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More features mean more spaced used for their files, and the Galaxy S4 takes about twice the storage space as the previous model

Morris writes in, 

I just got myself a Samsung Galaxy S4 (16GB). Upon further storage checking, I noticed the Total Space is only 8.82GB. I am confused. How much memory space actually does Jelly Bean 4.2.2 take?

There sure has been a lot of discussion about the remaining storage on the Galaxy S4's 16GB "disk" after the factory software is accounted for. We're used to seeing a bit of discrepancy between what is advertised and what's really available, but this go 'round the difference is huge and has quite a few people a bit concerned. Morris gets to the root of the issue with his question, once you have a look at what's going on.

The Samsung Galaxy S4's system folder, the one where all the magic happens and the factory installed "stuff" resides takes over 2GB of space (2,235,535,360 bytes for those that like numbers). Compared to the Jelly Bean system files on the Galaxy S3 at 1.1GB, and the Nexus 4 at 495MB, that's quite a bit of difference. By the time you take the rest of the OS into account, and partition space reserved for things like the system cache, that leaves you with about half the advertised space left to use for your own stuff.

We're not going to knock on Samsung for using so much space for the operating system. When you want features included as part of the OS, you need to have the files somewhere. Samsung brings features to the Galaxy S4 that you won't find anywhere else, and the cost of those features is reduced storage left for the user. You also won't find these features on Google Play, so this is the trade-off you have to make. 

Also, there's the SD card slot to remember here as well. While this won't help you when you run out of space to install applications, you can store all your multimedia and documents there. 13MP panorama pictures and 1080p video can take a lot of room, so storing your camera shots on the SD card is a good idea. 

Right now, nobody seems to be selling the 32 or 64GB versions of the Galaxy S4. We're not sure if Samsung is at fault here, or the carriers around the world, but no matter who we point a finger at they just aren't available. In the meantime, 8.8GB is enough for some folks, and for some it's not. Until we start to see the models with more storage become available, this is how it is.

We can't tell you that this does or doesn't matter to you, you'll have to decide that one for yourself. 


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From the mail bag: Why does my 16GB Galaxy S4 only have 8.8GB of space?


Agreed. While I wouldn't call this false advertising, it would be more honest to call it an 8GB phone than a 16GB phone.

That said, it will never happen.

Agreed. Most consumers won't know what the hell is taking up so much space. They will feel cheated I'd be surprised if they don't make a fuss to the carriers. Lasty...... Touch wiz and all its gimmicks are taking up to much Damn space. Space for features half or 100 percent of the time you won't even use. I'd be Pissed. Why even sell a 16gb? They should start at 32 or 34.

Not to mention non removable carrier bloatware that the average consumer is stuck with. Unless they learn to unlock and root, and now the Samsung SG4 on ATT is Locked up tight like verizon's phones
ATT added another layer of security to the SG4 on their network to lock it up tight for some reason, they never did this in the past

That's not whining. It's a valid complaint. While the external SD addresses storage for files, such as pictures, videos,PDFs, etc., it doesn't address the fact that you're severely limited by the amount of apps you can install. I have a 16GB GN2, of which only 10.46GB is available to me, and a 32GB mSD card. I place all my files and backups in the external SD, so the internal storage is purely for installs. Out of the 10.46GB, only 867MB remains for me. I had to uninstall a lot of games, with only one game left that usues up a lot of games (Modern Combat 4). If I "downgraded" to the Galaxy S4, then that means that I have to uninstall a lot of apps and games. If the same would happen to the GN3, then I will not upgrade unless they offer a 32GB minimum.

@PaulKinslow1 Don't very jump in and talking about something you don't understand. Don't. Take this advice. You just look like an idiot by saying that. You fail know realized that most apps in the Google Play store can't be transferred into the SD card. Again, shut up.

No one in the history of computing has ever sold a device stating its free capacity, always its installed capacity. Ever since the Surface people have been such whiners about this.

And rightfully so. If literally half your storage is gone, somebody has some explaining to do. At the very least, there should have never been a 16gb model and the higher brackets all dropped down in price to compensate.

I think it's in the carriers best interest to make a statement about available storage so they don't get backlash from consumers, and it would help encourage some customer to spend more money on the larger model phones.

But the big problem is that it seems some carriers are only offering the 16GB S4 model, at least at first anyway, because sales were down on S3 the larger models. The problem with this is that the carriers are basing the S4 sales off the S3 which had a lot more available space. My guess is that if people knew up front how much available space was on the S4 more of them would chose the larger model than people did with the S3.

it's not gone, it's just used up by installed features. micro-SD cards are cheap, I just bought a class 10 (fast) 8GB card for under ten bucks

The problem is you can't move application to SD anymore. I definitely don't need more that 8GBs of space anytime soon for apps but I can see how some people who have a lot of apps might run into problems. Especially especially people with several newer 3d games that take up several gigs a piece.

Usually, though, over 7 gigs isn't taken up by software, most of which 80% of people will NEVER use. It's always 10-12 gigs user available, not 8. That's just outrageous.

Did you even give that comment a thought? Everyone would get sued that has anything to do with storage. Heck, a 2GB flash drive isn't even really 2GBs, it's around 1.8GBs.

Your laptop and computer don't come with the amount of GBs they advertise.

No one is misleading anyone. It comes with 16GB of storage, that's truth. If they said "16GB of available storage usage" then they have a lawsuit on their hand.

Many people wouldn't mind if they've got 10% less storage but when it comes to over 45% of less storage people are getting mad and feeling cheated by manufacturer.
Especially these days when those phones costs over 700 dollars.

Okay, so should everyone else start changing their advertising then? Like my laptop is missing about 10 to 15GBs from it's HDD.

Yes, but that's ok because you dont have a 20-30GB drive in your laptop. The taken space is relatively marginal. On this phone (and the surface when that happened a while back), almost half of your space is gone. Of course people wont be happy with that.

How far must it go before you would complain? 75%? 99%?

I cancelled my pre-order with Verizon for this very reason. I will be patient and await a phone with the storage that will not limit me going forward as I use a lot of space for applications. A flagship phone should not be delivered yo consumers with such little storage available - even with an SD slot.

Apps2sd does not work with jellybean. You can push some data, but problematic at best. Root is not the answer if that is what you are referring to.

Correct. The answer is to do away with microSD cards as Google intended. Sell phones with 32, 64, hell, even 128 GB of built in storage for the crazies.

That would be great if manufactures didn't think NVRAM was worth more than gold... it irritates me that I can buy a 32GB microSD card for less than $40 but Sansung charges $50 for an extra 16GBs on board storage.

I'd like to know that too. My old Droid X still able to do that with new apps. Also just found out the S3 can do it with the Kitkat update.

Definitely the plan. As soon as they allow ordering I will jump on it. Until then, Samsung does not get any $ from me.

Technically, you never had 16GB of phone in the first place. It's a common knowledge for people who work with storages.

In simple language, file system calculate GB as 1024*1024*1024 bytes. Whereas OEMs calculate GB as 1 billion (1000*1000*1000) bytes.

So, when OEMs say 16GB phone, it's actually -

16 * (1000*1000*1000)/(1024*1024*1024) = 14.9GB phone.

This is the same reason why a 500GB HDD always show 465GB of usable storage, or 1TB drive shows 931GB.

There is a profound difference between format space and a 9gb/16gb free ratio. Most people get the format and apps space part since most have computers or tablets.

Doesn't matter how you look at it there is still not enough internal storage. That is pathetic, these phones are very expensive and people who buy this Smartphone put many apps and some games on them, all going to the int storage. Not enough. This high level device must have at least 32gb of int storage, anything less IMO makes the phone not even worth buying. I will never buy a high end Smartphone with only 16gb of int storage, doesn't matter sd card or not. If the consumers would stop buying this pathetic version of a otherwise great devise the Carriers would stop stocking the cheapest version. I cancelled my order and told sales to get me the 32 or the 64gb version or forget about it. Just My Opinion.

Samsung is throwing in too much bloat. After my S3 contract is up, I'm getting the newest Nexus/Google device... straight from Google.

I agree, I looked at the phone at AT&T and the free memory took me back, can't even blame AT&T because they didn't even lode it down with apps like they did in the past, and even so, they weren't large, with their gps app took the most. Postively you can disable all the AT&T ones but not all the Samsung ones. Even so one can root and get most of the crap off (which is what I do), wait for the 32gb model to show its face, or as said earlier use an SD card. While I slightly prefer the SGS4 to the HTC One, that is also an alternative. Doubtful .3 ghz speed difference would be notice, and save money on expanded memory.

Terrible justification. Internal storage space is what is needed to effectively run applications according to Google.

This makes the currently available Samsung GS4's an expensive bad idea.

That's great and all, but even the current Nexus offers only 8GB or 16GB options. Granted, more space might be available than on the S4, but Google seems to be just as guilty as Samsung for not offering better options for storage space.

Yeah, but it's far more forgivable because the Nexus 4 is $299 or $349. The S4 is almost twice as expensive at $639 (AT&T off contract price). Not to mention, the 16 GB Nexus 4 has 4 GB more free space than the 16 GB S4.

It's hardly fair to compare the price of the two phones, given their spec differences. And besides, I haven't heard too much mention of the price when people complain about 16GB. Usually it's just the simple fact that phones don't automatically start out with 32GB that's their problem.

Since you can't put apps on the SD card I wish people would stop claiming the SD card is the answer to the memory issue, its not.

It's not that hard to get 8 gigs of apps. I just installed the new iron man 3 game to try it out and it's nearly 1 gig by itself.

EXACTLY. That's my main issue with storage. My games are about 500mb - 1 or 2gb themselves. We need the storge. . . . Not the bloat.

Just wait a little until the 32GB model is available. Samsung usually prices them a little more reasonably, like $50 more for the 32GB model. $50 for 16GB storage is a bit much but it's better than $100.

Good luck getting that. The 32gig models of the s3 were near impossible to come buy,(I bought one sim free in the end) and I've never even seen a 64gig model.

When I changed to a LTE Note 2 I couldn't get 32gig or 64gig anywhere. Luckily I know how to root and use apps to map the internal directories to the external SD. But it not practical for the average user.

I personally use an app from xda called directorybind, but it doesn't work on 4.2, your best option for 4.2 as far as I know is an app called FolderMount (search xda forums)

It still sucks that 32 and 64 gig models are not easily available.

I preordered the 32GB S3 and had no problem getting it. The carriers weren't out of stock. Maybe in the contract-free retail setting they were hard but from carriers, easy.

Wow Samsung must have added a lot of extras with Touchwiz, bloatware and more because Android 4.2.2 jelly bean on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16gb has 13.3 GB left not counting apps. That's almost 4gb extra for what? Wow.

But,.. But... I thought expandable storage was the end all, be all of android devices...

Sent from my HTC One with plenty of storage left.

I have the One as well. But you see, SD storage holds a lot of pictures, documents, contact cards, files, music, and the list goes on and on and if you need more space...just add a bigger SD card! Now, add a bunch of music, pictures, files, and apps to the "one", that 32GB dwindles quickly. So if you don't manage it correctly, you have a mess on your hands.

Sent from my HTC One with plenty of storage left also but wishes HTC got off its collective ass and added it as a feature...its not like you have to feed it or anything.

I have the HTC One, my previous phone was the Note 2. I had a 32 GIG SD card, I had a crap load of pictures and videos, I barely used 9 GIG's. Not to mention when the memory is built in the processes are faster. I've had the Galaxy S3 as well, one thing I've discovered is, the Galaxy phones in general tend to slow down.

I have 18.3 GB available and that's after 2.86 GB of photos and videos, 3.26 GB of Music and 725MB of apps ( and 6.82 GB for the OS and system files) This is MORE than enough for most people.

Haha I am with you on that one, I love my HTC One and the plenty of space it offers. With out anything on the device I believe it offers 27GB out of 32GB which is not that bad.

Whoops. My bad. :) Either way 16GB shouldn't be the purchase for someone who into a lot of internal memory consuming games.

It's not enough storage for me, I have the SGS3 with 32gb of int storage with the 64gb sd card, I'm not going to settle on a pathetic 9gb of usable storage. That isn't my idea of todays modern smartphone. The way to stop this bull shit is to refuse to buy any smartphone with less than 32gb of int storage.
32gb is Ok if you have sd card support but if no sd card support the minimum should be 64gb of int storage. These phones are not cheap, I like to upgrade all the time but I will not throw good money on a top of the line smartphone with a pathetic 9gb of usable storage. I will wait, if my Carrier won't sell the model with larger storage I will buy unlocked. Stop buying these low storage phones and you will see how fast they start getting the models we want.

It doesn't matter how many ways you slice it 9gb of usable storage is plenty for the average user. Most people won't even notice. The are going to keep selling them because people keep buying them and it is more cost efficient.

Joe... 9 GB of usable internal storage is NOT enough. External SD Cards will not resolve this major failure.

Everyone with experience and knowledge knows this fact.

Why in the world would anyone in 2013 with experience and knowledge pay $650.00 and/or be tied to a 2 year contract for this high margin POS?

Any other smartphone with a minimum of 32 GB, HTC, LG, Sony, even other Chinese would be required.

Everyone buying these G4's are screwed.

Dude, you aren't getting it, nerds are not the average customer. Most people will buy the S4 because they have heard of it, not because of the space it offers. They will just deal with the space (most likely not even fill it up) and leave the sd card slot empty. Trust me, I see it all the time.

The same reason the best selling iphone is the one with the least space each time around.

I am not trying to justify why Samsung did it, I am just saying most people could careless.

The Samsung fanboys were bashing HTC a couple weeks ago because the One isn't expandable beyond 32 or 64 GB. Now a lot of those people are complaining about only having 9 GB available on their S4s for apps, Google Play Movies and Music, and other things that can't be put on microSD cards!

Some games and apps just do not work right on an SD card and were never intended to be put on them.

Just what I always wanted! A $639 device that I have to root immediately to be able to use a hack to install all of my apps and games! NOT!

Wow I would have never taken a second look at my storage but my GS4 does only have 9 gigs of storage, glad there is a sd card slot for extra storage.

rizzay1...It would serve you to learn about the performance differences based on available internal storage.

When has ANY phone, tablet, or computer been sold with free space advertised? NEVER. It's not going to start now.

All those features sure do eat up space. Some of those are supposed to filter down to older phones in an update. I predict unpleasant surprises.

I bought an SD card from Amazon and it was defective right out of the box, they sent a replacement promptly and it worked fine for a few weeks. Then I upgraded from the Galaxy S2 to the Note 2 and after 10 or so days, my card failed ("Damaged Card" in the notification shade) ... so I bought a 32 gig card from Best buy (instead of dealing with shipping with Amazon) and in 2 months it has died. You can't get your money back and they fail so easily no matter what phone I have) I swear the one thing I have learned from this is that I will NEVER buy another SD card for as long as I live!

Right out of the box, the S4 has 8.8 gigs free and my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has 10.4. With a few apps and pictures and songs, I only have 1.4 gigs left. No doubt the
S-Pen software takes up a lot of space and I don't want to put a custom ROM on there which will remove the awesome proprietary Samsung apps like the music player with 10 band eq and DSP effects, and the camera software. So I'm stuck too. If you don't have great signal, streaming is not an I have to load the songs on the card.

Interestingly, the internal storage never fails or dies but the external Micro SD does continuously. Anybody know of an SD card manufacturer that offers a warranty?

Are you buying those uber cheap ones? I have never bought anything less than a class 10 never had a single one fail, use them extensively.

Scandisk 32G class 4, and PNY 32G class 4 are the last 2 I bought. The Scandisk was 39.99 at Best Buy and the PNY that I got from Amazon was like 25 bux. I figure I don't need a class 10 since the transfer speed is sufficient to me already...unless class 10 also means better quality which I really doubt. I seriously want to buy one with at least a 1 year warranty where they will replace it should it die after like 31 days.

I work in retail and would love to know one thing, where do you guys get the "c" from in Sandisk? We always get people asking for Scandisk but it amazes me because clearly there is no letter c in the name.

Considering that apps can no longer be moved to the SD card, Samsung should've offered a 32GB phone as a base model. I predict this oversight will haunt those who buy the 16GB model. Heck, I just installed Iron Man 3, the game on my HTC One and that was 1GB. Of course I've got plenty of space left. :-)

Wow that's a lot of space used by the OS. My 16 GB GSIII with CM10.1 has 12.06GB total space. That being said, I have 148 user apps taking up 2GB of space but I don't have games taking up around a GB of space.

I agree with the first comment.

I consider it false advertising. It should be more
like 22-24GB's, 6-8's for Samsung and the OS,

I remember back in the 90's an issue was made
about computer monitors being advertised
bigger than actual viewable area, advertised screen size
had to be changed.

Also, I think high-end smartphone's should only be offered with either 32, it 64 gb's.

Personaly, most of my apps are 20mb's or less, so I should be fine.

Hopefully eventually, 32 & 64 models will become more standard and readily available.

I still dont get why these mobile os use such a large amount of storage. To put an example Windows xp has far more advanced settings/options than any current mobile os available and its only like 2gb once its installed....

Is this depending on the carrier's bloatware or with every carrier? are unlocked phones having this issue? can you root the phone and delete every feature you don't like and make use of like at least 14 Gb of the memory to cram it with your music?
Can you?

So you upgrade to a flagship to do all that TheDu9du?

You fanatics are a truly strange bunch. Go ahead, shoot yourself in the foot, then bitch about it in your circle j forums.

With 38% market share in NAND flash.
I doubt it that Samsung only want to make more money by offering only "8G" version.
Maybe there will be 32 or 64G much later,but shipments peak is in the beginning of sales.
So that's said most people get 16G version.
And it seems really odd to me that consumers really compromise to let them exploit.
For power users the 8g internal storage make you inconvenient even buy an external sd, because many apps cannot shift to sd.
For light users, why will you buy uggly S4?
And 8g is easily out of space even to light users if without careful arrangements.
Don't be fooled, consumers!

This reminds me of the Surface Pro 64gb having only 23gb of usable storage. I just picked up a GS4 yesterday to replace my GS3, and have been debating on whether or not I want to keep it or return it. After seeing this article I might just send it back, and wait for the 32gb to become available. I work retail, so unlike others, I hate returning opened products like this because I know how it is. However, even with expandable memory, 9gb of space for apps just might not be enough. Hrmm, now you guys have given me something to think about.

It's also like every other product ever having less free space than total disk space.
At least the Surface you could offload the recovery partition to a flash drive and free up a ton of room.

The storage issue sucks but the Thing that bugs me the most is how the 2gb of RAM only has 1gb free or less at all times because of how bloated touchwiz has gotten. A couple times I've already ran out of memory and it had to reload the homescreen icons and widgets. A bit unexuseable to run out of system RAM in two days.

Good point. This is what really bugged me about Samsung phones. I'm happy with vanilla android. It's clean, slim and simple.

I don't think it's all TouchWiz's fault. I don't know what the true total RAM is on the GS4 but on my GSIII running CM10.1 it's 1631MB. Just idling I have around 850MB used and 782MB free. It's always been less than 1GB free.

Uhh...Actually that is used space. In the example above a little over 6GB is free. If you look at the chart, applications and media make up part of that storage. I'm hoping you just glanced at the picture and didn't study it before posting. It's OK. We all get in a hurry.

What are you talking about? I don't see anything about 6GB being free. I see the article saying that only 8.8GB is available for use, and I see a picture that says 9.62GB is available for use.

I have owned Samsung since the galaxy s,then to the S2 which a sd card was useable.Certain apps and games could be moved manually.Then came the S3,I was all exited.Even bought a huge sd card just to find out nothing could be moved anymore(huge letdown)I found myself constantly removing less used apps,so I could try a new app or game.So the S4 will be even worse.Once I put MC4,NOVA3 and Realracing 3 on phone.There will be no room for apps.There should be a class action lawsuit against Samsung for false advertising,On any other product I've ever bought with sd slot,It actually made more usable storage.Why even sell a 9gb smartphone.Even Google figured it out real quick,and released a 32gb nexus 7 and dropped the 8gb.And to all you dummies that say just root the phone.WHY SHOULD I.I get a $700 phone and have to hack it,And void my warranty.Yeah that makes sense.And what about the 90% of people that would brick phone trying to root.My point is I pay for a falsely advertised phone,that cost more than my desktop and I didn't have to hack it to get the advertised storage.That is why I'm commenting on my new HTC ONE 32GB SMART PHONE.STUPID MOVE SAMSUNG.

LOL CALM DOWN BRO and just get the 32GB version which will be available shortly. Google offers an 8GB Nexus 4 which probably has like 4GB free.

You know you're comparing your 32GB One to the 16GB GS4 right? The 32GB GS4 will have the same amount of available space. People complaining about the 16GB model are the one who shouldn't have gotten that size in the first place.

This was actually one of the reasons I got the 64GB HTC One. I have the Note 2 and run out of storage space all the time, having to decide which apps to delete is something I don't want to deal with. I'll reconsider the S4 when/if a 32 or 64 GB version is available. I would prefer the larger screen and replaceable battery.

For a flagship phone, I think Samsung missed the boat on storage, and the bloatware is a bit much too. All of these gimmicky feature take up too much space, they should allow consumers to uninstall those they don't want - without having to root and flash alternative ROMs.

Interesting post. Started as explaining why there's so little room left (wonder how much bloat is in those files). But ended up sounding like bending over for the carriers. Or getting on his knees. That's Phill's job.

Carriers add their bloatware, but its not responsible for the massive size that is the stock TouchWiz rom. More features from Samsung means less room for your apps n stuff. You don't have to be an ass.

@Jerry Hildenbrand

Thanks for the cool post.

now a day Samsung should not go for 16GB in their flagship smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S4. these days high end latest smartphone should start from minimum 32 GB.

Thanks in Advance


In reading some of the comments, I'm getting the impression that the 2gb partition for apps doesn't exist any more on Jelly this true? all available space on the device can be used for storing/running apps?

I'm not sure why everyone gets so upset about this. Several people have hit the nail on the head when they said most people will buy the 16 gb version anyway. MOST consumers purchase phones based on price. If they go in to purchase a S4 and see two versions of the same phone (16 and 32gb versions) they are going to choose the less expensive of the two. Sure it would be nice for us power users to have a 32gb option on release day but we don't. These manufacturers make and sell these phones for profit, not to please a tiny portion of their customers on Android Central. Having worked in wireless in the past, 99 percent of iphone purchasers choose the 16 gb version because it was cheaper. Several people keep calling it a 700 dollar phone. Sure that's the inflated retail price but I couldn't imagine paying that for a carrier branded phone. If you are willing to drop that much money on a phone why not just order the 32gb international version?

You can't imagine paying that much for a carrier branded phone? You pay far more than that in the end when it's subsidized.

Basically I'm gonna wait till stupid damn sprint decides to sell the 32 GB version like they did with the s3

So for now I'll be with the s3

Just look at the Samsung fanboys and apologists. They complained about the non-expandable storage on the HTC One even though twice as much was provided at a lower price than the 16GB GS4. Now they see the price they pay for all of that Touchwiz gimmick bloat. The One has over 3 times as much usable storage of the GS4 out of the box. Don't even mention rooting either, because that is NOT a solution for the average consumer who will look clueless and not want to potentially void their warranty. Point blank: HTC this time designed their flagship around how most people actually use their phones, while Samsung just went for the "check off the boxes" gimmick approach, and Samsung will likely pay a cost for that.

BTW, most consumers don't use removable storage. They just slap in whatever card they already had (or the phone came with) and never touch it again. When they find out they can't install the latest app due to lack of space, and your solution is "hey, root your phone and install this app to move it to SD, don't worry about your warranty" they will look at you like you are crazy.

PS: I won't even get into the fact that the GS4 has a locked bootloader, while the One is unlockable and also available unlocked....

Like if we didn't know most people use their smart phones for calls, e-mails, web surfing, Facebook, photos and Instagram and the vast majority of them will never care about the amount of gigas left on the internal memory of their smarts, as long as they continue taking pictures...
Power users? Who are they? And most important, how many?

*checks storage on my One X+*

Hmm, I guess the newest isn't always the best. Now to find something to pour into this 51.5 gb of storage I currently have available.

I purchased my S4 expecting to have, as usual, a small percentage of storage used by bloatware, not half! This cannot be compared with a pc or laptop, as the percentage of space taken up by a pc's or laptop's softwares is minimal. I know that they need space for some bloatware- this time a phone has used more storage than most. I might have even been fine with it had they gave us an explanation on why they needed all that storage. It is unethical to be told that we should be happy with the remaining storage space after they advertised 16GB and used half without letting the consumers know. I may have even been fine with the expandability with the sd card slot, but again the consumer is insulted by the fact that we can no longer transfer apps to the sd card to offset the subtracted internal space! I do believe that the powers-that-be have the duty to look into this...

I think Samsung are losing their way. They had a hit with the S3 and now with the S4 they have gone over the top with pointless features that take up a lot of space on their phone. Google has made a sensible decision to follow the way of the iPhone and start ditching SD cards, I wish Samsung would follow suite, I am guessing they don't so they can have increased profit margins by offering inferior technology. Why don't a lot of handset makers have 32GB or 64GB models, especially with a high end handset? A: Too expensive, or maybe the majority don't hardly use any space on their smartphones?

Samsung is also diluting the Android market by constantly releasing new handsets. S4 Minis, Megas, Active, Nexus S4, S3, S3 Mini... choice is good, but this is too much when the majority buy the S4, Note 2 or S3. The rest just create confusion for consumers. Google is trying to simplify things with Android so that more devices get the latest version, I feel that Samsung is ignoring this and due to its overall power may ruin the whole Android ecosystem.

Not sure If anyone noticed , but the ATT same phone shows 16 g not 9 + my daughter went to t-mobile then my son in law went to att the next day t-mobile is the same as stated att is shows 16 Gb and after DL ing all his fav's he still had more free space on the ATT then the T-mobile model. one more thing dl's can not go to SD card only pictures , contacts things of this sort so if your thinking your going to get your favorite game at 2gb think carefully you'll run out of space to believes sd card are too slow for games . think i am going to do the Sony xperia z for that reason i like the S4 its an awesome phone but the sony take any of these cards microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash, microSDXC and can load from sd cards.