered my phone with bumper on tuesday and is on is way to be deliver today. i want the day to be over so i can get home and play with my new toy

I got tired of waiting for some email from google so i called yesterday the play store number. after waiting about an hour I finally got through and the guy said they screwed some ordering labels that were suppose to ship on the 15th like mines said in the order history. He then said it got pushed back to the 17th but they dont send out email on the 17th so he said i should get some notification today. this is bs lol

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What a debacle; the dearth of accessories is probably one of the biggest things that keeps me flip flopping on if I should cancel my back-order. Those wireless orbs were awesome, but are we ever going to see them? Car dock is even more of a mystery; why is it so hard to make a couple standard accessories for a phone?? It almost is enough to get me over to a note 2. I'm still on the fence...

I'd consider ditching my Verizon contract for a Nexus 4... but only if I see some accessories for the Nexus 4. The lack of accessories for the Galaxy Nexus in the US, specifically the car dock for the Verizon version, was ridiculous. I will not buy the phone if a card dock is not produced.

@anthonyaldrete Don't hold your breath. I was told the same thing on the phone on Thurdsay. When I called back on Friday, I asked to talk to a supervisor and he told me that the person I'd spoken to on Thursday had been mistaken.

Would love to see pictures of phone with bumper. I have mine naked right now - like the look, but it does make me a little nervous.

Can you please post a video of the bumper on YouTube? I know a lot of people are wanting this, it would really help us out :-)

There are quite a few of us who never got the backorder email, never got shipping confirmation or info, and keep getting ignored by Google Play.

I received the bumper I ordered along with three N4's; before you think about trolling, one is for me, my wife and my daughter.