Nexus 7 FHD travel cover.

Here's a quick look at the Nexus 7 FHD Travel Cover from ASUS — and, frankly, it's not really worth more than a quick look. What you've got is a very basic "light but durable polymer" in a folio style that gives the tablet some basic protection while allowing full access to the microphones, speakers and ports, along with the power and buttons.

This is a no-frills cover — it feels like soft-touch rubber, and the glossy ASUS logo on the back stands out nicely against the matte finish on the rest of the cover. It's plenty easy to slip the tablet inside — too easy, really. The fit leaves a bit to be desired. The front cover flips over with no resistance whatsoever, but there's no magnet to turn the display on when it's opened. 

Again, no frills. At all. We wouldn't expect much more from a $19 case, though. 

You can pick up the Nexus 7 FHD Travel Cover from Amazon in five colors. 


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Nexus 7 FHD travel cover - it's cheap, and it's cheap


I picked up the MoKo case last week for 99¢ w/$4.98 shipping from Amazon...

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Yeah I wouldn't recommend this case for the 2013 Nexus 7. It was fine on the first gen, but I just got this case today and the fit leaves MUCH to be desired, along with the fact that the auto-wake feature doesn't work 90% of the time. At least with the one I got, the cover doesn't fit perfectly, so it lays at an odd angle, which causes the auto-wake to rest in the incorrect spot.

Price is hard to beat, but this is one case that will do nothing more than gather dust. So far, I'm actually preferring this cheap (not $$$ cheap) Asus case that I thought I'd throw out after receiving the MoKo case.

Good to know. I also ordered that case from Amazon. Expecting it next week. In the meantime, I'll make do with my old Nexus 7 case...

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High hopes for this case! Looks like a quality product that'll be my go-to for the new Nexus 7, least for the time being.

Ordered it Tuesday but it won't be in stock until the 23rd with delivery around the 28th.

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I ordered some cheapo case off of Amazon for $3.95. It's more like a book cover, but that's all I really need. Something to cover it in faux-leather, and keep it from getting scratched while in the top pouch of my lunch box.

I recently got a "refurbished" OEM travel case for my Nexus 7 (2012) on ebay. I am not sure how you refurbish a case like this, but it was like new and just didn't have the original packaging. I am actually super happy with it. Fits very snug, have a good grip and doesn't look cheap IMO. This looks exactly the same as the the old one, sucks that it may not fit so well.

I have this same cover for my nexus 7, first one tho, as you remarked, it's cheap, doesn't have the magnet, but it protects the tablet very well, so i think it's worth it.

Just ordered my moko case from amazon with three pack of screen protectors for $15 with shipping. Haven't even unboxed my new nexus until those get here.

from my lean mean jelly bean machine N7!

Asus' website is showing a premium flip cover on their website, but haven't found anyone selling it yet. Looks along the lines of the ipad magnetic covers or the ones you could get for the galaxy tab2. Holding out for that.

I've got the Moko on backorder from Amazon but the question I have is, which case would work with wireless charging? Anybody have an opinion?

I bought a Poetic Slimline, Moko Ultra Slim, and Poetic GraphGrip case... for all three I spent $14.87. The first two both have smart covers, the third is more like a shell.

I pretty much just did the same thing.. The Grip case should be perfect for playing driving games.. and the cutouts for the speakers look just right as well.. not to mention drop protection..

I bought a neoprene slip for a dollar. I am waiting for ASUS to release the premium flip cover. Anyone know when it will be released?

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I've had this a few days and Phil's right about the fit. It's not very snug at all. The first-party travel cover for the 2012 Nexus 7 was great; it fit nicely, gave great protection, and had a quality feel of sorts for what it was. This cover is flimsy by comparison. If you're expecting what we got last year, don't.

The price isn't bad if you just want something for your Nexus 7, but I find myself using my new Nexus 7 without a case on it and putting it in an old Timbuk2 Kindle sleeve for travel.