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It's important to remember that not everyone's a whiz when it comes to the command-line aspect of Android. And to that end, the fine folks in our forums — 1.6 million strong and growing — have you covered. 

The over-the-air update that brings the Nexus 4 to Android 4.3 is pushing out now. But if for some reason you haven't gotten it yet and you don't want to wait any longer, Phalgun Gujjar in our forums has a nice little tutorial for sideloading the update. No, it doesn't root your phone, and it's really no different than just waiting for the update to push out. It's quick and it's easy and it's a great way to learn one of the basics of working with your Android phone with the command line.


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Need help updating your Nexus 4 to Android 4.3?


It doesn't take much to be "First" here. you may wanna switch to a site with more traffic, I suggest Yahoo news or Washington Post.

Ricoski, i suggest you head over to XDA and get the nexus 4 toolkit. you will definitely be able to fix it with that.

Now if we could only get some help installing it on the vzw Galaxy Nexus. Luckily I have access to a Nexus 7 so I am able to see what it does, too bad the First Gen Nexus & didn't have a camera in the back to see how they changed Photoshere, I love that option

Now if we could only get some help installing it on the vzw Galaxy Nexus. Luckily I have access to a Nexus 7 so I am able to see what it does, too bad the First Gen Nexus & didn't have a camera in the back to see how they changed Photoshere, I love that option

I didn't use this method but try clearing the cache in stock recovery. It helps in my case. I was stuck in X for half a day on Sunday till I clear the cache.

My friend had the same issue. We had to sideload the update then wipe it through recovery mode. It works now! :)

Same here ..My phone doesn't pass nexus animated logo.even after factory reset its behaving same..If you find solution,let me know...

I thought that the command part of Android was complicated...until last night. For some reason I instantly understood adb and fastboot and everything I've been doing wrong for the past two years I've spent with Android. Once it clicked, I had sideloaded 4.3 to my original Nexus 7 in five minutes. It's really just as simple as putting whatever you want to sideload in "platform-tools." I don't know why it too me so long to figure that out.

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About the only thing I use the toolkit/toolkits for is to get the dang usb drivers installed and working them its off to the command line I go

Oh, and by the way, 4.3 breathes new life into the original Nexus 7. There is literally no lag in the app drawer or home screen whereas there was a ton in 4.2. That being said, I'm still getting the new Nexus 7 because I can't resist amazing screens and great speakers. That's the two things I look for in a tablet.

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Man, I'm just surprised I haven't received the OTA yet. I guess it only started pushing four days ago, but since I switched over to Nexus devices because, I was tired of getting bogged down by carrier update cycles, I've felt impatient. Anybody else still waiting?

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I'm pretty sure it only started getting rolled out a day ago not four, and I think most people still haven't got if you go by the various forum and blog posts. I think it'll take several weeks at this rate for everyone to eventually get it.

Which is still way ahead of waiting months for carriers.

And for those impatient types Google posts the factory images which you almost never see with carrier branded phones (at least at first).

I side loaded the update on the Nexus 4, did the factory image for the Nexus 7, and waited for the OTA for the Nexus 10. Awesome.

Got it on my Nexus 7 3g and Nexus 4. Just a trick: First check for update, if nothing turns up, go to settings>apps>and clear data in downloads, download manager and also google services framework and shut down the device there itself. Turn it off and turn it on and go to settings>about device>update and check again.

If it doesn't work, try 2-3 times. I got my update by doing this. Can't guarantee for everyone!

What do you mean by clear data in downloads? All I can find is an option for resetting app preferences.

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Hi ShArQ1!! I'm not really sure how or why but the steps that you suggested worked really fine for me, and at the first time haha :D

Thank you very very much for sharing them!!

Clearing data in in google framework services screwed up my phone royally. All notifications stopped working, as did Google Play. I had to delete and re-add my Google account to get Play working again, and am still struggling to get notifications back up in all my apps - more or less have to uninstall and reinstall them all.

Lousy advice, I'd say. And BTW, it didn't get me my update.

Any issue with a rooted Nexus 4 (still on the stock ROM)? Haven't gotten my upgrade yet, and my partner (unrooted Galaxy Nexus) has. We're both on the same T-Mobile account with unlocked devices from Google Play.

The person I live with and I bought our phones on the same day. His Nexus 4 is rooted, bootloader unlocked, and he got the update. My phone isn't rooted or bootloader unlocked, and I still haven't gotten the update. So it's nothing to do with the root, apparently it's just random when you actually get the update...and it's beyond frustrating!

Wish I had seen this before yesterday. Got impatient and used a toolkit to try, but it kept failing because SOMETHING wasn't stock with my phone. I flashed stock recovery, stock kernel, stock apps. Nothing. Received the OTA half way through, tried it, failed. Eventually I got frustrated and just flashed the stock 4.2.2 image and then flashed the 4.3 image.

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On a separate note, AC, why when I want to open a forum link from the app it opens the browser and the link is not opened in the app too? This is a bit frustraiting.... I always have to manually find the forum post in the app. Is there something that I am doing wrong?

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Has anyone, since upgrading to 4.3, noticed a SIGNIFICANT decrease in the performance of Wi-Fi on the 5ghz spectrum? On initial install, my 2.4ghz Wi-Fi got 30mbps and 5ghz got 350kbps down. Before the update (and since going back to 4.2.2) I got 45-50 Mbps on 5ghz.

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Got the update on my Nexus 7 wifi. WOW! Looks like they hit it with some more butter! Noticeably smoother on screen transitions and scrolling while browsing!

Haven't got the update yet. I really want to do this but since I'm on vacation and only have my Chromebook with me I can't.

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Guess I'll have to try this method.. I am really surprised the update hasn't come ota for nexus 4 by now.

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Is anyone else have issues with 4.3? I flashed it day 1 on my nexus 4. I find the notification pull down "sticky" and the WiFi settings keeps losing all my hotshots requiring a reboot to sort it.

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Follow this tip to get OTA immediately.
1. Head to settings.
2. Tap on the Apps
3. Navigate to All
4. Scroll to Google services frame work app
5. Tap on it to open app info
6. Tap on Clear cache, Clear data buttons.
7. Tap on Force stop button.
8. Now go back to Settings--> About Phone
9. Tap on System updates.
10. Tap on Check now button.

Oyla you will be promoted for update.

A Mixture of this and what ShArQ1 posted allowed me to recieve the notification to update. Just have to wait on wifi access, which is silly. Should be able to do it over data as I have a unlimited package.

Google play store won't let me update or download anything ... Starts to download, then get server error..

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Go to settings/accounts open google in accounts, click on your email and settings will appear in top right corner, click it remove account and then re-enter your account and the problem is solved

OK .. Store fixed. Just had to remove and add my Google account in nexus 4 General settings.

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This work for me but I'm still unable to install the update... My N4 is rooted and have the bootloader unlocked. When I click on "restart to install" it does restart but then I get an Android with the ERROR text on it. Any sugestions? Thank you.

This actually worked on first try!!

"Settings -> Apps -> All apps -> Google Services Framework. Clear data. May take a few tries, but it is confirmed it will eventually work. Then your last system update will say 1969. Try to request update. Enjoy!"

Updating as I type this...amazing!

After endless trials I got there.
4.3 brought the auto complete option on the dialer that alone is enough for me.

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You shouldn't run this story as it's incomplete. Someone new will not reach the end successfully . There too many missed info. For example: in the guide USB connection is not mentioned once. When should we connect the USB cable?

PS: I've just updated my GNex to 4.3

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Out of two Nexus 4s and one Nexus 7, only one N4 has received the ota update. What's the holdup!

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Thanks that clearing the Google services framework trick actually works thanks.

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I did a factory reset before updating and reinstalled everything from scratch, but I have lots of apps force-closing very frequently after the update and my phone also shuts down on it's own every once in a while. Not what I expect from a Nexus and an official update, this feels more like nightly versions of unofficial ROMs.

Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have got the OTA update on my Nexus 7 for 4.3. Its great but now my Google Card search wont open when i say "Google". May someone please help with this. I checked the Google Now Settings to ensure the hot key was on and then went to my language and keyboard to make sure everything was fine on that end. I don't want to Factory reset as i have finally got my tablet the way i want it. Any help will be great, as always thank you for any help i can get. FYI this is the old Nexus 7

Does it really only update on WiFi? If so no wonder people still aren't getting the update.

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