Nexus One Update

Word on the street and in the Android Central Forums (same difference, really) is that the Nexus One is in the midst of an update to Android 2.2.2 -- build FRG83G. Nope, not Gingerbread yet. The new Froyo version is a scant 558kb, which Google says "contains important bug fixes."

We're checking it out right now. (Here's the manual download location for those who like that sort of thing.) In the meantime, everybody into the forums! Thanks to everyone who sent this in! 

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kinster02 says:


My guess is that it's a fix for the SMS bug.

probably a fix for the SMS bug being tested before merged into 2.3.1 r1

decyphersmc says:

forgot about the SMS bug. This would be a very worth while update if it does that.

So annoyed with getting a really short text message that I can read in the notification bar, pulling that down, tapping on it, getting sent to the main messaging menu, tapping on the person, then seeing the sms that I already read...

decyphersmc says:

OMG I'm in Canada and haven't gotten this update yet ;P

Maybe this update will help prep it to not cause random reboots when Nexus One gets gingerbread?

serpico says:

I was the one who started the thread and I'm in Vancouver. So, don't worry, this will come to you too soon enough :)

decyphersmc says:

heh the folks at Android Central know these OTA rollouts have nothing to do with location/carrier so I was more joking about that.

icebike says:

Ok, so once again, I remind you that I am officially designate by Google as the last person on earth to get a Nexus One OTA, and I usually get it 10 to 14 days after first push.

So assuming Gingerbread CAN'T happen till this update roles in, that means Ginger can't push till an absolute minimum of two more "coming weeks"!!

peterfares says:

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hmmm says:

Hmm, weird. I wonder what this means for carriers if anything. My Evo Shift shipped with 2.2. Not even 2.2.1.

junglejunkie says:

The CM7 Nightly builds are great. I was able to get my Gingerbread fix that way.

Low says:

Google why not give my fellow nexus brothers gingerbread with the fixes

The Nexus S is starting to get the 2.3.2 roll-out right now as well. Samsung support confirms that for the NS it is the SMS bug fix, so I'd say the coincidental timing makes it pretty clear this is the same SMS bug fix for the N1.

weezin9980 says:

Apologize for my ignorance - Is the 2.2.2 update only for the Nexus one? If not would I be able to flash it to my rooted backflip?

hossuk says:

I followed last 3 paragraphs of these instructions and all seems fine.

Didn't lose apps or settings.

Go Android! says:

No!! Don't even try. Nowhere near compatible for your backflip.

weezin9980 says:

Thanks for keeping me straight Andr3w. The learning continues.

Rukia#AC says:

Do we name the file or when we manually update? Also will it wipe my apps and settings when I apply the update?

Waffles says:

What use is System Updates, if it doesn't do jack? There's a new update, but yet it's telling my phone is current with 2.2.1.

hossuk says:

Successfully manually updated to 2.2.2 ... Thanks for the link to the update file.

jediman says:

Suck it oracle!

hotkoko says:

I hope Droid pro gets gingerbread.

gomezl7 says:

how you like your droid pro...what do you like?

gomezl7 says:

how you like your droid pro...what do you like?

hotkoko says:

I love it. Love the key pad

Kiserai says:

Not to be a jerk, but this is really exciting news...for all 20 people who still have a Nexus One with the stock recovery so they can download and apply an OTA update.

If you own a Nexus One and you aren't rocking CWM or Amon Ra, you're doing it wrong.

Also, the CM7 nightly builds are awesome. Waaaaay more stable than I thought they would be going in. If you're really desperate for Gingerbread, it's not a bad way to go, and word on the street is that the next nightly build will have these fixes incorporated in.

fbrubbo says:

After the this update, swype keyboard does not work any more. :-(

irogers says:

I just got it. Not much. But I will say the pinch and zoom has gotten alot smoother