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joebob2000 says:

7" Ipad? The bezel edge better be smaller than the current one. That's the big thing holding me back, the form factor is just not transportation-friendly.

Thought I should posting something on topic before the b00blust starts.

wpavlik2 says:

The 7" iPOD should have a thinner bezel edge to help with heft and make it seem even larger as you look at it.

And Boys, she's a woman, she has breastses, we all realize this. Be a little more mature OK?

rezeew says:


davidr521 says:


( * )( * )

That is all

kellyrx8 says:

I cannot focus when she wears tops like that!!!!! lol

Insp_Gadget says:

I can.

selfcreation says:

maybe you you should wait till your voice changes ( to be polite ) before you come back to this report. or maybe visit an other site to get rid of you *frustration* first.........

neoenigma says:

The immaturity level in these comments is over 9000.

SlimJ87D says:

I come here for the "boob comments" and "you're immature" comments just to see if things ever change haha.

JHK1984 says:

Me too lol
But the things have not changed since the day 1 of mankind, why would it now? lol

jldandrea says:

I will be the mature one and say I fancy the cut of this young lady's jib.

selfcreation says:

man im glad im a WPcentral Mod and not a Android central mod ,,, the KIDS on this site and the amount of BAn and deleting I would have to do is ridicules , I feel bad for you Androidcentral Mods/admins :(

thanks for an other Great Mobile News report Ashley :)

joebob2000 says:

People still read WPcentral? LOL jk. I know you guys swiped the last 3 users from crackberry.

dkear says:

Yeah, and you would also have to learn how to spell "ridiculous" correctly.

selfcreation says:

no i wouldn't , I would just give you an infraction for being a spelling Nazis. cause being politically correct is the LAST need on a FORUM!

PS: it is spelled right just in the wrong tense.

dkear says:

So the very same political correctness that prompted your original post is the last need of a forum. So you sort of disarmed yourself...

rezeew says:

Ridicules? Greek God of Obsolete Tech?

Small_law says:

You guys nailed it. The 7" iPad will replace the iPod Touch. Apple has a new iPod Touch prototype in testing, but with all their stuff, it remains to be seen what will hit shelves.

nightshift31 says:

Ashley has some amazing breasts
shes clearly smarter then those of us posting comment on her amazing shirts
call me immature but i like my breasts even more when they are talking geek

7 inch iPad what a crock apple just needs to make something useful.
my definition of that is anything that isn't locked into iTunes BS or things that must be jail-broken to fully utilize what you paid for (plus whats 7" these days half a black man)lol

I'm a android boy but i started on BB storm 2weeks later i through that POS out and got iPhone 6months later android

i spent 900$ on the iPhone with warranty and had to jailbreak to use the 32gbs properly
i spent 500$ on Samsung galaxy s2x and well no BS

i like apple but i hate iTunes and the need to jailbreak cost way to high to be locked out of your own system

chestont says:

My favorite part of these videos is determining whether the comments will be disabled on YouTube depending on what Ashley is wearing. So far I've been pretty accurate.

gdbjr says:

Disabling on YouTube is a given. Predicting when Phil will turn them off here is where it gets tough.

I have no problem with her using her assets to gets views. But I take issue when people get upset that we are focusing on them instead of the news. If you are going to do it, own up to it. SassiBob is a good example of how to do it correctly.

popologuy says:

If you scan back through some of her videos, you will find one that is a behind the scenes, making of the Monday Briefing. Her silly hubby films the show: they both take great pains to joke about her assets. They are in on it, boys. At one point, Ashley's hubby pokes both of her "chesty thingies" and says he needs more action out of them.

DWR_31 says:

I wish my wife had a brain and looked like this.

Miss E, you have my Respect and Admiration. Your hubby has my Envy!

JeremySVilla says:

Keep us updated on the Ipad rumor. Thanks!

rezeew says:

I see no harm in talking about her boobies. If I put out a video once a week where my balls were visible, I wouldn't be surprised when all the comments were "HEY LOOK AT THAT GUY'S BALLS"