Detachable body, phone functions, two cameras and a Snapdragon S4 top the feature list of the Neptune Pine

Android Central @ CES

Most smartwatches are companion products, like the Galaxy Gear. The Neptune Pine aims to replace your smartphone, and is a full stand-alone Android device.

The 2.4-inch screen detaches from the band, and using the full qwerty keyboard you can have a device that fits in your palm, complete with things like GPS and maps, Bluetooth, and a web browser. You can even use it as a paypass device, because it has NFC on-board.

John P. and Adam had a talk with Aaron Wilkins from Neptune Pine, and seem very impressed with their real-world look at the product. Check it out!


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The Neptune Pine is a big smartwatch or a small tablet — and it runs Android #CESlive


I've said this before - update the specs, license this to Casio and let them G-Shock the hell out of it. I want the G-Shocked version in Orange - Casio already did a G-Shock phone, I'm sure a smartwatch isn't beyond them. Maybe pitch this idea to Neptune and Casio eh Adam?

As a further aside, is it just me or it the host of this video super-annoying?

+1. No way, no how. Why would anyone want to put something like this on their wrist? I can at least put my phone in my pocket or in its holder. GEEK.

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Ya I know i can't like thus thing like I'm not going to say "I bought this for processing power" because that's stupid

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I checked this out a couple of days ago. Would love to see a Padfone-like system with this with the "watch" docking into a "phone".

That could be interesting, brother. Honestly, you might have just predicted a future product.

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not far enough.

Watch --> Phone --> Tablet --> laptop --> Desktop --> Space shuttle

Now there is a smartwatch

Well, that escalated quickly.
Other than the space shuttle, I'm up for something like that

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I like your motivation, because I love the Padfone concept. However, the NP is already a phone. I'd rather have a 7" tablet to dock this into. That would make more sense to me. But I think it would bea great concept in the future.

The ones shipping from the KickStarter campaign come with tempered glass screen protectors. I don't think that one had it.

I dig it.
I'll get one the day I can just take out my Sim and toss it in my watch and leave my phone at home.
Perfect for trips to amusement parks where you don't want stuff falling out your pockets during coasters and rides.

Eszklar it looks like Casio won't be offering a full smart watch. It would appear however that they moving one stop closer with the latest models offering Bluetooth (
CASIO GENTS G-SHOCK MASS WATCH GB-6900B-1ER). Just a shame that it would only appear to be for Apple and Samsung.

RRP: £160
Casio Gents G-Shock Mass Watch GB-6900B-1ER

Product Description:
- digital movement
- Shock Resistant
- Magnetic resistant
- World Time
- Stopwatch function (1/1000 - 100HR)
- Timer - 1/1 min. - 24 hours (with automatic repeat)
- Alarm
- Bluetooth 4.0 iPhone & Galaxy Support

G-Shock+ iPhone App Link

G-Shock+ Samsung S4 App Link

1. Geese: plural form of goose. Ex: Hey, look at that flock of geese.

2. The first Android phone, HTC Dream, only had a 3.2" screen. A 2.4" screen is not far off from that. That's plenty of real estate to type on. You could just use the vocal recognition to type it for you if the screen is to tiny for your liking. Meaning: you have to start somewhere.

It makes more sense to me than having a smart watch that won't work without your phone. I'm not saying it's for me but who knows, quite a few years ago the smaller your phone was the better it was, now it's hard to find a good new phone that comfortably fits in your pocket or in one hand so I can see the smart watches only growing in size too.

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Holy crap that's a little to big, might as well 3M my gnex to my wrist loll.

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John P.: "wait, you can put a SIM card in that?!" How the hell did you think it was making calls? Based on the other videos I've seen this guy doesn't really seem to know anything about mobile technology.

Future? No thanks. Looks like a phone that tells time or oversized watch with an undersized phone screen or...... Oops, I've already got all this covered and with a bigger screen.

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Seems like a joke compared to the Omate. Where oh where has the Omate gone... oh where oh where could it be?

Didn't android set the standard with phone screen size? Yet a phone/watch combo seems way too big! If that screen could be shaped so it goes around the wrist it would be killer!

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Isn't that supposed to be worn on your ankle?

Anyways a 'smartwatch' with e ink clock on the outside screen, where you can then flip that 180 degrees and on the inside are 2 screens that then join together without a bezel to form 1 large screen, would be interesting.

I'm probably cool enough to rock this and get away with it.. The benefit of being a rapper.. Lol.

BUT SERIOUSLY.. This old guy is annoying as hell. Why the hell is he telling the dude to RAISE the price?? He should be praising him for the low price instead.. dumbass. Smh..

NOBODY is cool enough to get away with wearing this. Are you a rapper with a pocket protector or something? Holy mother. That thing is insane. Just tape a phone to your wrist or something.

Nope. No pocket protectors.. just a regular likeable guy who can rap pretty good. I'd have to see this in person 'cuz I am kinda skinny but I'm sure I can get away with it.. if not to be different..

Reading these posts remind me of reading Gizmodo or something. I love all the negativity towards a company's idea of a different concept.
I was a Day 1 buyer of the HTC Evo 4G w/a 4.3" screen. Everyone was "ohhh my! That's to big for a phone." I was a Day 1 buyer of the Note 2. Same response. I support the Sony Z Ultra and it's 6.44" screen to bridge the "phone & tablet into one device" concept. So, I support this device in it's effort to put an actual working phone into the smartwatch genre.
I helped fund the Pebble KS, and love it on my wrist. However, it's just a companion device. The same with the Galaxy Gear. The NP separates itself from relying on a phone to funtion. It's a stand alone, fully functional smart phone on your wrist. You can view it as the biggest smart watch or the smallest smart phone. I chose the latter.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I personally just don't see why I should be talking to my wrist. I have a phone that I really like and several watches that I wear so I guess I'm good to go.

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I do not own another watch besides my Pebble. As far as talking to your wrist, a BT earpiece would alleviate the whole "Dick Tracy" aspect. I don't get the phone & a tablet combo. The Note 2 screen is 5.5" and my iPad is 9.7". That's not a big difference. With the Neptune Pine, I could carry a LG 8.3" Gpad for reading books/news/gaming on the go. I'm just a techie that appreciates "different" devices. I choose to look in a more positive way of "wow, I wonder how consumers would use this" instead of "pssh, I don't need that." But enough of my opinion.

As a Veteran, my go to phrase is "opinions are like arseholes. . . everyone has one."

I'm all things tech also. Been there my whole career in one industry or another. I just choose not to wear something that honking big on my wrist. My phone goes in my pocket or holder just fine. I do my reading on my Fire HD or iPad.

And yup, everybody's got one. :-)

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Can you tether your pebble on the other wrist to it?

Seriously, though, doesn't someone make wrist bands for smartphones already? That thing is already bulky why not just strap your existing phone to your wrist if that's what you want...

wait for Samsung to release a smartwatch with 3-inch FLEXIBLE display that you wear like a wristband. It will be 1/4 thick and run for 2 days between charging.

I'm not a fan of this particular take on the smartwatch, but the mocking tone by many of the comments here sure remind of the abuse the 5" Dell Streak took when it first came out. How many of you have a 5" screen on your phones now? That's what I thought.

This is a niche market product and will be for a long time, if not always so. Phones are a mainstream product thus the acceptance and adoption of 5" screens. I'm not saying this is a bad product, just one with a limited market. Still can't figure out why I would need to wear my phone on my wrist.

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I think this device is amazing. It's huge, and I like that. I like a screen that is actually usable as opposed to the tiny screens on devices like Pebble and Gear. I will use the Neptune Pine as a fitness tracker with it's pulse monitor, and as a mp3 player when I go for a run or when I am at the gym. It won't look any more rediculous than a phone/mp3 player in an armband. I will use it as my GPS when I ride my motorcycle to somewhere unfamiliar, and as a "GoPro" in a helmet mount when I want to record the trip/destination. I will use it in class to screen texts or calls to see if it is something important enough for me to step outside for. I am a Verizon customer, and I will tether the device to my Note 3 much of the time, but I ordered a GSM version of the Neptune Pine to use as my cell phone when I travel overseas. To the people that don't want to wear it on their wrist, Neptune makes belt clips for it, and makes bumpers with lanyard. Worlds largest smart watch, worlds smallest full android smartphone. Kudos to Neptune!

Who in there right mind would ever think of giving up there smartphone for a watch? I think this guy is way wrong here. If I wanted something like this I would get an old smartphone then duck tape it to my wrist lol :)

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I would success you to try something even bigger.. Try Note 10.1 and ducktape - it would be so amazing!

Oh well - less is more on this case...

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After getting gear and quickly selling it, I learned a lesson. It will take something special to get me to buy another smart watch and this one is not it.

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A friend observed that maybe this is also an e-fitness device, like those weights some people put on their wrists. Only you need to swap wrists every day otherwise you'll get lob-sided.

So they should sell a companion watch-like device which provides a counterbalance.. hey, good idea: it would be an extended battery. you'd run a cable up your arm, across your shoulders and back down the other arm to the watch's dock to help keep it charged up.