Not the Nexus S 4G

Though they are both finally running Ice Cream Sandwich!

As seen at; Thanks, Zachary!


Reader comments

No, Sprint, this isn't the Nexus S 4G


Somebody in marketing is just phoning it in..... (sigh) the side profile is obviously a NEXUS S not a GALAXY NEXUS. If they just cut and pasted just the screen and not the virtual buttons it might have been ok.

I wonder if it's the same fool who posted the GALAXY NOTE image. Cause I am really pulling for the NOTE on SPRINT

I was told by a Sprint rep that they are getting the Note and it will be called the Journal. Truth or not. We shall see.

I wish it was free. My contract runs up on Aug. 31. I don't know what to do. stay with sprint and get the galaxy nexus or just hold out for the next nexus phone which should come around the end of the year hopefully and switch to att or tmoblie. ugh lol

however i believe i can get my upgrade on june 1st i believe