Nexus 7

The spudger-wielding technology sadists at iFixit are at it again, this time dissecting one of the new Nexus 7 tablets, presumably obtained from Google I/O, seeing as how they're not shipping yet. (Fun fact: We're expecting production quality to improve a little bit once these things go retail, so keep that in mind as you flip through their teardown.)

There's nothing surprising here -- it's a tablet, with tablet parts. But it's still pretty cool to see it splayed out all over the place.

Source: iFixit


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Nexus 7 torn down, found to have tablet parts inside


oh i'm sure they'll find something to whine about, probably start with slide to unlock, or some BS like that!

Why would build quality really change much? We're only a couple weeks out from release. Doesn't it take awhile to build a few hundred thousand of these along with getting them packaged and ready to ship? I would think they would already be in production stages.

Nice, I see they mentioned micro usb to HDMI. That's huge! I thought Google was going to prevent that to push people to the Nexus Q. Plus it says included? Why didn't any sites mention this in their initial reviews or maybe I just missed it?

i dont think google would ever do such a thing.
Google isnt like apple.

yes google wants us to use cloud storage,but we can chose witch one. same go's for video playback,we can chose witch one we want to use.

There is no MHL chip/transmitter anywhere to be seen on both sides of the motherboard, so that cable would not work, sad but true :(

This is a microUSB to HDMI cable from the Nexus Q. You can see it here at minute 1:45

Either iFixit mixed up the accessories between the two devices. Or Google mixed up when packaging the units to be given out at I/O to them.

OK, will someone get hold of google and clear up this whole HDMI issue. Conflicting reports from everywhere so far.

Also, I know that it will not support USB OTG out the box, but I am assuming you can root and use stickmount app to enable external storage?


do you people even read?

it does support USB OTG,just like the Galaxy nexus.
the only problem with galaxy nexus was that it did not recognized all USB/ExHDD's

PLease for the love of god someone figure out the HDMI thing its kinda stupid THAT NO ONE CAN GET AN ANSWER ON THIS and if this is included that is a huge win as

So apparently it doesn't come with a simple cable then. Seems weird the ifixit people had a cable with theirs.

no of course not never ever seen a phone/tabled that does. its always a 3rdparty or accessory product/cable you need to buy extra.

" the company says that the shipping build of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean doesn't support the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) which would allow it to double as an HDMI port, nor advanced USB On-The-Go (OTG) functionality. "

In other words. jellybean 4.1.1 is coming and will have the support.

Nope, I doubt any software update can fix this MHL support, because the device needs hardware support too in order for MHL to work. And from the iFixit teardown images, I don't see a MHL Transmitter like on the Galaxy Nexus anywhere on either sides of the motherboard.

They want us to buy the sphere thing from Google IO and use tablet as a remote not plug in our tablet/phone and use what is already available. Just smart marketing.