Mophie Juice Pack for Galaxy S3

A few weeks ago we reviewed the Mophie Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Mophie PR was a little surprised that we came away not all that impressed, given that we've sung the praises of its iPhone Juice Pack. In fact, Mophie was concerned that because we'd purchased our first two units from resellers on Amazon (separate resellers, actually), we might well have received counterfeit Juice Packs, leading to the sharp edge at the bottom of the case, as well as a couple of the other more minor gripes we'd had.

Mophie Juice Pack for Galaxy S3Stranger things have happened, so we let Mophie send us a review unit, and it arrived about a week later, on Feb. 8. In the meantime, we purchased a third Mophie Juice Pack -- this time directly from Mophie -- and had it overnighted to us, arriving on Jan. 31.

In all four Galaxy S3 Mophie Juice Packs, there remains a sharp edge on the chin, and that remains our biggest complaint. It's not going to attack you or anything. But it's noticeable, it's uncomfortable, and it makes us want to take a file to the case -- something you should never have to do. 


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Mophie Juice Pack for the Galaxy S3 - an update


My thoughts exactly.
Unless I was to 'win' one or have it fall from heaven would be the only way I'd be interested, given the ridiculous price tag.

I had heard about these cases for the iPhone, and started to look into it for my S3. Between your reviews and some of the comments, you've definitely helped me decide. It's crazy that when they're charging that much money they'd release a product with flaws like a sharp edge.

That's what I was thinking also. You could get two 2100mah batteries and wall charger for the 1/4 of that price.

I just got my Gorilla Gadgets 4500 mah battery, and couldn't be happier. It was on sale for only 25 bucks a few days ago, as well. It might still be.

The blue battery cover doesn't quite match my blue GS3, but I don't mind. The phone wasn't nearly as thick as I expected it to be.

I'm on 1 day, 6 hours of heavy use, on 4G LTE, with 6 hours and 35 minutes of screen on time, and have 17% left.

I expect it'll do better after a few battery rundowns and recharges.

I think people pay that much because its a name that has done well on the iPhone market. They do make a great product, on the Apple side.
But it is also a combo pack. You get a battery AND a case.
Right now im sporting a first gen 3000mAh battery / door for my GS3. I have ordered a 4200mAh battery/door and hope it comes soon. (kinda annooyed i ordered it Friday and yas yet to even ship) but even with this new battery and door im still not sporting a protective case. With the Mophie one you get the best of both worlds.

But i do agree that perhaps some re-engineering is done.
Phil if you do end up doing a give away or even selling them at a bit of a discount ill take one. Id love an opportunity to see how bad or not so bad the edges are your referring to.

It's almost a shame to put a case on a nexus 4 the phone is head turned by itself but i do agree that it needs extra power. for that reason i got a phonesuit flex ( easily double my phone battery life and dont have to sacrifice the look of my nexus.

I own one of these cases and yes its got that sharp edge as well and also doesnt really justify the price even though I got an employee discount from my job but it's something at least.

How about yall tell Mophie that the design is shit. It's way inferior than the ones designed for the iphone. They need a do over.

I'm glad Android Central is not reviewing stuff like this and billing it as amazing just for the sake of the product itself and appeasing the company.

Based on this review and the consequant follow up, thank you for having a back bone.

The bottom edge is not really as sharp as they make it seem.. It could've been rounded like the top of the case, but we have androids... We get no love.

I was >< close to buying one until I read your review(s). Even onsale plus my discount, its still cheaper for me to just buy an extra battery and a case. Sorry but until they improve the design and drop the price forgetaboutit.

I can't decide on whether to purchase another battery for the s3 or buy one of those rechargeable battery packs. Help me, I don't have access to outlets during the day. Advice please.

Buy one of these. I love mine. And compared to competition, I also had a powershell and it broke within 30 days. Not this beauty!

just bought 1 and its is smooth as a baby's ass. In response why would somebody buy 1. Alot of people don't like having to power down their device to switch out the battery!!you can call us lazy you can call us whatever, some of us are waiting on important calls and we cant afford the phone to be down others of us use our phone so excessive that we really really really really really need any power we can get, I am out from 8am till 10pm without needing to charge. and again mine has absolutely no sharp edges.very happy!!!! Nfc works the same. I only wish I can find a cradle to set mine in. And who cares about a $100 price point? Id pay triple for a quality case that extends my battery for all day use!!!!! A regular quality case cost $50 so quit bitching. A sharp edge is a legit complaint. Maybe Iam the exception. Maybee I got a redesigned version. All I can say is try it and if you dont like it t a ke it back. Simple.

I have a white T-Mobile GS3 and purchased the Mophie white battery case for it today. I like having the option of charging my battery without having to pull the case back off and switching out a battery... that is simply a hassle, especially if you are on the phone as much as I am during the day.

In terms of the build quality... I am not sure about the black one, but my white one is flawless. The edges are smooth and the fit and finish are top notch. The brushed aluminum is finished to perfection and the gloss white finish didn't have a mark or flaw on it. The top piece fits nicely with very tight tollerances.

All-in-all, well worth the $100 in my personal opinion. In terms of the style of the case... which I have read a number of people calling it "ugly", etc., as far as I am concerned it is much nicer looking than a lot of cases on the market. I give this 5 stars out of 5... I think its that good!

Also be happy that they are catering to the android market and dont give them the impression android fans are cheap basturds!! We all know Apple fans dont bitch about a $100 add on. They happily give their $100 and say thank you. We all also know that Android customers are smarter and more fiscally opportunistic... but again dont give the compaies a reason to not make Android products.

They thing most forgotten when using a juicepack is how to carry it. For me, a service technician, I use a belt clip. It would be nice if Mophie had a hard shell belt clip like the one I use with my Otter Box case for their product. If they did, I'd buy this for all our S3'3 at my company.

Honestly DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY UNTIL YOU READ THIS.. First there is no holster so I spent over $60 on holsters and pouches Hoping that one would fit but nothing was a decent fit. Aside from the leather pouches I bought I also purchased the holster for the Seidio Innocell Plus hoping it would fit but no luck. The battery case itself makes the phone SUPER bulky and cumbersome. After you put it on you completely loose the sleek and sharp look and feel of the phone. As for battery itself it only added about a 50 to 60 percent charge (less then 50 if i was using it a lot) After a little over a month i had no choice but to give up on it and went back to carrying a spare battery in my pocket. To keep the spare battery from being damaged in my pocket I wrapped the battery with a small piece of microfiber cloth and store it in an old gameboy cartridge case i found on ebay for $3. as much of a pain in the butt as it is to swap the battery sometimes, its worth it since you will have a totally full battery once you do so. Unfortunately This battery case in my eyes at least is a DUCK...

Look, this is a great case. I bought mine with my GS3 at the beginning of December and I truly truly like the fact that I don't have to take the back off the phone all the time to change the battery. After awhile those small tabs will become worn and the back won't stay on as securely as when it was new. I saw this happen in a repair video on You Tube. I never noticed the guillotine edge until this article. ( I just went over to the case and looked, yeah it's there, I never saw it.)
This is my first post here, I am new here so try not to flame me too much ok?

I have to say, that I'm very happy with this case. I'm in a situation where I'm up all night with no easy access to power outlets. I'm on the interet a good portion of the evening & i have to be available via my phone for the long night (10hrs). I have this case and an extra battery. That all gets me throigh the night and then some. I bought the Mophie in December. The sharp edge you speak of? What sharp edge? I DO like the design of battery case for my wife's iphone better, but that's a smaller phone with a different shape. I also would like to see some sort of holster that would fit. The price? I think it's right in line with all the tremendously overpriced cellphone add-ons out there.

Well, let’s be honest that battery life on just about any portable device is anything besides ideal. Light to normal users might make it all through a day or two without requiring a charge, yet for the power users out there, convey a charger/extra battery/juice pack/etc. is a must.>

Just got the juice pack for my s3, great life, nice case, not to big, sharp edge... not a concern really. Charged overnight, woke up to a quickly discharging phone and near empty juice pack. Charge pack alone?...

This thing is a piece of shit!!! Doesn't even work I bought the one dat charges it up to 100% but it doesn't it only charges to 70. U assholes!

I just bought the case for my gs3....been looking for the sharp edges, but I cant find them on my mophie case, I must have a new version smooth as a babies butt. If I dont like it they will get it back, but I dont see that happening....bitchin thanks