Nexus 7

To say that there has been a little bit of hype around the Nexus 7 would be an understatement. People all around the world are loving it, and odds are you are looking to get your hands on one. The Nexus 7 is now available for those living in Dubai to purchase through Axiom Telecom, and even includes free shipping along with the tablet. Coming in with a price tag of AED 1,299.00 (~$350), it is a bit more expensive than its US counterpart, but import costs, taxes and exchange rates are likely behind the price rise. If you're thinking of picking one up, be sure to check out our full review of the Nexus 7, as well as what other users in the forums have to say. 

Source: Axiom Telecom


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Nexus 7 now available in Dubai


They're just out to make a huge profit on a good tablet. There are no sales taxes in the UAE and their local currency is pegged to the US$. Import costs are probably negligible too.

Err, you failed to include other variables as well such as the high cost of living (which increases compensation and salaries of employees), high rents and so on. Axiom Telecom are known to charge high prices in United Arab Emirates and that is why I never buy from them. I always go down the Mobile Street (Defense Road) and get the best prices. Moreover, these shops are the one who get Android devices before companies like Axiom and so on.

Let me give a recent example. I bought three Samsung Galaxy Nexus over the past 6 months (one for me and rest for family members). The first time I bought it from Defense Road I got it for AED 2350 and no one in Abu Dhabi had it - not Jumbo, Axiom, or the official retailer in Emirates, namely Eros. Few months later they released it but at a price of AED 2499; they are still selling it at the same price. However, when I purchased the other two I got them for 1500 from the same shop, and that was 5 months after my initial purchase. Unfortunately, the known shops - such as Jumbo, Axiom, etc. - did not lower their prices.

I once asked them why do they sell so cheap? They told me that because they want to increase sales since majority of consumers buy from known shops and not these small shops. Moreover, the smaller shops in Defense Street have fewer employees, lower rent, and so on. Many other variables are low so that is why they are able to sell it at a lower price. :)

Hope this helped :) Don't buy products from big tech giants in Emirates but go for these small shops. You can bargain. However, always make sure the product box is sealed. :)

Quick, somebody tell Ashley. She can swing by Dubai and pick this up on way to London, since she was having problems finding one locally.