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The simplest things in life often bring us the most pleasure, and this one sits somewhere in that category. One of the defining features of the new LG Nexus 4, is of course the pattern on the rear. Paying homage to the original Nexus One live wallpaper pattern, caught in the right light it's a pleasure to look at. Not content with limiting to the rear of Google's latest baby, there's now a live wallpaper that attempts to bring the effect to the front. 

Simply known as Nexus 4 Dot Live Wallpaper, it's available for free download from the Google Play store now. There's a bunch of advertisements to deal with, but only in the settings menu. There's a few different settings to customize, namely color, size of the dots and the speed of the animations. Our personal preference is for small white dots -- the closest resemblance to the actual pattern on the Nexus 4. Click on past the break to see how it looks in a couple of other colors, or head on over to the Play Store and snag yourselves a copy.

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There are 19 comments

That's a very silly wallpaper.

Ziptied says:

and it looks nothing like the back of the N4.

Tryptykon says:

looks like something out of the matrix instead of the back of the nexus 4

BaMaDuDe87 says:

haha +1 for this developer

teckels says:

This is a reason why I like android central, the little things. It's not mind blowing, but appreciated and something fun for the weekend.

dnalevelc says:

I installed it and I had ads everywhere popping up on my phone. Has anyone else had that happen with it?

piizzadude says:

nope just the settings menu. I declined to install any of the other stuff offered, that could be the source if you are getting more ads

Wicket says:

looks good on my Galaxy Nexus! it's as close as I can get to a Nexus 4 I can get till I can actually get one.

RustyU says:

Dunno why people are saying it doesn't look like the back of the 4, the default setting does when the back is under bright light.

wildmangk says:

I just installed it, im liking it!

griftercm says:

Light Grid Pro does this, and is more configurable.

descendency says:

This would be way more awesome as a daydream.

I also downloaded it as soon as I read this article, and I adore it! Live Wallpapers have become one of my favorite things on my Galaxy Nexus. :-) No ads here, either.

What's the digital clock widget?

nathanzzx says:

It is stock on 4.2

edyts says:

It should use the acceleramotorm light and proximity sensor to make it behave like the back of the nexus, that would be a cool wallpaper id use lol. i know its a pipe dream.

Firehazel says:

Now that would be genius.

ericfung says:

I had the same thought when I saw this. So I made a wallpaper that does that, plus looks like the pattern from the back of the phone. Download it from Google Play Store here:

awesome collection of wallpapers...Thanks for sharing...